Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 16 Week 5

Hey everrybody!

Well I have gotten to the point where I have lost all joy or having fun while emailing haha. I actually rue it but that's okay because I love you all I will continue to write! This week was pretty good. So you all remember Jean the Baptiste! Well he came to church this past sunday along with a great guy named Bro. Calendar. Elder. T has been loving talking with Jean as they both speak fluent french and Jean's English is decent but he cannot express himself as much. Yesterday morning we had the opportunity to go and pick him up for church. It was really fun travelling to church with him. While E. T chatted with him I went to work on the bus contacting. On our second bus I got to talk with a guy from Peru. He tried bashing with me in Spanish and kept telling me that the bible was all we needed and how John wrote about that. I love that verse, people must note a few very fine details. In English it is a easy concern to deal with haha. It specifically refers to the Book of Revelation and along with that this exact reference is found in several other places.  However my skills in Spanish are not good enough to explain that so I just simple testified of what I did know and what it meant to me. It was a really neat experience. I saw the Spirit calm the man down and he listened to me struggle to keep on testifying. I am so grateful for the Spirit which helped me to accomplish that. Monday we hung out at Ossington and played sports. Than on Tuesday I got to go on exchanges with E. Wehi, my grandson and also E. Oviatt. We had a great exchange as we worked hard and played hard. We taught quite a few people and had some great moments. I got to visit with one of the invs from last time I had met, Ed. He loves me for some reason haha. At church he follows me around like a puppy dog. He is an older man and quite interesting. We spent most of our Priesthood class outside talking with him trying to resolve his concerns. It was nice as we talked simply and boldly the Spirit was ever presented and testified of the truth of what we were saying. I love being able to feel the Spirit. On Wednesday we had a celebration for Sis. Gayle whom is turning 90 years old! We had cake and everything. It was great.  Wednesday we had an answer to a prayer! We have been trying to visit this LA member but could never catch him home. He is from Syria and a doctor. We went and knocked and thought he was not home but we knocked on a window and he ended up answering! He is the nicest guy you would ever met! He welcomed us in and gave us ice cream. He talked about his conversion and why he has not been at church. He told us how much he missed going to church. I think that would be so hard. To be forced not to go to church so that you could be able to practice and do what you did back in your home country. His courses go till October and so he will not be back till then. It is a part member family too and so man it just makes me wish that we could help them to have a miracle. I am excited to work with this family and get to know them more. This week we had a lesson with Chan and her family. It was great to visit with them and chat with them. She is now calling us her sons haha. She is so cute. It is so amazing the relationship you develop with people out here in such a short time. 


This week was just another good week. No really notable things but just little miracles here and there. I love seeing how God is one of miracles. We are so blessed to be missionaries at this time. Transfers is next week and well I feel like it will be interesting the last phone call! haha. Hopefully I get to stay! I have come to love a lot of the members here. They are so awesome and I just have come to love them dearly. I hope you all have a great week. Be grateful for the people around you and remember to treasure the moments you get to spend with them. There is  new Mormon message! Check it out its called building families! Love the message! I love you all my friends and family and look forward to all the more memories we will create together! Love you all! 


Sis. June Tomkin - the "missionary grandma"  She looked after the Elders and fed them every week. 


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