Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Transfer 17 Week 1: New Area Oshawa

Well here it goes!
Sadly I found out that my passport will not be needed to travel home. So that foiled my plan to use that as means to stay in the mission longer haha. Oh well. I will continue to work hard till whenever. I am so grateful this week for the new testimony I have of Faith. Faith is truly how everything happens. We have worked hard and been obedient all week. We had yet to find two new invs and were struggling to find people whom we could sit down and formally teach. We  came to Sunday night and had planned to find 2 new that day. We had finished church and we got a text back from one of our friends Diego whom is from Mexico! He said we could come over so we grabbed Johnny who just got home from a mission in Chile. He knew Matt Pitcher actually! he came with us to that lesson and we were able to have a great spiritual lesson in which Diego expressed his concerns with us and was very open and willing still to pray about all we had shared. Than we went into a dinner appt with the Alpentista family! Their son Joshua served in the Calgary Canada Mission! I had actually met him back when he was helping clean up in High River! it was so cool to met him. Than after getting out of the appt in time we went quickly to go and find some former sheets and make calls to people and go stop by. We only had 3 hours left to find somebody new. Than as we were calling and Elder Mangakahia was calling this wonderful girl called us named Azan. She is awesome! She said that we needed to come over now and talk with her so we drove back picked up Josh and had the most spiritual lesson and experience of my life! Like wow. I will leave that experience at that. But it truly was a tender mercy from the Lord that we were able to find 2 new this last week. I know that God will help us out when we do our part and keep to the Faith. It was a very rewarding and great feeling driving home that evening. So ever since last Tuesday my life as a missionary has gotten crazy!!! I get to drive a brand new Equinox 2015. Oh man does it drive nicely. I love being behind the wheel again. It is a weird feeling for not have driven for the last year or so haha. We got to the area and had Sports night. It was good as we got to meet a few of the YSA branch. Elder Mangakahia served here bout a year ago in the family ward so he knows a TON of people haha. I feel kinda helpless in that area. I love a lot of the member families here already! They are sooo nice! We get the chance to go and eat with them and their YSA son or daughter. It is so much fun getting to know people. Wednesday was our first full day and we got right to work. We are working with a wonderful brother named Kenon. He actually came to church this last Sunday! He even bore his testimony! I was like oMGOSH he is so solid! Such a cool thing. He really enjoyed church and it was kind of the most smallest group of members I have seen. But I love the Spirit that was there even though there was only 15 people the Spirit was strong and they all have such a close relationship with one another. It was really neat to see how they are dependent upon one another. We have quite a few invs but him, Azan, and Diego are the notable ones. We are working with a feel of the RMs and RCs. One of them is named Ross. He is a solid brother! He has a sweet beard and nice flow haha. He is quiet but has great questions. He has been struggling with coming to church but has now been coming back and has such a wonderful testimony of Christ. I love being able to work with people my own age and being able to relate really really well with them. I find the work has gotten not necessarily easier but more enjoyable. Another cool returning member we met is Andrew! he has a brother out west. We went and taught him in the morning and got to know him. He has been just so busy with moving and life so he had let church fallen by the side but in the evening he texted us and said Thanks for coming over guys I appreciated it and had just finished saying a prayer! AHHHHH so awesome! Man I love the work of the lord! SOOOO much! Well this is it from OSHAWA till next week haha. Hope all is weelll! Email me if you have questions haha.
Elder Sopal!

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