Monday, 28 October 2013

Week 7: Hats and Exchanges

Haha nope no snow not yet :P It has been getting a little chilly but not bad.

So we got a new investigator this past week :) Her name is becky and her daughter is Emma. Her daughter got her interested in religion as she wants to find a chruch for her daughter to be raised in. She wants to come to Church next Sunday and has been taking the lessons really well. She does not know much about religion or Jesus so we started from ground zero and it has been so cool seeing her start to grow a testimony of Jesus Christ and God and growing that relationship. We had a lesson this past week about the plan of salvation! It was so solid cause she had some past trials that really made the Plan of Salvation hit home for her! I love seeing the needs of the investigators met by the gospel of Jesus Christ. She had a baptism date set for Nov. 24 which I am excited to see happen. 

So this week I went on two exchanges. One out to Leamington and one out to Chatham. The first one was with Elder Steele who is a sweet humble old missionary! He has been out for a year and a half. He is pree awesome in that he is super knowledgeable about missionaries and does spanish work. So he talked a lot about growing as a missionary and how to react to rejection and concur our troubles. He gave a lot of good advice. It was a pleasure to serve with him. So in his apartment his shower has a huge hole in the wall and is quite gross. Man some missionaries apartment are having trouble keeping them clean lol. But they had a piano and it was fun to play that and the ukelele. 
Next exchnage I went out to serve with Elder Carter! He is super nice and pree cool! He does spanish work too. We did a lot of drop bys and talked to a bunch of spanish people. We taught a less active who is quitting smoking! It was cool to see that change he is making and how the atonement of Christ is helping him. They have a super nice apartment and also have some work out machine as well as leamington but for some reason we dont oh well. It was fun being out in Leamington because there is both a lot of Spanish people and Jamaicans. 

Well this Saturday was the most interesting and unfortunate day. We exchnaged back saturday morning and went out to Mcds for lunch it was delicious! Then we went to teach Grazyana! It was a good lesson we helped her to finally come to a realization of the Godhead and how they are separate beings and also really pray and ask God if the Word of Wisdom is of God. We are enjoying teaching her and really trying to get her ready for baptism! After her we started over to a mebers place to go see how they were doing and taught about the importance of scriptures and how we show our love for God by reading his words.

After this visit we started off on our journey from downtown Windsor we were cruizing on our bikes going pretty fast when Elder Koceja hit a bump and started having troubles riding. He looked back and said he popped his tire on a huge bump that he rode over. Soon after him telling me I noticed my own tire flat as can be and now just riding on the rim. Elder Koceja and I rode 5 kms back to our apartment. We had no choice and had to get back to go to a members for dinner as we did not want to miss it. Our luck had been depleted and it started raining as we rode back home. That evening we had some delicious pizza! It was so good I missed having pizza. After we went and knocked on the huge houses along the Detroit River that are like million dollar summer homes. 

One other exciting experience was yestorday we had two lessons where we had 5 rpls which are when people come and join in the lesson to our investigator! So we taught a bunch of people! They all came to listen. We taught a decent plan of Salvation lesson to some high school students at their house and they asked some solid questions. We are trying to help them establish a relationship with God. After we met this guy named Scott who had gotten into some anti material. So Elder Koceja and I were preapred for the worst. But it turned out to be a super infortmative lesson as we talked and discussed and bore testimony of the truth of our Church and the Doctrines. After the lesson we asked if they would read the Book Of Mormon and pray about it! Scott said no way haha but his wife Julie and his daughter Jade asked for a hard copy and really was interested as they both felt the spirit so strong during us talking! We left quickly while the spirit was still there! It was great! 

Well that is all for this week! Kind of a boring week! But man I am loving the mission. It is great here. I would not want to do anything else but this. I love the people here I am meeting and serving. We are going to find people next transfer and this one and help them come unto Christ and enter the waters of baptism!!!!! I am so excited to be serving with Elder Koceja we are hitting it off while and teaching like bosses. 

Well Till next week all! Have a great week and love you all!!!!!!! 
My area is the top section of Windsor

The scripture "and my father dwelt in a tent," rings true!

Detroit and the Detroit River.

Our lovely table setting that remains like this every day.


Elder Koceja in his funny hat with me in the church.

My lunch that I made.  I did not set my comps food out yet, whoops haha

A lovely note I found this morning, apparently my companion likes me a little too much LOL

Monday, 21 October 2013

Feasting on the word of Christ ... And Vector cereal!

This week our work has been slow. Our investigators did not come to Church! Erg it is so important for them to come to Church to feel of the Spirit and have them get acquainted with the members. Here is a cool phrase that I have learned is true “The Missionary Next Door” and it gives some approved statistics for missionary work in the United States straight from the MTC. If the missionaries go out alone to tract or contact people on the street, only 1 out of 1000 people they talk to will get baptized. That's a lot of doors! If they use a member’s name, by simply saying, "Hey your friend Brother or Sister so and so down the street said you might be interested in our message”, then 80 out of 1000 will get baptized. If a member introduces their friend or family member to the missionaries, 340 out of 1000 will get baptized. And then here's the shocker; if a member introduces you to their friend and you teach them in that members home, 660 of 1000 will get baptized! Amazing”! 

So there it is members are so vital to the missionary efforts and it is important to always open your mouth and share the gospel with them and to invite to Church or even met with the missionaries. I have learned that wards must really have a solid foundation of a missionary program and have effective ward council and p.e.c. to ensure that both the members and missionaries are coordinating their rescue efforts together. This Sunday someone from the stake spoke and gave a huge promise that anyone who would come to the London Stake conference in novemeber that they will have a deepened conversion to the gospel and either become strong willed investigators or reactivated members! We as missionaries are excited for this promise and to see what happens! We get to go on our fourth road trip to London! It is about two and a half hours away. Please i admonish all of you back at home and who read this share this glorious message with all and I promise you that the Lord will bless you temporal and spiritual in this life and in the next. 

Well this week on Sunday I sang in a YSA choir and it was great! We brought the ward to tears! There is a lot of YSA members in this ward but mostly girls so the Elders had to step in to help out! We got crispy cremes for singing! It was so delicious! I have never had them before. We had a killer lesson in priesthood about teaching and how the priesthood is supposed to work in complete unity! We learned what and how a quorum should act! 

I went on another exchange this week with Elder De Waal from Herimon Utah! He is pretty cool! He is a spanish speaking elder. He has been out as long as I have so we had a full day planned of teaching and tracting in the rain but it all got shot and fell apart quickly so we tracted 3 streets and met some really nice folks. I have been having a lot of luck meeting the more friendly folks of Windsor! I am learning how to really teach and testify when you find people! It is cool the understanding of teaching and how it changes with time. I have started to harness this type or style of teaching and this morning when Elder Koceja and I were roleplaying the Spirit was so strong as we taught one another! It allowed for the spirit to be present throughout! 

We are still eating like Kings! We make great supper and lunches! My breakfast for the next two years will continue to be Vector cereal! Which i have become addicted to! Or else fruit and waffles! It is so weird here they use bags of milk instead of cartoons, I still cannot get over that fact. It is defeintely weird and never feels right when pouring milk from a bag. We found the next great lake in the bottom of our fridge after cleaning it and pretended we did not see it. We did end up getting it fixed. It was nice we finally got to met the Bishop's wife and family last night at supper they are super sweeet people. An interesting fact about them is that they know how to speak Korean and also she is from Lethbridge and wen to the University! Also there is a YSA memeber out here too from Lethbridge! It helped me to feel closer to home now then before! 

The weather is starting to get a little colder and has been raining a lot more often! So we have tracked a lot in the rain! People are always impressed with our dedication to our faith when we track in the rain. So I have started wearing my lovely coats and sweaters! Even they I end up boiling! 

The members in this ward are super nice and really fun to talk to and go over and met with. We have this amazing sister who invites everyone to hear about the gospel! We actually got to talked to one of her friends and teach him! He is such a cool dude! He loves to Sing and dance and is very artistic! Also humble too which makes a great investigator. 

Well for the events of Windsor as I mention last time I believe we had a drug bust in an apartment! It was crazy to see the cops pulling out all the bags of stolen merchandise and other jazz. There was a beer festival one night as we were riding back to our apartment we found the whole downtown of Windsor crawling with teenagers and college kids. It was hard to ride past the crowds. It was to start a marathon the next morning lol Good luck to the runners who participated! As we rode by all those people we met some real lovely people! Who adore the missionaries lol. To bad we couldnt talk for longer and preach to the whole party! Not to scare anyone! But someone supposedly got stab :/ that is always exciting news haha. Hmm other events. Nothing really to much in the way of crazy things.

Today My companion and I are doing the purification challenge and it is so hard to go shopping on a pday and not to eat food and be hungery! grr! It is a sweet challenge that allows for yourself to be purified so the Spirit can be with you while you teach and while you about the Lord's errand. Transfer are coming up soon which is crazy I have been our for like 37 days or something like that! I have almost talk to over 1000 people! We have had a few bad days for opening our mouth and see nobody or else nobodies home but oh well. :) I am loving life here and I am excited to find out if I get to stay in Windsor or go to another area! Or if I will get a new companion! It is alwyas exciting at the time of transfers! 

So for those who are wondering on Halloween we are put on house arrest from 6 on becuase we do not want to be mistaken as people dressing up looking for candy lol we are all a little old. We have been getting a lot of comments that we are Jehovah witnesses and form other religions! It is always exciting when people feel a sense of relief that we are not them. They must be making arounds a lot! 

Well this is my weekly update :) I am sore this morning from my new goal to do 500 ab workout during work out time every morning and rotate out with skipping my new favorite cardio work! 

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Week 5: thankful for the work

Miscellaneous comments
* we bus or walk everywhere!!!!!
* the mission pays for our bus fares
* for groceries/ pdays we do get a ride with the other elders
* Walmart is the usual “depends on” where we go but pretty much walmart haha
* ward size is about 130 active/ 575 in active
* the other set of missionaries moved out on saturday the 12th
* some pizza stores that are also here are Little Ceasar, and Dominos
* I don’t need anything, just my winter coat, money for winter boots and that is about it! haha
*Yes we did have thanksgiving dinner at a members’ house! Haha

Q: Since there are so many less-actives , do you spend time visiting them?
A:Yea we visit a lot of less active members but we love them and rebuke them all at the same time! For all those who are less active members or thinking about leaving the church and you would like to lay down the law upon them share with them this scripture alma 24:29-30.

Q:how often do you go the mission home or does someone bring down the snail mail to you?
A: Depends on when Zone conference, training, or skills and interviews is.

Q:  Please let us know if there is anything we can send, or do for you. Would a conference ensign be a good thing to send? Or do you get it from the mission home?
A: Nah there isn’t too much you can buy me haha. Nah we get all the ensigns and jazz! 

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!!!

So to start off this week was pretty good! So last week There was one night Wednesday we were walking and knocking late at night! People were not to pleased how late we were out knocking on doors. We got rejected three times and decided to call her quits. The funny part of this while we were out tracking it was raining so my bag and pants were getting wet but after the rain stopped. My pants were still getting soaked! It was awful i was so cold! I was like man my bag is so water proof all the rain is being held in it! However later i found out my water pouch sprung a leak haha and got all week but nothing in my bag got wet just my pants! 

So we were over at Bro. Ulrich's house waiting to go to an appt. with Joseph and he shared with us some deep quotes that i found really profound! 
" Right now in my religion I am preparing to live with Jesus now that I am converting to Mormonism I am preparing to live with God." 
       We are all have divine potential and seeing this divine potential can help people overcome problems in this life and prepare for the next. We are to prepare to met God but also prepare to become Gods. All the Ordinances of the Gospel and the things we do the Father has done and the covenants we make will help us attain this divine potential. The concepts of Godhood is sometimes thought as a made up piece of Mormon Doctrine but it is scriptural, logically, poetically, proven and talked about by early Christian Writers. But ya I can talk forever about this subject! If you want more just let me know. 

Next quote was " Me lift thee and thee lift me and we both ascend together." 
And the last " A person advances in 2 years ton a mission that would take him 20 years off a mission. 

At zone training we talked about goals and how important members are to missionary work so continue to share the gospel with your friends and all those who you love. Everyone needs the gospel. Without members missionary work is not possible because it is only through the members that missionary work can be accomplished and done. 

An update on our Squirrel friends! There were some ladies that knew of Pet and Sarah and their friends( the squirrels) haha everyone feeds them and they say Pete is on drugs or something because he is crazy. We have now outfitted ourselves to catch the Squirrel with arrow of the nerf variety and darts hahah they are as good as caught. Back at our apartment we are trying to lure some in with peanuts! 

Elder Ward this past week was sick for 3 days! He looked awful! The life of a missionary whose sick sucks but the life of the missionaries comp who is not sick is even more boring. It involves a lot of sitting around as Elder Ganowsky put it. He is finally doing a lot better though! Which we are all happy about! It was so cool to see the priesthood power of God in action to help him to a speedy recovery. 

Since my comp is a district leader he has to do exchanges with every missionary in the district and I get to go teach with the other comp and go to there area or have them come here. So my comp and I haven't actually taught a lot of people together but all the other Elders in our district know our investigators better then he does. lol He is hard working and trying to get everyone in before the end of the transfer he has to serve with 9 different people so it makes a lot of exchanges. We also do the Zone leader exchanges so Elder Dite from Czech Republic served with me and we had an awesome day. More about that later. But ya so its been cool because I have served with Elder Cowley who we had a lot of fun with and talk to a bunch of people. Elder Minors and I went and did exchanges from Monday to Tuesday! We Taught so many people on Tuesday. We also got new bikes so we rode them around on Tuesday all over our area! It was a cool day outside and the Falls here are so beautiful! The bike was hurting my legs though ahah there were multiple times where i was trying to start riding but the seat is wayyyyy to high to touch my feet to the ground so I would usually fall. Elder Minor's is a great teacher! He loves this work and is such a kind hearted quiet guy! We had lots of fun talking and reconnecting as he was my childhood friend! It was filled with good times! We even made some yummy grilled chicken with honey garlic noodles! Elder Koceja on his exchange with the Zone leader Elder Jensen tackled the west side of our area and Elder Dite and I tackled the East. Elder Koceja was at this one house and was trying to flick a spider with his finger but he thought the spider stuck to his finger and was still on it. Freaking out he feel off the stairs and landed in a flower pot and ended up hurting his ankle. At least it is better now! But when we heard the story it was quite humourous. When the Zone leaders came down We had 6 missionaries staying in our apartment. It was really squishy. Elder Dite and I picked up a lot of new people and talked to a lot of people! He is such a cool guy and has a huge heart! He is so kind and has some problems still with English but a real solid missionary! I loved serving with him for the short time we did! We had a lot of laughs and solid lessons that day. 

Elder Ward and Ganowsky moved out on Saturday so we spent the morning helping them move out and we all chatted having a good last conversation together as room mates! I will miss them. It is sure a  lot quieter in our apartment now they are gone and we can focus more haha. After they left we realized one our apartment is finally ours for the taking and two we did not have any food and three it was a mess. We spend the afternoon cleaning it moving our desks around. cleaning the walls and as i was doing this in the kitchen i accidentally did not know my own strength and was washing a wall and put a small hole in it! Whoops. But now our apartment is beautiful and my bed is three mattresses high and fun to climb into. But now I can finally rest easy we are living in a pretty clean apartment but I am sure throughout my mission we will have bad ones that I will do the same thing in again. 

So our current investigators are Joseph who is progressing by reading and praying we are trying to get him out to Church but we fear he will not come! He is being silly but we love him and will keep trying! He has a baptism date for Nov 10. Then there is Grazyana who has been taught before she is from Poland and is really nice. She is catholic and loves the bible. She is very smart and intelligent about the gospel and different doctrines. She loves the gospel and it is great talking to her and getting to know her more and more. We talked about the Plan of Salvation yesterday and she loved it all! She even came to Church last Sunday and the ward is doing great with fellow shipping her. Elder Dite knew her language so they had a heart to heart that I had no idea what they were saying haha i felt weird because i really had no idea what they were talking about. But the spirit has been strong every time we have talked to her and taught her she has a date for November 10. Then we have Mark who is from the Middle East and is a real good chap! He works a lot and loves what we are teaching him he has a lot of questions and has a baptism date for November 10 possible the week after because his works takes him away from church and a lot of his time. Rob is unfortunately not progressing. Then there is Vernoica who Elder Dite and I found and taught to she had a lot of questions about religion and wanted to know what happens after death. She loved reading the book of mormon and is wanting us to come back and teach her more! Then there is Becky and her daughter who are both looking for a religion to follow and join and wants to find the right one! They are gonna be golden. Then there is yea thats pretty much all Ken said he did not want us to met with him anymore :( it was a very sad phone call from him but we have planted the seed for the future. 

Thanksgiving was so delicious we had on Sunday three meals one at the baptism, then one at the Ogdens who made a huge meal for us!! I was so full and then At the Ianni's who made another big meal both families have Filipino backgrounds so means a lot of delicious food! haha We were so full that night I felt awfully sick but it was good food! Then the Monday we had lunch at the Ogdens again and we had a table full of everything you could imagine! They made all of it pretty much from scratch! We ate so much good food this weekend! I love being a missionary cause you get fat yet you work your butt off!!! 

Well we are working hard and I have had so many spiritual experiences and my testimony of prayer is being strengthened everyday as we find those who are seeking the gospel. For any who want to know of the truthfulness of this Church and of the Book of Mormon ask and it shall be given. I testify this Church, The Church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints is the true church and contains the fulness of the gospel. It is as it was in the time Christ established his Church as the quote this gospel is helping me to prepare to live with God and I know that this is true. 
Anyways Good bye!!!! I love you all!! Till next Monday! pce and God bless!

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

When the work is slow... find a pet squirrel!

So here is my weekly report! We have been trying to find more people to teach but it is hard we have talked to over 600 people and tracked in the pouring rain for two days. It was great i found out my camel back wasn't on properly and so my pants ended up drenched haha it was awful!!!! However the contents of my bag remained dry. Elder Koceja and I have been getting alone great! We are walking and talking to everyone. We have tracked and knocked on 2 of the areas out of 6 so four more to go! We haven't had a huge crazy amount of success however we are still fulfilling our purpose as missionaries which is to " Invite all to come unto Christ". It can be hard dealing with rejection at first we have had people chase us on bikes and run after us. We have had several encounters with people yelling at us and all that good stuff! People are so friendly when you are on the Lord's errand! haha. Now it has become a sort of game and also fun to get rejected! even though it does hurt a bit!
We have been teaching two different investigators both are elder folk! One is named Joseph and he is blind and the other is Ken. Both are well versed in religion and have a amazing relationship with God. We are excited to teach both of them this week and help both work towards their baptismal dates. It is hard trying to help people see and understand the importance of our message. Some people just do not want to listen. However I have come to love all the people here in Windsor and they are all great people. 
My comp and the other Elders staying with us are having such a blast at night! We laugh the night away enjoying each others company and talking about random crazy things. 

Some funny stories from this week are for one when I went on Exchanges with Elder Cowley him and Elder Minors have pet Squirrels named Pete and Sarah who they feed peanut butter. Then they would try to catch them and shoot them with nerf darts! And they never stopped coming back. Then when the squirrels finally had enough of being teased Pete crawled up onto the screen and peed on Elder Cowley lol. It was so funny when we heard about it.

Our companionship is strong and we teach in unity since my comp is district leader he has to do exchanges with all the elders so i get to do that too and go teach with all the other elders. So it has been interesting being put with other elders and trying to learn how they teach the first time teaching haha. In our apartment we have no privacy haha they always unlock the door when I am showering lol. No we have not had much more success :/ the work is progressing i think but it is slow. I am starting to feel a little bit discouraged but it is okay. 

Well first let me tell you there is no routine lol. Our apartment complex smells a bit funny lol but it is alright! It is pretty comfy. I am settling in as much as I can. Yesterday we accidentally broke the sliding door as we locked out Elder Ward outside! Well our blankets are alright our apartment is hotter than sin! sometimes but I am sure as winter approaches it will get a bit colder my blanket is like the one with the polar bear you have. Yes i got the tims card! and it is useful! We are going shopping today and buying food! We usually eat eggs, sandwiches, kd, and cereal! If you want you could send money for walmart but doesn't matter. They are feeding us a little bit. once a weekish maybe.

At conference this Saturday and Sunday the ward here is sooooo small! The first session it was us and the 6 missionaries almost out numbered members there was 6 at the morning session, 16 in the afternoon, 24 Sunday morning, and 11 the Sunday afternoon. I loved The talks at conference it was purely inspiration and I have created so many goals for myself! Conference made me feel so much closer to you back home! Conference was so good! They laid down the law!   I missed eating your special dinner at conference I was so sad! All i have been eating here is timmies, sandwhiches, eggs, or cereal or kd haha. great diet eh ;). It was cool to think that I was doing the same thing as a lot of you! 

Well idk what else to tell or write haha ill try to take some notes on what to write for next letter time ill be writing next wednesday which is our new pday for one week because of thanksgiving.

The district!!!
Elder ganowsky, elder Sopal, Elder carter, Elder Cowley, Elder Minors, ElderWard, Elder Koceja, Elder Tinney, Elder Steele, Elder DeWaal

Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Who Knew Tracting Would Be This Hard?!


hey please dont send letters to my address in windsor! send it to the 197 county court one! the mission home or office. My pday is monday here! I am having so much fun here!  Send me my winter coat please! :) I would apprciate it! yea it is supposed to get very cold! haha. 

My first area is Windsor Ontario and it has been pretty nice. My companion or trainer is Elder Koceja. He is from Utah. He is 20 and has been out for just over a year. He is really into knowing the doctrine and so good at teaching. In our role plays he helps me to solve concerns of investigators we may have. In our apartment we are staying with two other missionaries who do not have an apartment yet they are Elder Ward and Elder Genowsky. So traveling on monday was pretty good! the flight was nice and I got seated beside an agnostic atheist. He did not - i repeat did not! - want to talk about religion haha. However I did give him a pass along card and the plan of salvation pamphlet. He said he would look at it! 


We traveled in a decent group of 11 people i believe. When we got to the airport in Toronto i had to wait for all the other people to come through immigration as I was already a Canadian citizen. Sister Kurtz did too cause she was Canadian.  She and I waited around for the others and went and grabbed luggage haha I felt like such an apostate. I am missing the spirit of the MTC but i have learned so much and loving serving a mission! This will be an amazing two years! 

when we got there we met President Scott! He is such a cool, inspired, nice, kind, and divine man! His wife is super sweet and loves all of us! haha. The AP or assistant to president came and picked us up in white vans and took us to the mission home.  We had a lunch at the mission home and bore testimonies. The spirit is so strong here and when you are around other missionaries. We then went to the hotel and stayed there for the night and the next morning we would get to met our trainers. So in the morning we did orientation. 


So then after the orientation we went to met our trainers. They all look so old and knowledgeable! Elder Gunnel got called to a new mission and is now speaking Farsi! He was so surprised! I met my trainer his name is Elder Koceja! he is from Utah and has a Utahian accent haha. He is a pretty cool Elder and has such a strong testimony. After that we went and I found out that I am driving my first day here! I am driving it was so nerve racking but I got to drive a sweet car! I drove for 4 hours to our place in Windsor! longest drive but it was good and cool to see all of Southern Ontario. my comp is really knowledgeable and like me in many ways more then one!  We got to our apartment and it is small on the 2nd floor in Windsor right next to the detroit river! We all sleep together and I have actually been able to get to sleep at night! It isn't that hot here but it has been changing now and then. Yesterday it rained all day and we went tracking in it. 

My goal for every day is talk to 10 new people. Which we accomplished on our first day we talked to over 90 people! We "white washed" an area, as we said, and so Elder Koceja and I are both new to the area. The previous missionaries before did not have any investigators. The first day in the field we went and knocked on doors and talked to people on the street. We met this one former who we placed a Book of Mormon with and we challenged her to pray! We are going to follow up with her and see if anything will come from it. 


We have been given fake numbers and told to leave people alone. Door knocking is the most scariest thing ever! like actually! It is so nerve racking as you get to the door and knock. We have met people who yell at us, others who bible bash with us, and others who are nice and respectful, and say they are not interested. There are many people with their own religions but it has been cool to teach them of the gospel of Jesus Christ is back on the Earth today through the prophet Joseph Smith! 


We have talked to so many people on the streets and it is hard not seeing success.There will be many hard days ahead and depressing days. I just want people to all receive the gift of eternal life and salvation. I feel so sad when people wont accept our message. But you know i keep faith and endure till the end! because i have accomplished my purpose inviting all to come unto christ. We will contine to tract street by street. We will search for people until we find those who are prepared to receive us. 

We were walking one day by a High School and it was the smoker crowd outside haha we and talked too and tract 18 people from that group haha! It was great met some real solid people! One guy worship Satan and that was fun as he rode off swearing. I shake my head at some of the people here. My companion and I do not have bikes or anything. So we walk everywhere! Our area is so huge! I am loving serving in windsor and we found this one guy who is so prepared to her the gospel as we went tracting in the rain yesterday. He has given up drinking and starting to give up smoking. He is reading from the King james Bible and he believes us coming by and seeing him is an answer our a revelation to him from God. We teach him this week!

The ward is very small here and quiet. There is not a lot of members. So we are also teaching less actives and getting them back out to Church which we have accomplished with two people! The ward is a strong ward though and its members are so nice and kind to us. It is a great life being a missionary. My comp is letting me take the lead in discussions and spiritual thoughts and teaching! It is once again causing me to get nervous but it is going well. I am learning so much and how to teach actually investigators from our role plays. I am going start making actually food this week for my comp and I cause we have been doing sandwiches and cereal and kd haha! Yea for the diet of a missionary. 

i am so annoyed with our apartment because we have no dish towels! and it is really dirty. So i will clean it! i am still so busy so I will probably try to keep better track of what to say in my next letters.

hmm what else haha.... its been great you know. I am loving this place. The people are so cool here but it is very difficult and they are hard to talk to. We serve in a pretty great area and there is definitely hard work. I will endure and put my trust in the Lord. I have never prayed so much here. I know the power of prayer is real and works we have used it and God has answered many of our prayers so far. I have a goal to talk to 10 new people every day! its been happening so far! 


The Elders tease me that I am from Canada and we had a huge debate about Americans and Canadians last night haha. I need to shut my mouth sometimes haha. But it is in all fun and games. Elder Ward made so many funny jokes last night. I have been so forgetful of our keys and of everything. We are making so many jokes about my comps accent! He is Hilarious.  


I gotta go mom! i love you ill send pics next week bye!