Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Who Knew Tracting Would Be This Hard?!


hey please dont send letters to my address in windsor! send it to the 197 county court one! the mission home or office. My pday is monday here! I am having so much fun here!  Send me my winter coat please! :) I would apprciate it! yea it is supposed to get very cold! haha. 

My first area is Windsor Ontario and it has been pretty nice. My companion or trainer is Elder Koceja. He is from Utah. He is 20 and has been out for just over a year. He is really into knowing the doctrine and so good at teaching. In our role plays he helps me to solve concerns of investigators we may have. In our apartment we are staying with two other missionaries who do not have an apartment yet they are Elder Ward and Elder Genowsky. So traveling on monday was pretty good! the flight was nice and I got seated beside an agnostic atheist. He did not - i repeat did not! - want to talk about religion haha. However I did give him a pass along card and the plan of salvation pamphlet. He said he would look at it! 


We traveled in a decent group of 11 people i believe. When we got to the airport in Toronto i had to wait for all the other people to come through immigration as I was already a Canadian citizen. Sister Kurtz did too cause she was Canadian.  She and I waited around for the others and went and grabbed luggage haha I felt like such an apostate. I am missing the spirit of the MTC but i have learned so much and loving serving a mission! This will be an amazing two years! 

when we got there we met President Scott! He is such a cool, inspired, nice, kind, and divine man! His wife is super sweet and loves all of us! haha. The AP or assistant to president came and picked us up in white vans and took us to the mission home.  We had a lunch at the mission home and bore testimonies. The spirit is so strong here and when you are around other missionaries. We then went to the hotel and stayed there for the night and the next morning we would get to met our trainers. So in the morning we did orientation. 


So then after the orientation we went to met our trainers. They all look so old and knowledgeable! Elder Gunnel got called to a new mission and is now speaking Farsi! He was so surprised! I met my trainer his name is Elder Koceja! he is from Utah and has a Utahian accent haha. He is a pretty cool Elder and has such a strong testimony. After that we went and I found out that I am driving my first day here! I am driving it was so nerve racking but I got to drive a sweet car! I drove for 4 hours to our place in Windsor! longest drive but it was good and cool to see all of Southern Ontario. my comp is really knowledgeable and like me in many ways more then one!  We got to our apartment and it is small on the 2nd floor in Windsor right next to the detroit river! We all sleep together and I have actually been able to get to sleep at night! It isn't that hot here but it has been changing now and then. Yesterday it rained all day and we went tracking in it. 

My goal for every day is talk to 10 new people. Which we accomplished on our first day we talked to over 90 people! We "white washed" an area, as we said, and so Elder Koceja and I are both new to the area. The previous missionaries before did not have any investigators. The first day in the field we went and knocked on doors and talked to people on the street. We met this one former who we placed a Book of Mormon with and we challenged her to pray! We are going to follow up with her and see if anything will come from it. 


We have been given fake numbers and told to leave people alone. Door knocking is the most scariest thing ever! like actually! It is so nerve racking as you get to the door and knock. We have met people who yell at us, others who bible bash with us, and others who are nice and respectful, and say they are not interested. There are many people with their own religions but it has been cool to teach them of the gospel of Jesus Christ is back on the Earth today through the prophet Joseph Smith! 


We have talked to so many people on the streets and it is hard not seeing success.There will be many hard days ahead and depressing days. I just want people to all receive the gift of eternal life and salvation. I feel so sad when people wont accept our message. But you know i keep faith and endure till the end! because i have accomplished my purpose inviting all to come unto christ. We will contine to tract street by street. We will search for people until we find those who are prepared to receive us. 

We were walking one day by a High School and it was the smoker crowd outside haha we and talked too and tract 18 people from that group haha! It was great met some real solid people! One guy worship Satan and that was fun as he rode off swearing. I shake my head at some of the people here. My companion and I do not have bikes or anything. So we walk everywhere! Our area is so huge! I am loving serving in windsor and we found this one guy who is so prepared to her the gospel as we went tracting in the rain yesterday. He has given up drinking and starting to give up smoking. He is reading from the King james Bible and he believes us coming by and seeing him is an answer our a revelation to him from God. We teach him this week!

The ward is very small here and quiet. There is not a lot of members. So we are also teaching less actives and getting them back out to Church which we have accomplished with two people! The ward is a strong ward though and its members are so nice and kind to us. It is a great life being a missionary. My comp is letting me take the lead in discussions and spiritual thoughts and teaching! It is once again causing me to get nervous but it is going well. I am learning so much and how to teach actually investigators from our role plays. I am going start making actually food this week for my comp and I cause we have been doing sandwiches and cereal and kd haha! Yea for the diet of a missionary. 

i am so annoyed with our apartment because we have no dish towels! and it is really dirty. So i will clean it! i am still so busy so I will probably try to keep better track of what to say in my next letters.

hmm what else haha.... its been great you know. I am loving this place. The people are so cool here but it is very difficult and they are hard to talk to. We serve in a pretty great area and there is definitely hard work. I will endure and put my trust in the Lord. I have never prayed so much here. I know the power of prayer is real and works we have used it and God has answered many of our prayers so far. I have a goal to talk to 10 new people every day! its been happening so far! 


The Elders tease me that I am from Canada and we had a huge debate about Americans and Canadians last night haha. I need to shut my mouth sometimes haha. But it is in all fun and games. Elder Ward made so many funny jokes last night. I have been so forgetful of our keys and of everything. We are making so many jokes about my comps accent! He is Hilarious.  


I gotta go mom! i love you ill send pics next week bye!

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