Monday, 21 October 2013

Feasting on the word of Christ ... And Vector cereal!

This week our work has been slow. Our investigators did not come to Church! Erg it is so important for them to come to Church to feel of the Spirit and have them get acquainted with the members. Here is a cool phrase that I have learned is true “The Missionary Next Door” and it gives some approved statistics for missionary work in the United States straight from the MTC. If the missionaries go out alone to tract or contact people on the street, only 1 out of 1000 people they talk to will get baptized. That's a lot of doors! If they use a member’s name, by simply saying, "Hey your friend Brother or Sister so and so down the street said you might be interested in our message”, then 80 out of 1000 will get baptized. If a member introduces their friend or family member to the missionaries, 340 out of 1000 will get baptized. And then here's the shocker; if a member introduces you to their friend and you teach them in that members home, 660 of 1000 will get baptized! Amazing”! 

So there it is members are so vital to the missionary efforts and it is important to always open your mouth and share the gospel with them and to invite to Church or even met with the missionaries. I have learned that wards must really have a solid foundation of a missionary program and have effective ward council and p.e.c. to ensure that both the members and missionaries are coordinating their rescue efforts together. This Sunday someone from the stake spoke and gave a huge promise that anyone who would come to the London Stake conference in novemeber that they will have a deepened conversion to the gospel and either become strong willed investigators or reactivated members! We as missionaries are excited for this promise and to see what happens! We get to go on our fourth road trip to London! It is about two and a half hours away. Please i admonish all of you back at home and who read this share this glorious message with all and I promise you that the Lord will bless you temporal and spiritual in this life and in the next. 

Well this week on Sunday I sang in a YSA choir and it was great! We brought the ward to tears! There is a lot of YSA members in this ward but mostly girls so the Elders had to step in to help out! We got crispy cremes for singing! It was so delicious! I have never had them before. We had a killer lesson in priesthood about teaching and how the priesthood is supposed to work in complete unity! We learned what and how a quorum should act! 

I went on another exchange this week with Elder De Waal from Herimon Utah! He is pretty cool! He is a spanish speaking elder. He has been out as long as I have so we had a full day planned of teaching and tracting in the rain but it all got shot and fell apart quickly so we tracted 3 streets and met some really nice folks. I have been having a lot of luck meeting the more friendly folks of Windsor! I am learning how to really teach and testify when you find people! It is cool the understanding of teaching and how it changes with time. I have started to harness this type or style of teaching and this morning when Elder Koceja and I were roleplaying the Spirit was so strong as we taught one another! It allowed for the spirit to be present throughout! 

We are still eating like Kings! We make great supper and lunches! My breakfast for the next two years will continue to be Vector cereal! Which i have become addicted to! Or else fruit and waffles! It is so weird here they use bags of milk instead of cartoons, I still cannot get over that fact. It is defeintely weird and never feels right when pouring milk from a bag. We found the next great lake in the bottom of our fridge after cleaning it and pretended we did not see it. We did end up getting it fixed. It was nice we finally got to met the Bishop's wife and family last night at supper they are super sweeet people. An interesting fact about them is that they know how to speak Korean and also she is from Lethbridge and wen to the University! Also there is a YSA memeber out here too from Lethbridge! It helped me to feel closer to home now then before! 

The weather is starting to get a little colder and has been raining a lot more often! So we have tracked a lot in the rain! People are always impressed with our dedication to our faith when we track in the rain. So I have started wearing my lovely coats and sweaters! Even they I end up boiling! 

The members in this ward are super nice and really fun to talk to and go over and met with. We have this amazing sister who invites everyone to hear about the gospel! We actually got to talked to one of her friends and teach him! He is such a cool dude! He loves to Sing and dance and is very artistic! Also humble too which makes a great investigator. 

Well for the events of Windsor as I mention last time I believe we had a drug bust in an apartment! It was crazy to see the cops pulling out all the bags of stolen merchandise and other jazz. There was a beer festival one night as we were riding back to our apartment we found the whole downtown of Windsor crawling with teenagers and college kids. It was hard to ride past the crowds. It was to start a marathon the next morning lol Good luck to the runners who participated! As we rode by all those people we met some real lovely people! Who adore the missionaries lol. To bad we couldnt talk for longer and preach to the whole party! Not to scare anyone! But someone supposedly got stab :/ that is always exciting news haha. Hmm other events. Nothing really to much in the way of crazy things.

Today My companion and I are doing the purification challenge and it is so hard to go shopping on a pday and not to eat food and be hungery! grr! It is a sweet challenge that allows for yourself to be purified so the Spirit can be with you while you teach and while you about the Lord's errand. Transfer are coming up soon which is crazy I have been our for like 37 days or something like that! I have almost talk to over 1000 people! We have had a few bad days for opening our mouth and see nobody or else nobodies home but oh well. :) I am loving life here and I am excited to find out if I get to stay in Windsor or go to another area! Or if I will get a new companion! It is alwyas exciting at the time of transfers! 

So for those who are wondering on Halloween we are put on house arrest from 6 on becuase we do not want to be mistaken as people dressing up looking for candy lol we are all a little old. We have been getting a lot of comments that we are Jehovah witnesses and form other religions! It is always exciting when people feel a sense of relief that we are not them. They must be making arounds a lot! 

Well this is my weekly update :) I am sore this morning from my new goal to do 500 ab workout during work out time every morning and rotate out with skipping my new favorite cardio work! 

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