Saturday, 31 January 2015

Transfer 12 Week 3: MultiCulturalism and Meetin Elder Oaks

Well another week! February is almost here and winter is coming to a close haha soon I hope.  I just want the spring and summer to come! You know what I realized this last week some of my friends from back home will be starting to get home which is crazy! I am interested to hear there transition stories and how they are coping with it. I am so grateful I got to come assist the Lord on His mission in Toronto Ontario. This land is blessed and so fruitful with the work of the Lord. I have seen myself grow in the stature of the measure of Christ and seen myself strive and change to become more Christ-like. I am so grateful that I have come to teach literally the world in my own home country. All the people that I have met here have helped me to become a more dedicated servant as I have come to love these cultures and different people. I have really come to grow in a strong connection to people from the Middle East as I have tried to learn Hindu and Punjabi. The reaction I get from all of them as I speak to them in their own language is so cool and I love it! They are always so surprised and are like where did you learn and they are impressed with what I have been able to learn myself. I know that this is God working through me. I am blessed to be apart of a family with on one side I have this background and so I was asked to help my Granddad's brothers and Sisters come to learn of Christ. But I have come to realize that I am helping MY brothers and Sisters to return to their Heavenly Father. I have come to love these people so much and it has really helped me and made it easier in talking to the people that I have never met before. yet I always say this to myself that I do know them, I knew everyone I talked with because I met them in the Spirit world and said I would find them and chat with them about the gospel. This motivates me daily to share the gospel as I do not want to break any promises to these people. This week was good! I cannot member if I said this in last week but we were tracting an apartment building and then had finished a floor and were unsure where to go when the Elevator opened and no one was inside so we got in and God took us to another floor and then we went to a door that we felt prompted to knock and found a new invs named Colene. It is so great to see God working with the people and to see his hand in our day to day lives.

 The one experience that I really enjoyed this week was meeting Elder Dallin H Oaks. He is a great man of God and is so intellectual. His talks are organized in such a cool fashion and reflects his career choices in life. He is a convert to the church and was baptized when he was in College. He flight was delayed in coming to met with us so our meeting was a little rushed with him but it was great as he bore a strong powerful witness of Christ. He truly is a appoint servant of God. I am so grateful for the blessing of having Apostles and Prophets on the Earth to lead and guide us. The teaching that stuck with me was that he mentioned how we must developed Righteous routines and Holy habits. This will allow us all to progress and grow. It will protect us on our journey through this life. It was a very Spiritual experience for myself and a great call to change. I am so motivated right now to do better then I have before and look forward to being able to share what I learned from him.  I loved what he said about our missions too, "It isn't your mission; it is His mission that you are serving for Him.  So you do His work His way on His timetable." it is so true and I will continue to remember this always. I am on his mission and assisting in His work. I know this gospel is true and I can see the changes it has made in my life. I am so grateful for this. I love you all and pray for you all every day.

love Elder Sopal

Transfer 12 Week 4: Fancy Dinners and "Elder" Fraith

This is how we do it out in the mission field haha! had to dry my pants lol..

Landlord Demitri makes us some awesome snacks! i have been craving chocolate lately lol

Hey all!

Well this week was pretty good! Monday we spent most of the day actually playing basketball! Man it is so much fun just playing till your heart is content. I get so much stress and my worries out as I just play and let my mind go into the game. Tuesday was a sweet day! So on Monday I had called this guy whom I thought was named Rick haha but his name was actually Greg. I had met him on the bus and had started off our conversation about the weather haha and how he looked like he was freezing then he had to take off and what not but I had gotten his number. I had told him, well asked as we discussed Jesus Christ if he knew that Christ came to the America's and he said, "Whattttt how is that possible haha?". His face and reaction was priceless. So anyways we finally set up a appt and in the morning we went over to his place. However he did not answer as we did not know he lived in the basement. So we went back home only to get called by him saying he wanted us there right now haha. He was sad and thought we were not going to show up. So we went over and taught him of the Restored gospel. It was such an awesome lesson. The Spirit was strong as we bore simply testimony of restored truth and answered his questions as we went through the lesson. His questions were always leading us to the next principle or help him to accept a commitment. It was a really cool experience. After the lesson we went to leave but he was like nah your going to stay for lunch haha. So we got to eat lunch with him and get to know him better. He is an awesome brother from Nigeria and has been here since April. He is working till he can get enough money for his family to come over. I find this is the case with a lot of people here. One thing I am so grateful for this past week is to be born in this amazing country.

 Then in the evening we met with Cadaen and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Shay had invited one of our former invs over, Donna, whom is of the Bahia faith. She had a lot of questions and believed that the Quran, Torah, Bible, Book of Mormon, and the Guitta all taught the same thing with little difference. She had also denied that Christ was the actual son of God. I do not think there is a time when I have actually been a little bit taken back by someone denouncing Christ. But I have come to love Christ so much that my testimony caused something to burn within me. I had to explain and testify strongly of how Jesus is the Christ and he is the only begotten of the Father. I know that because I have grown in my personal relationship with him. It was a good experience as the Spirit helped to strengthen everybody's testimony of the truth. Everyone in that room bore witness that Jesus Christ was the ONLY one who could perform the Atonement. Cadaen was not shaken by any of the questions or Anti she mention! He did want to move his date to another one. It was sad that he did want to wait but I was proud of him. Later on that week. We got a text from Shay that told us that Cadaen had come up to her and was like Mom i got great news. I am ready to go on a mission! I wanna be Elder Fraith haha! He wanted to be baptized on the 8th and that was the date God helped him to pick. Now he owns that date even more! 

One more cool experience for you all! Bro. Jeffery whom we have been teaching for about 10 weeks and have been not reading or praying. He basically was not keeping any commitments. We went over expecting that he did not again and prepared to read with him when we got in we found out the he had read all the way up to 1 Nephi 10! I was astonished! That is so awesome. We were both so happy and he had some great questions like the route that Lehi and his family took from Jerusalem to the sea shore from whence they left. If you all have any info to put in to that questions feel free to email me! He asked about the fruits of Joseph Smith and also some other really good questions! he is an awesome old guy and we are going to help him to come unto Christ. 

Elder Parker and I on exchanges, i cook some good food for him! Good ol' tuna casserole!
One of our fancy sit down meals! We loved it!
So this week was our week of fancy dinners haha! It was really really good! We cooked fajitas, chicken mederio, hurry chicken, and a lot of other things! I feel a lot better then just eating lame sandwich haha! Plus I had exchanges with Elder Parker too! That was fun! Well everyone I love you all! I hope your all staying warm! Just so you know the address which you mail stuff to has been changed so as of Feb 21 please send things to this address:  1624  Wanless Drive, Brampton  ON L7A 0A7.


Thursday, 22 January 2015

New Snail Mail Address

Elder Joseph Peter Sopal
Toronto Canada Mission
1624  Wanless Drive
Brampton  ON L7A 0A7

They asked that you NOT send any mail to the old address until AFTER FEBRUARY 21st .

Please let Elder Joe's mom know if you have any questions.  

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Transfer 12 Week 1

Hey everybody!

Happy new years to all! Man it feels like I just said this a little while ago. I remember last new years eve. I spent it the same way wish this one laying in bed not being able to sleep and say happy new years to myself haha. Sad day. Oh well I enjoy giving myself my new years hug haha. I brought in the new years with a coke and some chocolate chip cookies! So good.

So this last week was my first week with ANOTHER new companion haha. Man I am getting a bad record here going only one transfer with each now it kind of sucks haha. But now I love my companion! His name is Elder Hatch. He is from Los Angles. Good old cali babe! He has some sweet hook ups there so I have been invited to go and visit him after the mission haha. Elder Hatch is once again super tall haha all my companions are just taller then me. i feel so short all the time haha! I have to look up at him and everything. I will send some pics of him in our apartment haha. He is 19 and was going to BYU to do Engineering. He is a pretty smart guy. Once again he is younger than me and has only had one companion. I feel very privileged to be serving with so many young missionaries. In the last little while I have re-evaluated some of the things I do and how I conduct myself. I am grateful that I have made the necessary changes to myself this transfer and hope to be able to influence these young missionaries for the good and help them see the joy of the work. I really do love this work and would not trade this amazing opportunity to be here in Ontario for anything!

So we got together Tuesday and got right to work. Our first day we went and saw the hemery's who are a PMF (part-member family) and quite old, Merlyn was baptized last year. We have been trying to help her get back out to church but some outstanding circumstances keep her from coming. Dennis is a little bit stubborn but we will keep loving him into the gospel!

Then we also met with Brother Jeffery! He is from Nigeria. He attends the catholic church as it is just right across the street. He was a referral from the sister missionaries to us. He has been taking his time to read the Book of Mormon. We had a great lesson with him and the Spirit was really strong. It was interesting as he did not keep his commitment to read and so all the questions he had could have been answered by him doing his own personal study. It is so sad when people do not keep commitments.

Wednesday came and that was our New Years Eve! I will send pictures from last week for Christmas! New years eve we were out visiting some less actives and dropping by different individuals. It was awesome as we were tracting this one building we stopped and decided to ask for God's help to find someone as we were having no luck. After that prayer we finished that floor and walked up stairs and then this dog came running outside. This cute little puff ball of a thing named Mitchell. We met this Iraqi family. We chatted and he was interested in what we had to share so he invited us in for drinks and a chat. We met his son and chatted with them for a bit. it was a neat experience to see God answer our simple petition for help. 

Thursday was an interesting day as we went to visit a Less-active member, David. He had a stroke last year and has been struggling. He is a very kind guy but man his apartment was disgusting. Elder Hatch had a cockroach crawling on his legs!!!! EWWW!!! It was so gross haha. Plus you could see the stains from blood and crushed bed bugs and nests on his bed. Man I felt so sorry for this guy but I wanted nothing more then to get outta there. That is the only down side of serving in a Ghetto area. Bed bugs and other in-welcome guests are sometimes rampant. We stripped down and made sure no critters came home with us haha. 

 So the two main invs that i must comment on is Mahesh who is a Christian from India finally came to church! It was so sweet having him there. He even participated and read and everything! No 1st time people EVER do that haha. I was so proud of him. President and Sister Clayton came to visit and they met him and they really liked him. I hope we can help him to progress and to work towards baptism. it will be interesting as his Fiancee is Catholic. Hmmm we will see! The other is an awesome family named the Risley's. Sis. Risley has not been to church since she was 16 and has been through a lot and now has 3 wonderful kids. Cadaen her middle child is an amazing guy! He is 12 and not baptized. So we have been working on reactivating the family and helping him to learn of the restored Gospel. Cadaen has strong faith in Christ and she really raised her family well to believe in Christ. As Cadaen has been meeting with us he has developed a desire to serve a MISSION!!! YAY!!! I was so excited to hear that. I hope and pray we can help him and his family become fully active and strong members. 

Photo with the mission president and his wife.  Elder Sopal is in the middle row on the far left side. 
Well everyone. This is a brand new year. If you have fallen away from your relationship with God or been slacking in some areas. I would strongly encourage you to start now. I know that the most important thing that will help us all improve in this new year is prayer. Through prayer anything is possible and that is how we grew to know our Father in Heaven. I love the Gospel. I am so grateful for my relationship with Him. By coming to know God, I know Jesus Christ better. Jesus Christ has had such a profound influence upon all whom will have have lived upon the Earth. I am grateful for the testimony of my Savior. I know that if you turn to Christ and to access the Atonement. You will see your challenges and the trials you face become bearable. And you will overcome them with God's help. He has helped me and I know he can help you. Never plateau.. Always more forward, trying to be a little bit better each day. I love you all have an awesome week. 

Transfer 12: Week 2

Hey everybody!

Well this week was actually a little bit chilly. It was quite a slow week. We thought it was going to turn out a lot better then it has but that's okay you need some tough weeks to appreciate the good ones. Elder Hatch and I had a great experience and re commitment to do better and talk to as many ppl as we can each and everyday! So far we have been doing great today! We have already chatted to about 15 people and it is preparation day! It feels good being a full purpose missionary and always being a missionary no matter what you are doing.

- our new years eve dinner!
This week we had all of our appts bomb except a few. We got in some good lessons with some less active members. The highlights of last week was a lesson with Bro Yaw! He is an awesome elderly gentlemen from the Congo. We are helping him work towards going to the temple and taking out his endowment! He struggles with some health concerns and is trying to get his family over here to Canada. That would be hard being so far away from your family and being ill too. Family has really become so much to me and everything to me. I could not live without my family and cannot wait to have my own family down the road. In our lives that is what we are all working towards is having families that we can take into the eternities with us. I hope and pray that he will be able to get his family here.

We had a great discussion with Sister Risley and Cadaen. Bro Nimy came with us who is from Nigeria. He is a bfg (big friendly giant) haha he stands about 6'3ish. He is such a quiet and soft spoken brother but has so many good experiences. I love him and have really come to feel in a real sense I am here working among my spirit brothers and sisters. Bro Nimy told this wonderful family of how he put his faith in God and how his relationship with God has grown. He shared some of the miracles in his life too. It was so amazing how the Spirit filled the room as we taught in unity with the member. It really does pay off having a member at lessons. I have a strong testimony of helping people to be prepared to teach in unity together. It is so true that without unity the Spirit cannot be present or it will be hard for the Spirit to work. In life we must seek for this unity in our families, work relations, and other relations we have. Cadaen is so excited to get baptized! he is super excited for Feb 1! He has already invited some of his family and friends. His mom has also. They have been reading and praying together a lot more now and the Spirit is so much stronger in their home. Sister Risley has been reading like a fiend haha. She has read all three books of Nephi and has seen such a dramatic increase in her testimony. It is amazing that even after years of not being in the church or reading much scriptures how reading from the Book of Mormon every night can change you and bring the Spirit back into your life.

This past week we had Skills and Interviews. We had a really good meeting. I love the Spirit that comes from the meetings. Over the last little while I have really learned the principle of simplicity and how God works by it and Christ taught by it and his gospel is as such. So we must teach it like that too. I love how simple the gospel is that even an 8 year old can feel the joy that comes from following Jesus Christ and then someone who is aging up there has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and hearing what it has done for them is amazing. Consider the progression and the conversion that has taken place in your life and it will amaze you how far you have come. I know that I have come a long way. I am so excited for this coming week as we are privilege to hear from Elder Oaks as he will be visiting our mission this Saturday. I am so excited to hear his remarks and feel so privileged to have now met a few members of the quorum of the 12 Apostles. Well everybody have an awesome week! Love you all! 

-delicious pho

Transfer 11 Week 5: December 22

Repping the tag!
Merry Christmas everybody! Well this week was pretty good! So Monday as you all know we went to Downtown Toronto and walked around having fun looking in all the Chinese shops and other stores. So I have acquired a new fav drink! The wow approved bubble tea! I do not know what it is about that but I love it sooo much! I would encourage you all if you have not had any! Get some! Soooo good! Then as we walked down the streets we had target practice with the Tapioca and signs lol.

I love riding the street cars in the city!  I would love to spend time here and it would be fun to live in the city but then I remember it's not Alberta! I miss home but it is a lot of fun here! It has actually been a SWEET winter. It has not gotten miserably cold but has stayed warm enough I only have to wear a sweater. So I am loving life!

honest eds! The crazy bargin store!
Then Tuesday we got to go to Zone Conference in my last area, North York babe! Man I got to see all the past missionaries from Scarborough area and what not! It was nice to go and see Elder Nugent again. He is doing great and really working hard to keep the area going. I am so proud of him and all that he does. My son is an example to me and I admire his desire to serve the Lord as best he can.  At Zone Conference we had a really good meeting. We had practiced more teaching plainly and simple as that is how God works. So our teaching must coincide with that and be simple so the Spirit can testify of the beautiful truth. I have seen this way of teaching simply change the power of the lesson and the understanding by whom we are teaching. The Spirit is more present and you can feel the witness of the truth as your speak. We have even been trying to have people teach it back to us and they can do it! It is neat to hear non-members teaching us about what we already know and how we feel our testimonies increase. I have been able to see people after teaching this way take it more to heart and think about it more deeply as they taught it to us.
Well what can I say the walls are starting to be appealing haha

The last little bit of Zone Conference was the Christmas portion. We got to watch the other zones as ours was not there go up and sing their Christmas songs for the other zones. The north York zone did a great piece that Elder Gunnel put together! It was amazing! He put together "Hark the Herald and angels we have heard on high". I heard our zone might of butchered theirs. Elder Landes and I joked that it was because we were not there haha.

Then that evening we travelled back to a dinner apt at the Zehrabelnys( excuse my spelling). She literally cooked a full course meal! They had woken up at 10 am and started cooking then. I was so impressed and I was floored as I tasted probs some of the best food I have had in awhile! haha. Soooo good! Made my week. For the lesson we shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and really focused on the Sacrament. It was fun to use the methods we learned in Zone Conf for the lesson. The Spirit definitely entered into the lesson and edified all of us.

Wednesday we met with Matthew, one of the new recent converts and he is so sweet to teach. He listens so intently and will really ponder everything we saw. We are trying to help him work towards receiving the Priesthood. he is starting to feel more confident. That night we went over to a family and well they are on the less active side it was crazy as they almost gave us alcohol! haha
Going for PHO with Elder Cowley!

So this is one of my new fav dishes! it is called PHO, it is Vietnamese.
Thursday was another good day as we have been playing basketball with some of the guys and have been really getting to know them! They are all really nice and they are finally starting to ask us questions about what we do and the church. I hope and pray that they will be able to have a greater desire to find out more. That would be sweet if we could baptize a Priest or teacher quorum haha. After basketball we had a lesson with one of the Sisters who has not been to church in a VERY long time. Her name is Shay and she is actually pretty cool. She has three kids and is a single parent. She was quite pleased that we found her after going to stop by a former who introduced us to her. We had talked with Shay and she asked if we could go through the discussions and she wanted to start learning more about the church again. It was a sweet lesson as she gave us cake and her son Caden was there. He is a awesome lil guy! He is 12 and so they will be coming to church this week! YAYYYYY! 

Then Friday we had district meeting! It was a sweet district meeting and I was so happy to be back at it again instructing as we had a 4 week break lol. We discussed principles for contacting and also just trying to learn to fear no man. This past week I have grown in my love for the Apostle Peter and who he had become after seeing the resurrected Lord. He was truly transformed. I have received of a testimony and so why should I be not different. We have been called to both be witnesses of Christ and we are disciples of the lord, Jesus Christ. Why should we fear for Christ is with us and will not forsake us.

The crew down in Toronto!
Then Friday evening we went to basketball again as we missed it last week and we had to cancel it. So we actually had a less active and non- member come out! They are awesome, their names are Donte, Karry, and they are both non-members and Carry is engaged to Tracey, a less active sister. They are a sweet family and I am excited to start working with them! Saturday was just a relaxing day and then Sunday was sweet as some of the members brought us some Christmas gifts. This last week was a great week in Weston! Well I love you all!!

Love Elder Sopal!

Elder Cowley and my last exchange! I love this man!

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beautiful sun sets in Toronto!

Dec 15

Hey Everybody!
Hope all is well this wonderful Christmas season. Life is going great and I am doing good. It is a busy time of year and today was a busy and long day! We went to Toronto today with one of my besties in the mission for the last time as he is going home. Today was a bitter sweet day. It is so weird I remember when he only had like a year to 8 months left where I am today and i had just barely come out haha now the tables really turned. Now my 1st district is dead (the missionary word for being finished your mission) haha along with the others. We went to the downtown China town and shopped around. We also just had some fun joking around and sharing some good laughs. I apologize for my weekly emails this transfer they have been horrible. I will try to do a better one next week. For now this week something awesome that happened is that we have 5 new invs! yay! Tell you more about them next week! I love you all this work is amazing! bye :)

Transfer 11 Week 3: Dec 8

here are some pics of the district on our trip to Toronto and other photos!

Our district is Sis. Kurtz, Sis simone, Sis Bott, Sis dayton, and Elder Landes.

The chocolate J I got in my care package.

Hey Everybody,

Well another week has come and gone! This week has been alright. Last week we actually went to Toronto again! It was a blast going down there with the District! We went to the chinese bakery and had some good food. We also had some crapes made by some chinese people haha. It is so interesting to see different nationalities selling food that is like specific to another place.

We found a game that is new in Canada, called " Escape".   You go with a group and  step into an alternate reality with one goal: to accomplish your mission and escape. You are faced with challenging puzzles, cryptography, obstacles, and a time limit. We also took some pics down by the water!

Tuesday we had a conference in Brampton. It was soooo good! We are now going to focus on member work and trying to do all the work of Salvation. We also got to watch the movie, "Meet the Mormons". I would encourage you all to go and see it! It is such a good movie! it really captures the essence of who we are. It actually made me cry. It was so nice of the Claytons to let us watch it. I am so proud to be Mormon and I feel this video will help a lot of people who have misunderstanding of our church.

So this day it snowed while we were in the meeting. We also got new pass along cards for the video "He is the Gift". If you have not seen it go check out It is another good video. It is short and sweet as it captures the true meaning of Christmas and how it has been lost. I love this time of year. I encourage all of you at home to spend it wisely. It is hard being away from family for big holidays like this. Missing out on family tradition and events. I am where I am and I am glad that this will be the last Christmas out here. I am excited to see all of you next Christmas. This Christmas is interesting as my testimony has grown so much of the Savior it is a special time for me to praise God and thank him for the testimony I do have. So I am going to do a better job at writing weekly emails now. I will have to start next week. My week has blurred together and I feel awful for that haha.

Anyways on to week 3. Week 3 has been spent doing a lot of talking with a ton of people! On Wednesday we went over to a spanish family's house and had lunch there. They are the Beeton's. They are actually going to El Salvador for a mission! I am so jealous of them. I am excited for that day when I can go on a couples mission to somewhere fun! They are one sweet couple. They both share the gospel so well and have soooo many missionary experiences I could not even began to recount them. She made us Papusas! Mmm they were sooo good! It was a good visit as they gave us some referrals for their friends in the basement. Roberto and Nina. We will get to start teaching them this week! I hope we can be able to help them out.

Saturday we had our ward Christmas Party! It was a huge success! There were a TON of less actives and non members there! It was a sweet night filled with good food and then we had a great performance. We had organized and helped the youth act out the Nativity. It went really really well! it was fun to see it come together. We watched two videos, the new Christ birth one and the one with He is the gift. It really changed the atmosphere and brought the Spirit into our meeting. I hope it touched their hearts. It was kind of funny as the next morning, Sunday, there were only 3 people at the chapel come 10 mins before starting time. We joked that everyone partied too hard haha. Anyways I will write more next week! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 


Transfer 11 Week 1: Nov 24

Well Hello again!

Well it is the start of another transfer here in the Canada, Toronto Mission. We have finally begun to get snow here. This last week was a little bit colder and got snow. However the weather has nicely warmed up! I pray that the snow will continue to stay away and this winter will not be as bad as it could be. So Weston is the opposite side of Toronto from Scarborough. Weston has a lot more pocket areas that are what we will call the Ghetto haha.  Weston has a ward.  Our ward has 3 sets of missionaries. I love it here though.
So I am now on the other side of Toronto! I am serving in the next Ghetto haha. Jane and Finch babe! We live in a sweet basement sweet! Our landlord is named Demitri and is a non-member but is super chill. He is about 28 and living the classic life of a bachelor.  We have only 4 active families in our area. All the other active member families live in the other areas. we have had no dinner appts booked nor scheduled. We only have one... haha that is for this coming Saturday.

The cool wall we found!
It was sweet,  as on transfer day, I got to see all my old companions that were still alive (the missionary word for still serving in the mission) and my posterity (the missionary word for those that you have worked with and trained) and some other people! I have met a lot more people from Alberta out here haha. It is nice to finally be back to knowing more than just a few of the missionaries again. I feel though that that is a sign of where you are at in your mission. By how many people you know lol. I love it though.

My new comp Elder Landes- he thought I was some "bad a" because of how I looked haha.
 So it was fun driving in the big city. My driving has improved A TON and now I am finally getting a hang of the big city driving. I am so glad that I have gone this long with driving without an accident.  So Tuesday we got into our area around 8 pm. I had forgotten my box of desk stuff and everything I needed to start a new area back in Scarborough. Oh well I moved on haha. I am so stoked because Elder Cowley is now my Zone leader and Elder Smith whom I came out with. So it is definitely going to be a good transfer. We are in a bus area here and are in Weston West area. It is so hard trying to learn a new area and figure out which bus will take you where you need to go. But now after a week I think I got a hang of it! Weston has a much more city feel than Scarborough. Some of the buildings stand 30 floors high and there are more than just a few of them. The people are quite similar. Lots of diversity and people to talk with. I have been quite pleased with myself as I have not sat on a bus ride and been silent once yet! So I hope I can continue that and just talk with everyone haha even though that is near impossible! We have a sweet crib though. We stay in the basement suite of a good friend not from our church, Demitri. He loves the missionaries and respects us but does not want us preaching to him. Elder Landes being new did though ahha and that went over so swell! He has actually been so awesome. He has made us cake, cookies, and lansangua. He is a pretty good cook. So we are enjoying our living place. It is a little dark but we are fixing that shortly.

Our place! 
Our ward is sweet. We have another ward with a lot of collection of different cultures. It was crazy on Sunday we had 4 missionaries go up and introduce themselves as a lot of us are new. Plus I heard that they keep white washing our area lol. The members are less than pleased about this and so I hope that we will be able to stay for awhile. I think I will really like it here. There is so much work to do and so much to see and so many people to talk with. We actually have some families who have relatives in Cardston and Southern Alberta. I am quite happy about that. Plus the weather was freezing and now it is warm haha. I feel like I am at home now. it is almost like a Chinook!

Not too much to report on invs side of things as we have none progressing and what not. So we are starting from ground zero! Next week there will be more to mention and talk about I am sure!

I love you all have an awesome week!

Elder Sopal

Me and my 2nd son!

New Transfer: Weston Ontario November 17

hey everybody off to weston love you!

Weston, Ontario is located in Toronto
Weston is a neighbourhood and former village in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The neighbourhood generally lies in the northwest end of the city, south of Highway 401, east of the Humber River, north of Eglinton Avenue, and west of Jane Street.[2] Weston Road just north of Lawrence Avenue is the downtown core of Weston, with many small businesses and services. Weston was incorporated as a village in the 19th century and was absorbed into the Borough of York in the late 1960s. York itself was amalgamated into Toronto in 1998.

November 10 Just photos

Well here is Toronto it is the will of every mission to get TTC stuff and well I got a hat and a tie!

We got some weird wax vampire teeth haha
This is the new Elder Cedano. He is going to the Vancouver Canada Mission! Wish him well!

Our new sweaters we got!
Plus the Fernadez's who are a awesome Filipino family here! We had dinner at their place!

Service Project with Sis Bell

pure joy in twisted sister pretzels

enjoying a twisted sister pretzel after combating leaves

gourmet hot chocolate & a treat

Elder Nugent & the leaf blower

Elder Fjeldsted & Elder Sopal

Elder Fjeldsted with 2 scarves & Elder Sopal

Elder Saunders with Elder Sopal in the background

Elder Sopal with his mega-sized rake

Elders against the leaves

Elders enjoying the leaves

Elders raking the leaves for three houses!

Day of painting - twisted sister treat

Opening the pretzel treat Elder Fjeldsted & Saunders

Elder Nugent painting

Elder Fjeldsted

Elder Nugent

Elder Sopal fixing the door

Elder Sopal painting

Elder Saunders & Fjeldsted