Saturday, 17 January 2015

Transfer 11 Week 3: Dec 8

here are some pics of the district on our trip to Toronto and other photos!

Our district is Sis. Kurtz, Sis simone, Sis Bott, Sis dayton, and Elder Landes.

The chocolate J I got in my care package.

Hey Everybody,

Well another week has come and gone! This week has been alright. Last week we actually went to Toronto again! It was a blast going down there with the District! We went to the chinese bakery and had some good food. We also had some crapes made by some chinese people haha. It is so interesting to see different nationalities selling food that is like specific to another place.

We found a game that is new in Canada, called " Escape".   You go with a group and  step into an alternate reality with one goal: to accomplish your mission and escape. You are faced with challenging puzzles, cryptography, obstacles, and a time limit. We also took some pics down by the water!

Tuesday we had a conference in Brampton. It was soooo good! We are now going to focus on member work and trying to do all the work of Salvation. We also got to watch the movie, "Meet the Mormons". I would encourage you all to go and see it! It is such a good movie! it really captures the essence of who we are. It actually made me cry. It was so nice of the Claytons to let us watch it. I am so proud to be Mormon and I feel this video will help a lot of people who have misunderstanding of our church.

So this day it snowed while we were in the meeting. We also got new pass along cards for the video "He is the Gift". If you have not seen it go check out It is another good video. It is short and sweet as it captures the true meaning of Christmas and how it has been lost. I love this time of year. I encourage all of you at home to spend it wisely. It is hard being away from family for big holidays like this. Missing out on family tradition and events. I am where I am and I am glad that this will be the last Christmas out here. I am excited to see all of you next Christmas. This Christmas is interesting as my testimony has grown so much of the Savior it is a special time for me to praise God and thank him for the testimony I do have. So I am going to do a better job at writing weekly emails now. I will have to start next week. My week has blurred together and I feel awful for that haha.

Anyways on to week 3. Week 3 has been spent doing a lot of talking with a ton of people! On Wednesday we went over to a spanish family's house and had lunch there. They are the Beeton's. They are actually going to El Salvador for a mission! I am so jealous of them. I am excited for that day when I can go on a couples mission to somewhere fun! They are one sweet couple. They both share the gospel so well and have soooo many missionary experiences I could not even began to recount them. She made us Papusas! Mmm they were sooo good! It was a good visit as they gave us some referrals for their friends in the basement. Roberto and Nina. We will get to start teaching them this week! I hope we can be able to help them out.

Saturday we had our ward Christmas Party! It was a huge success! There were a TON of less actives and non members there! It was a sweet night filled with good food and then we had a great performance. We had organized and helped the youth act out the Nativity. It went really really well! it was fun to see it come together. We watched two videos, the new Christ birth one and the one with He is the gift. It really changed the atmosphere and brought the Spirit into our meeting. I hope it touched their hearts. It was kind of funny as the next morning, Sunday, there were only 3 people at the chapel come 10 mins before starting time. We joked that everyone partied too hard haha. Anyways I will write more next week! I love you all and hope you have a great week! 


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