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Transfer 11 Week 1: Nov 24

Well Hello again!

Well it is the start of another transfer here in the Canada, Toronto Mission. We have finally begun to get snow here. This last week was a little bit colder and got snow. However the weather has nicely warmed up! I pray that the snow will continue to stay away and this winter will not be as bad as it could be. So Weston is the opposite side of Toronto from Scarborough. Weston has a lot more pocket areas that are what we will call the Ghetto haha.  Weston has a ward.  Our ward has 3 sets of missionaries. I love it here though.
So I am now on the other side of Toronto! I am serving in the next Ghetto haha. Jane and Finch babe! We live in a sweet basement sweet! Our landlord is named Demitri and is a non-member but is super chill. He is about 28 and living the classic life of a bachelor.  We have only 4 active families in our area. All the other active member families live in the other areas. we have had no dinner appts booked nor scheduled. We only have one... haha that is for this coming Saturday.

The cool wall we found!
It was sweet,  as on transfer day, I got to see all my old companions that were still alive (the missionary word for still serving in the mission) and my posterity (the missionary word for those that you have worked with and trained) and some other people! I have met a lot more people from Alberta out here haha. It is nice to finally be back to knowing more than just a few of the missionaries again. I feel though that that is a sign of where you are at in your mission. By how many people you know lol. I love it though.

My new comp Elder Landes- he thought I was some "bad a" because of how I looked haha.
 So it was fun driving in the big city. My driving has improved A TON and now I am finally getting a hang of the big city driving. I am so glad that I have gone this long with driving without an accident.  So Tuesday we got into our area around 8 pm. I had forgotten my box of desk stuff and everything I needed to start a new area back in Scarborough. Oh well I moved on haha. I am so stoked because Elder Cowley is now my Zone leader and Elder Smith whom I came out with. So it is definitely going to be a good transfer. We are in a bus area here and are in Weston West area. It is so hard trying to learn a new area and figure out which bus will take you where you need to go. But now after a week I think I got a hang of it! Weston has a much more city feel than Scarborough. Some of the buildings stand 30 floors high and there are more than just a few of them. The people are quite similar. Lots of diversity and people to talk with. I have been quite pleased with myself as I have not sat on a bus ride and been silent once yet! So I hope I can continue that and just talk with everyone haha even though that is near impossible! We have a sweet crib though. We stay in the basement suite of a good friend not from our church, Demitri. He loves the missionaries and respects us but does not want us preaching to him. Elder Landes being new did though ahha and that went over so swell! He has actually been so awesome. He has made us cake, cookies, and lansangua. He is a pretty good cook. So we are enjoying our living place. It is a little dark but we are fixing that shortly.

Our place! 
Our ward is sweet. We have another ward with a lot of collection of different cultures. It was crazy on Sunday we had 4 missionaries go up and introduce themselves as a lot of us are new. Plus I heard that they keep white washing our area lol. The members are less than pleased about this and so I hope that we will be able to stay for awhile. I think I will really like it here. There is so much work to do and so much to see and so many people to talk with. We actually have some families who have relatives in Cardston and Southern Alberta. I am quite happy about that. Plus the weather was freezing and now it is warm haha. I feel like I am at home now. it is almost like a Chinook!

Not too much to report on invs side of things as we have none progressing and what not. So we are starting from ground zero! Next week there will be more to mention and talk about I am sure!

I love you all have an awesome week!

Elder Sopal

Me and my 2nd son!

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