Saturday, 31 January 2015

Transfer 12 Week 3: MultiCulturalism and Meetin Elder Oaks

Well another week! February is almost here and winter is coming to a close haha soon I hope.  I just want the spring and summer to come! You know what I realized this last week some of my friends from back home will be starting to get home which is crazy! I am interested to hear there transition stories and how they are coping with it. I am so grateful I got to come assist the Lord on His mission in Toronto Ontario. This land is blessed and so fruitful with the work of the Lord. I have seen myself grow in the stature of the measure of Christ and seen myself strive and change to become more Christ-like. I am so grateful that I have come to teach literally the world in my own home country. All the people that I have met here have helped me to become a more dedicated servant as I have come to love these cultures and different people. I have really come to grow in a strong connection to people from the Middle East as I have tried to learn Hindu and Punjabi. The reaction I get from all of them as I speak to them in their own language is so cool and I love it! They are always so surprised and are like where did you learn and they are impressed with what I have been able to learn myself. I know that this is God working through me. I am blessed to be apart of a family with on one side I have this background and so I was asked to help my Granddad's brothers and Sisters come to learn of Christ. But I have come to realize that I am helping MY brothers and Sisters to return to their Heavenly Father. I have come to love these people so much and it has really helped me and made it easier in talking to the people that I have never met before. yet I always say this to myself that I do know them, I knew everyone I talked with because I met them in the Spirit world and said I would find them and chat with them about the gospel. This motivates me daily to share the gospel as I do not want to break any promises to these people. This week was good! I cannot member if I said this in last week but we were tracting an apartment building and then had finished a floor and were unsure where to go when the Elevator opened and no one was inside so we got in and God took us to another floor and then we went to a door that we felt prompted to knock and found a new invs named Colene. It is so great to see God working with the people and to see his hand in our day to day lives.

 The one experience that I really enjoyed this week was meeting Elder Dallin H Oaks. He is a great man of God and is so intellectual. His talks are organized in such a cool fashion and reflects his career choices in life. He is a convert to the church and was baptized when he was in College. He flight was delayed in coming to met with us so our meeting was a little rushed with him but it was great as he bore a strong powerful witness of Christ. He truly is a appoint servant of God. I am so grateful for the blessing of having Apostles and Prophets on the Earth to lead and guide us. The teaching that stuck with me was that he mentioned how we must developed Righteous routines and Holy habits. This will allow us all to progress and grow. It will protect us on our journey through this life. It was a very Spiritual experience for myself and a great call to change. I am so motivated right now to do better then I have before and look forward to being able to share what I learned from him.  I loved what he said about our missions too, "It isn't your mission; it is His mission that you are serving for Him.  So you do His work His way on His timetable." it is so true and I will continue to remember this always. I am on his mission and assisting in His work. I know this gospel is true and I can see the changes it has made in my life. I am so grateful for this. I love you all and pray for you all every day.

love Elder Sopal

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