Saturday, 17 January 2015

Transfer 10 Week 4: Nov 3

Hey Everybody!!!
Well How are you all doing? I am so tired. haha This week has been good. Monday we got to go over to the Stiels. It was exciting to be able to review my notes from conference and be able to remember some of the revelation I received. We taught about the main theme of the conference and it was a really good cementing of my own testimony I gained from it. We had to end our Prep Day early to go over to dinner but then after we tried to go find a place that did not exist so we went and stopped by Mark's to go see if we could find one and contacted along the way. We were able to get Elder Nugent outfitted with some new winter shoes. He keeps praying for the winter to come quicker. I say NOO to that.

This past week we have been going to the University of Toronto at Scarborough. I was a bit apprehensive going there but it turned out really a good time. We actually found A LOT of potentials and even got some new invs like Raj and Jane. Raj is from India and is hindu-catholic haha. He still has to explain that one to us. I contacted him at the bus stops and just taught him right there and in trying to work on my boldness I invited him to be baptized and he accept for the 23rd. It was a really good experience. It was scary inviting him right there haha but it was sweet! He was supposed to come to church and we called him Saturday night to invite him out to church and he said that he was sick. So we thought he would not come but he paused for a minute and then replied that he would go out that night and buy some cough syrup and prepare himself to come to church. Unfortunately he texted us in the morning and did not come cause he was still feeling ill.

Tuesday nothing too too interesting happened other than just I have been focusing on "fearing no man". This concept of fearing no man has helped me to start talking to anyone on the bus or the street. I have truly started becoming a more convicted missionary. I feel so bad or guilty if I am not talking to someone about the gospel and just being quiet on the bus. It is sometimes so awkward though as NO one is talking on a bus packed with people and I am the only one talking to a random guy about God haha. It is great! I have enjoyed some of these awkward situations. There was this one guy who came up to the bus driver as we were talking with him and said I have somewhere I need to be, I do not want to sit here and listen to missionaries stories. He said it in a very funny accent haha. We joke about it to this day.

Tuesday we decided to do one day of BasketBall again. It was a decent turn out and the guys were happy we had it on again. They have started asking more questions and we keep inviting them to come to church. They have started praying with us now to start the night and end it. We are excited to see one of them pray and come to church eventually. It is seed planting but it is really good missionary work.

Then we had two different exchanges this week haha. So I was not with my companion for three days straight haha. My first exchange was with Elder Lau. He is from China and only knows a little English. So it was fun trying to communicate. He taught me some Mandrain and we had fun contacting a ton of Chinese people! I learned from him how important it is to love the work and seek the Gifts of the Spirit. He had a lot of drive to improve and become better. So I learned a lot! I wanna continue to help the missionaries I work with to become better and for myself to be the best missionary I can be. I am slowly getting there! Then on Thursday we switched and I went with Elder Fjeldsted to his area. In the morning we went and helped painted. I LOVE service. It is so much fun to serve.

Then after that we took off to the house and dropped things off and started pounding the pavement. We dropped by Bro. Mclarty who is an awesome Jamaican and has a sick Irish accent haha. He was actually a part of the Free masons. He imparted some cool knowledge to us and taught us and just visited with him. Then we took off to a Philippine family named Dela Cruz. He has been preparing himself for the priesthood so we helped him learn more about it and are working on helping him. It was a really good lesson and he is really quite a nice guy. He has a little son named Jacob who is sooooo cute and well not to be trunky but it got me excited for the day I can have my own kids to play around with.

Then we went to a hole in the wall burger place called Shamrock. The burgers were HUGE. It was crazy. I could not eat it all haha. THen we took off to go to Coordination. After we went over to Randy's who is an awesome invs! He loves Jesus Christ and just wants the best in his life. He has truly start changing and is working on overcoming a lot of hardships. He is inspiring really. I love him so much. We taught him about the Sabbath Day and are helping him to work on keeping it holy. He this past Sunday stayed for the whole meeting. We finished the night off by me forgetting my planner so we had to walk back and get it. By doing so God was preparing the way for an old invs to come back into contact with us. God led us back and placed us back in the path of Greshan. We were so excited haha. He hugged me and was smiling so big! haha He was so happy to see us and just could not believe it. It was definitely a testimony builder for me of how God truly does have a hand in what we do.

Friday we had District Meeting and another cool experience haha God decidied to wait till the morning of to tell me what I needed to instruct on. So we learned about helping our invs set baptismal dates. It was really good and fun to learn about. Then we also talked about how meaningful or effective our personal prayers are. After that we continued our exchange. We went out to lunch with the Elders and it was fun to be able to eat with them. One of the Elders kept putting more hot sauce on his food and he died when he finally tried it haha it was quite funny. We told him it was hot.

That evening we had a Halloween party of our own and ordered pizza and had a sleep over. So that was fun and good. Plus I did the baptismal interview for Tony on Friday so that was a very neat spiritual experience. He was so ready for it. Unfortunately he did not get baptized this past Sunday. We had one at church. Her name was Connie. She is so humble and teachable! She loved coming to church and just felt so good when she was there. We taught her after church and she is so excited to learn more and continue to follow Jesus Christ in her life. Other than that it was a good week! Tell you more next week love you all!!!

Elder Sopal

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