Monday, 25 August 2014

New Transfer: Scarborough, Ontario

Well it looks like Elder Joe is moving to a new area.  Owen Sound has been an amazing area for him.  He has spent a great deal of time serving and learning patience and humility.  I (Elder Joe's mom) am grateful for the kindness of the members there and for the lessons he has learned.  As he goes back to the big city, I hope new adventures will come to him.  Can't wait to hear from him.  He moves on Wednesday. 

Transfer well ya know haha week 10/5

Sorry all that this did not send earlier. Things came up but here it is. Well here we are at another week's end! So on our Monday we did not see to much action but just enjoyed out day. Tuesday was a little bit better. We went out to see bro. Bullock and visited with him. He is still doing awesome and plus we finally got him his triple combination.  we introduced it to him and help him reading from the doctrine and covenants. It was fun showing him our favorites verses and going through it. Then we traveled out to Sable Beach for physio. We are finally seeing the doctor on Monday! I am so happy for elder Tinney and hope that we will be able to get him better.

We had dinner at the Ripley's. It might be the last time that we get too. The had their cousin and grandma over from Chatham. Elder Tinney enjoyed seeing them all again and brought back memories of Chatham. The Ripley's are an awesome family and their examples will serve as a reminder to me of the type of family I wish to have! I taught elder Tinney some new object lessons and he practice the atonement being applied with the cup and sucking up water one! It went really well and he did great job. I was proud :).

Then we took off to Barrie! We slept over at the cooks town place. Elder Tinney had also served here so we felt right at home. We slept well and had a good work out with elder Kiser and Munoz. Wednesday we got up early to go to New Market for the day where the district leader specialty training was at. It was such an awesome meeting! I learned so much and we discussed the importance of our role in missionary work. We learned about how to use this awesome book called 'adjusting to missionary life'. It is given to missionaries to cope with the stress of the demands of being a missionary. I found after looking through it I had done a lot of these things like writing in my journal which has kept me relatively stress and worry free. We talked about how we must love every missionary, be an example to them and follow the example of the savior, and strengthen them. We are essential in helping them become and stayed converted to the gospel. In simplicity we are there to help them in their salvation. After that it was Elder Ellis and my turn to give our instruction on helping invs to have. Kneeling prayer and to be specific in everyone. We did a way better job than I thought we did. The APs called this past Tuesday and complimented me for all the work that we put in and it really helped them in their area. I thought that was a pretty nice compliment. I have come to find such an appreciation for instructing and training missionaries! I love it. Being a teacher is fun for now.

It was nice to see president Clayton and sister Clayton. We had subway for lunch and the cookies were still as good as ever! If you ever want to bribe me get me subway cookies. After that we went into President Clayton's instruction he talked about how the attention span of the world has gone down and so he taught us about using the pamphlets more! For any of you who have not read the missionary pamphlets I would strongly encourage that you do so and study them! Plan FHE activities with them and use them. They are so simply that a child can understand them. I love this quote, " it is true intelligence for a man to take a subject that is mysterious and great in itself, and to unfold and simplify it so that a child can understand."  when we teach simply and this goes for all types of teaching whether be of the gospel or of life skills or academics we each simply and than we can help those who do not know know more. We ended off the meeting with a testimony meeting. This is where the Spirit really came into the meeting. I didn't know about this but I was asked to bear my testimony so I did. I was so overcome by the spirit I was so happy about this growing testimony that I heard myself speak. I have never felt the spirit work with me and help me to feel that strongly. Everything I testified about I felt the Spirit confirm it's truthfulness again to me. I am so grateful for experiences like these to thank my father in heaven for all that he has taught me. I love my mission and I love my Savior. I know that is it only through him we can return to our father. I know that is through the atonement of Christ which we can partake of by following His gospel. I have felt the power of the atonement constantly help me to become better and become the instrument the lord wants me to be. Without this ultimate sacrifice the world and all mankind would be lost.

 After the conference we drove back home. Longest trip ever! Thursday we went and did some tracking and contacting which was fun! Friday we had to spend all day at the dealership. When we were coming back from Barrie our car tire popped and so we hung out there till our car got fixed. Than we went to a members place for dinner. This member has been trying to make her studies more effective and spiritual. She has always struggled with being able to seek revelation from the scriptures and applying them. So we invited her to look at preach my gospel in chapter 5 at questions of the soul. We had her use one of these questions to start her studies and to read over the reference and then seek to answer the scripture and try to apply it to yourself. So we helped her to try an example one. We then left her with that and prayed that she would have a good experience.

On Saturday we went to the Cepada's and had to fix the trucks! The white one has blown the water pump and needed a new fan belt and plus the black one need repairs to the brakes. We shipped off the white one to get it fixed and focused on the black one. Haha They really can never have both trucks on the road at the same time as they always break when one of them is fixed. So President Cepada and I put the brakes back together and we both "think" we did it right. Hopefully we did and they turned out alright. So than they finally had a working truck. That day their family came over cause it was Sergio's bday. It was a really really fun evening. We had a ton of laughs and I won't take up too much space on here. It was nice to be able to mix with their family and chat with them. I love the Cepada's honestly one of the sweetest families ever. Sergio and Ali and I went driving around to in the new truck and we had a good time. Man great memories.

On Sunday at church we had an awesome experience where that member came up to us and thanked us so much for what we taught her and encouraged her to do. She had an amazing Spiritual experience that helped her understand how to study more effectively. It was one of those moments I just praised God and thanked him. It is so cool to see promises you make as a missionary come true in the life's of people you teach. This was my week! Another decent one for the books!
Love you all!
Elder Sopal signing off.

Transfer 8 Week 4: Shelving and Small Miracles

One of my fav zone leaders and prev comp! Elder Adam's

Well I look decent in the mornings haha

Well this week was slow investigator wise. But we were able to see other successes. On Monday we went over to the Cepada's as we had our prep day moved and so we worked on their house! It was actually a lot of fun. In the morning we went out for breakfast at the quaint little cafe. Than we went and put up electrical boxes in the house and cleaned up some more. Plus as usually we had some delicious food. I feel like this transfer I have gained all my weight from the Cepada's haha.

My working outfit for the house! I think I look pretty good with a tool belt. We failed with the taking of it
That evening we went and dropped by some people by not to many were interested. Oh well the life of a missionary :). Tuesday was our Preparation Day as we had a holiday on Monday. So we got a lot accomplished. For dinner we went over to the Thomas's an awesome younger family in our ward! They are super cool, he had served his mission in Calidonia and she was a convert to the church. They have a cute little guy who is 18 months old! They both speak french and she is from Montreal so she has a huge accent. I honestly really like the language of French. It is something that I want to learn to speak one day! I don't think I could ever pick up the accent haha I am awful with accents.

Then we had to drive out to Barrie! A three hour drive and it got quite dark here quite fast. So Elder Tinney and I settled in for some long car ride tunes as we usually do! We were heading to Barrie for Zone Training. It was nice as we got to stay with the Zone Leaders and have a sleep over. Elder Orr is one of our zone leaders and he came to sleep with me out in the living room. He kept me up all wayyyy too late haha. As a missionary you learn to treasure sleep. He is actually from Alberta so we pulled the do you know game.

Zone training was an awesome experience. We went over 'How to begin teaching' out of PMG (Preach My Gospel) and also just how when we start off in our appts we can use this tool to teach about our Savior, Jesus Christ. Some of the bullet points and what we share is how the Gospel and following Jesus can improve the quality of your life. It is so true that as we pattern our lives and live the gospel it will help us overcome any personal concerns or problems we may have. Our message that we share as missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is centered in and upon Christ. His Atonement is what makes everything possible.  I have gained great appreciation and love for the Atonement. It has carried me this transfer and for the past year of my mission. It has helped the people I teach receive forgiveness for their sins and mistakes. I love testifying of the Atonement because I have felt its redemptive power and healing power. I know anybody who wishes to remove feelings of guilt and shame will be replaced with forgiveness and peace. I love my Savior and am so grateful for the sacrifice he made for all of us.
Our zone!

At Zone meeting we tried to get a good picture of all of us but it failed several times haha. We gave up and just did it with two cameras. Missionaries and their pictures haha. Than we travelled back home. Longest drive EVER. That evening we went to the Ripley's place for dinner. They were having a youth BBQ. It was good as we got to met a less active youth named Ashley. She ended up coming to church the following Sunday! I love activities where you get people who do not attend regularly and than you invite them and they start to feel the love and come back. That evening we had an appt with a new invs Mitch but he had to cancel sadly. :(oh well.

This is what I did all Saturday!
Thursday we went and did service for Bro Dunning. We taught Elder Tinney how to use drills and to put up shelves for food storage. It was a fun time getting to do some more service. I miss building things missed doing service for the first part of my mission. These last two areas have been HUGE for service and have helped me to just get to work and go into my do not stop till the job is finished mode. I guess I have been blessed with an ability to serve hard haha.

Friday was slow and we did a lot of phone calling and visiting a few people on our potential list. Saturday was a good day. We went back out to the Cepada's we were asked to come out at 9 but we did not have breakfast till 12 haha. We went and got there truck and helped get lunch ready. Then we also finished putting in the electrical boxes and set up a ton of the wiring upstairs! It has been awesome to see the progress on the house every week. Sergio, Ali and I have a ton of fun fooling around and working hard. It was overall a good day. Sergio is still planning on coming out to Alberta haha. He joked about buying a ticket and coming home the same time as me and coming off the plane with me! So we might just do that haha. I LOVE the Cepada's they are like another family too me!

Sunday was good. I always enjoy going to church and feeling the Spirit. I got to pass the sacrament which I have not done since I was like 15 haha. FOREVER ago. It was an awesome experience and brought back a lot of good memories. We had a full class in Gospel Principles of members, less active and recent converts and sadly no invs :( maybe next time! We talked about charity and at the end of it I realized I had treated it as a District Meeting and gone into District leader mode in the class. The RM Josh laughed and pointed it out at the end. We all had a good laugh. I left them two commitments which I will leave to you. First, follow these steps; pray and look for opportunities to serve, then just do it when you see it. Second, is to study the live of Jesus Christ and all the instances where he showed charity towards his brothers and sisters. I promise you if you will do this you will develop the attributes of Charity and become more like the Savior in this.

These are the shelves we built at the dunnings
One more interesting note from this week! So early on in the week I had an impression that I would have to help out in some way at this Special leadership meeting next week and lo, and behold, come Thursday after we left Bro. Dunnings we got a call from the Assistants and they asked for me. All I have to say is that the Spirit is real and God does talk to us! Elder Tinney and I looked towards the heavens and was like wow that was cool after the cool haha. It was a funny had to be there moment. Anyways :) lesson is to always follow Spiritual promptings.
Well everyone I love you!
Have an awesome week! Peace :)

Transfer 8 Week 3

Hey ya!
Well this week has been actually not to bad! I have enjoyed the beautiful weather and loved every day I get to wake up and clip on my name tag. It is the best feeling clipping that name tag on your white shirt and putting on the tie. It has helped me soo much and to find a greater purpose. Through serving almost a year now, I have come to know that I have been called of a Prophet of God to come here. I would not come or have chosen anywhere else. I love Ontario dearly and all the people here. I have been reassured that this Prophet and what I am out here doing is what God wants me to do. I have come to be able to notice God's hand in all that I do. As I have encourage you before I would invite you again. Start keeping a journal and record what happens in your day and how you have seen God's hand. This is an excerpt from President Eyring's talk, Oh Remember, Remember. This illustrates the importance of record keeping and shares some of the joys that can come from it. I have gone every day without fail and have been so blessed for it.

"I wrote down a few lines every day for years. I never missed a day no matter how tired I was or how early I would have to start the next day. Before I would write, I would ponder this question: “Have I seen the hand of God reaching out to touch us or our children or our family today?” As I kept at it, something began to happen. As I would cast my mind over the day, I would see evidence of what God had done for one of us that I had not recognized in the busy moments of the day. As that happened, and it happened often, I realized that trying to remember had allowed God to show me what He had done.
More than gratitude began to grow in my heart. Testimony grew. I became ever more certain that our Heavenly Father hears and answers prayers. I felt more gratitude for the softening and refining that come because of the Atonement of the Savior Jesus Christ. And I grew more confident that the Holy Ghost can bring all things to our remembrance—even things we did not notice or pay attention to when they happened.
My point is to urge you to find ways to recognize and remember God’s kindness. It will build our testimonies. You may not keep a journal. You may not share whatever record you keep with those you love and serve. But you and they will be blessed as you remember what the Lord has done. You remember that song we sometimes sing: “Count your many blessings; name them one by one, And it will surprise you what the Lord has done."

I love this talk as it has helped me to learn what to write and what I can do to help my posterity and myself.

So this week was pretty good. Wednesday was an awesome day. We got to go to Pizza Hut for lunch with the Cepada's. Then we went and did some drop bys and than went out to visit a less active member named Bro. Laurin. He is an older gentleman who lost his wife a few years ago. We have been able to met with him a couple of times and he has started coming back to church and we are slowly building a good relationship with him. Then Cyndie our other awesome member who we are working with left to Alberta! We are going to miss her sooooo much! We stopped by on Thursday and just chatted with her and said good  byes and taught her one last time. She gave us one last parting gift which was some delicious Zucchini with pineapple and  bananas! It was soooo good!

Early on that morning we had District Meeting over the phone. In all honestly it was so weird talking and teaching the phone. I hate conference calls haha. But it was good as we discussed How we help our invs understand the role of the invs in their lives and even in our own. It is so important that we prepare ourselves for the Holy Ghost and strive to make sure we are doing all we can to increase its influence in our life. Then it will be brought in more through your testimonies, sharing experiences, and using the scriptures. This is how we help people experience and to become converted is by helping them feel the spirit.

 Then that afternoon we had physio and went out to the Ripley's. They are still an awesome family and I love the Spirit at there home! Such an example to me for what I want things to look like when I get home. Than we had an awesome drive home into the sun! Thursday we had gone over to the Kuezak's place and had some really good chili. After for the Spiritual thought we discussed how we can increase the influence of the Spirit in our lives and so I challenge you to do that too! Find a way to help draw the Spirit into your life and keep on doing it. For me it was recording what I learned in my studies from the scriptures!

Saturday We went out to the Cepada's. Our job was working on the i beam and so it turned out that everyone ditched and it was just me scrubbing it and cleaning it off. It took a long time to do it but finally it was done. I was so tired but it was worth it! Now it looks as good as new! Sunday was church and that was spent hanging out with the Dunnings. Bro Dunning is AWESOME. He told us A ton of stories about before he was a member and boy after a hard week it brightened my day!!! It was a good finish to my week. So this week we had two cool experiences. The first one was we were out tracking and we had not yet found any invs this week so we said a prayer and we then proceeded to walk down the street. A guy and his girlfriend called us over and started to talk to us about their lives and religion! It was an awesome experience to be able to teach and testify to them of God's plan and how they can strengthen their relationship through the Gospel. It was an answer to my prayers.

Then the second was a result of District Meeting. We were out talking to people and we came to this one person who was not really interested but as I bore my testimony to them of the Restoration we saw their heart soften right in front of us. It was a very spiritual moment for me and the person was touched but did not want to learn more. It really helped me more than anything. A mission is for helping others but most importantly yourself. I know this is true and I love my mission! I would not trade it for anything else!

Love you all and have an awesome week!
Elder Sopal

Transfer 8 Week 1 & 2

Looking Smart as an Elder

Hey ya'll
Soooo sorry I did not write last week. I forgot to click the send button so I have included it in this week's letter. So last week here are some of the highlights! So Tuesday we did a little bit of finding. Then we went and had lunch.We then went and visited Bro. Riche. He is doing okay but is struggling with just being in rehab and is struggling to gain hope that he will recover. I dislike this situation because there is not much I can do about this and I still have trouble handle situations that are out of my control.

Then we called a bunch of people when we got home and set up a few appts. Sadly most of our appts bombed this week. It was another slow week. Then came Wednesday and we had to tidy up our appt and do a deeper clean than we thought as we always have people coming to look at our apartment! It is getting a little annoying but helps us to be clean.
Another pretty picture for you all to enjoy

Wednesday morning we finished our studies at the church and went to go pick up Ken to go take him to Cyndie! It was another great lesson. We discussed her concerns and showed her  and We gave her a few videos to watch and a few things to watch. We had a really good time discussing how our next prophet is called and talked about Joseph Smith. Along with talking about forgiveness. We found out that after we left and the day after she actually spent all day watching a ton of the videos and had an awesome experience with them.

Our wonderful member Cyndie had the real sword from Robin Hood! We held it and played with it! I have a new respect for people that carry huge swords on movies. They are heaveyyyy!
After we took off to Sauble and Elder Tinney did his physio. Then we did some tracting and contacting out in Southampton and Port Elgin until dinner with the Ripley's. It was a fun night as their kids are super energentic. That family understands their roles as missionaries! It was so awesome to see them with a family plan to share the gospel and a working names list that every family home evening they would make assignments and goals to help these individuals learn more about the gospel! I was sooooo impressed! It made me cry a little :) I cannot wait to be like them in my missionary efforts when I get home. I cannot wait to help the missionaries back at home haha. For all you families and friends reading this. Strive to share the gospel, set goals and make plans to help you do so. Then re-evulate and re visit your list every so often. Always try to think of people you can share with!

Thursday we had dinner with the Martin's and it was fun talking with them. Than we also weekly planned and had lunch at Bro Bullocks again!

Friday was a bit of finding, finishing off weekly planning and that was honestly about it. It has been a rather slow week and we were able to teach some people which I will talk about at the end of this update :). Saturday we have been on pause with building the house and become a farmer. We saddled up the baler and hooked up the trailers and went out into the fields. It was so much fun chewing my grass and just enjoying the beautiful weather. Plus Sis Cepada ALWAYS give us some amazing delicious food so all the work we do is well rewarded. We picked up bails and than had dinner and ventured home.

Sunday was really good as we found out that this Friday both of our converts are going to the Temple and we get to go too! It was actually really funny Curtis one of our invs showed up for church but first we had to go and rescue him as he could not find the place. That was yet another first for me. Than we were back at the Cepada's for dinner again.
Yup that was our week!

Old picture from Canada Day chilling with some of the best members ever!!!
Well now onto what is fresh in my mind!  Monday was sweet! We got to go over to Cyndie's for some delicious southern fried chicken with some delicious mushroom friend rice!!! Mmmmmm! It was awesome to also get to met with Mike her husband. They told us about how they met and are working on strengthening their relationship because of the messages we shared with them and the videos they watched. Mike is a non-member and we hope one day to be able to teach him. It was nice to hear some of their love story! I love old married couples!

After that appt we than had to travel out to Collingwood to met up with the Zone Leaders for exchanges. Elder Adams came to Owen Sound with me! Our exchange was spent reminiscing about the past times in Niagara and Windsor. Tuesday was our work day! We went out tracting and contacting in the morning and met some awesome people and got a ton of potentials. We met this one guy named Dane who is super awesome! We had an appt set up with him but he got called into work! Erg silly work.

Then we went out to Port Elgin to go teach Sidney and Whitney a daughter and mother who is less active and we hope to help her daughter get baptized! We brought Adam a youth and he was awesome! We have been bringing him out a lot with us teaching and he has enjoyed it a lot I think. It has been nice being able to have youth who have not to much experience teaching with the Elder's and training them to do it. They really follow the Spirit and teach from the heart because they cannot do to much else! I love listening to the thoughts and ideas they share with the investigators. It was an awesome lesson and they both committed to church. After that we went and did some more tracting and found more ppl. It was such a productive day. After we went and found a nice old guy named Rick who was super awesome! We love teaching him. He was really nice and sincere so we shared the Plan of Salvation with him and he wanted his wife to hear about it too.

After we got to met another YSA recent convert who was in our phone and we had no idea who she was. So we met up and found out she was from Kitchener and she told us about herself and her conversion story started with, "Hey I like your backpack!" I think that is the best start to a conversion story! There is a lot more to it and some giving up of chocolate along the way to only find out we still eat chocolate but she got baptized! It was fun to chat with her. After we went to the Laivio's. Dinner was delicious and we got more free ice cream! Their daughter works at Chapman's ice cream! That evening we took Elder Adams back home and boy it was a sad evening. We wanted it to last a little while longer. At least I did. Wednesday we had our weekly physio appt where I sit happily in the waiting room and read a book or write in my journal. I have been quite pleased with myself as I have written everyday of my mission so far except 3 haha.
working away with Bro. Cepeda

So this pole is an i beam for holding up a house! It was black before I started. Now it is nice and clean!
Then we went out to lunch with the Cepada's. After our late lunch it was time to go met Aaron at the Family History center. We were going to teach him about family history work. It was cool to get him all set up! He loved the idea of it and was excited to get started so he can take family names to the temple. Thursday came and we had an awesome morning. So Josh an RM who just recently got back came out with us to do splits. So Elder Tinney and Bro bullock went to go teach Cyndie while we went finding. We found a few more potentials and I got to see an RM in action! He is sooooo awesome at contacting and talking with people. I was glad to see he still had it and it was funny as he first introduced himself as Elder Kuezak but then he remembered he was released. After that morning of some good solid work we met back up and took everybody home and were back to weekly planning. That evening we got to go have a picnic with the Kuezak's at Harrison Park. It was a lovely little Park and really nice too! It was fun to visit with them and hear more about their lives. They are soooo awesome and than the boys showed up and we all chatted back and forth.
After our time in the Temple we got with Bro. Bullock and Aaron and took a Photo!

Friday we went back out to teach Sidney and Whitney sadly Sidney was not able to be there so we just taught her mom. But it was another solid lesson and they were still good for church. We got to met with Rick too but no wife yet :(. Than after we got home we got into the car with Aaron our RC and ventured up to Brampton to go to the Toronto Temple!!!! I was soooooo excited to go to the Temple. We had both Ken and Aaron there. We arrived a little bit late but got to do some Temple work for people and then just sit quietly in the House of the Lord. It was such an amazing Spirit and time. I MISSED the Temple sooo much! For all you who are at home! Always strive to go to the Temple as much as you can! I am so jealous all of you can go when you want. I treasured that night and felt the Spirit so strongly. It was a nice spiritual boast that enabled me to come closer to my Father in Heaven. It was one of the happiest moments of my life seeing my converts in white! :). Good day!

None other than the famous golden arches with Silken and Aaron and my wonderful comp!
After that we drove back home after getting McDs and went right to bed. Saturday we were back at the Cepada's doing bailing and fixing a bunch of things around the farm! It has been a reall educational day every saturday as we always do something different. Sergio was not here as he was at a YSA conf so we hung out with President Cepada and Ali. Plus in the morning we got to go on an adventure to visit the Amish! It was cool to go and meet some of them and get to know these families a little more. It is so neat how a lot of the people out here buy stuff from their neighbors instead of from the store. Whether it be pies, veggies, fruit, eggs, they just get it from one another. I like this way of doing it a lot better and it tastes a lot better for ya. Plus you do not have to deal with all the additives the store puts in! EWWW.

Sunday came and we had unfortunately no one at church :( ppl who said they would did not show up and it killed me. Erg oh well I always got next week! We will just try that much harder. It saddens me when people we teach do not keep commitments but helps me to just try to help them that much more. We got to have dinner at the Buttineau's and boy was it good. Last night after dinner we went to visit our Ward mission leader and chat with him and his family the Cepada's again. We have spent a lot of time with them lately haha. They are pretty much family! Elder Tinney left us with a great Spiritual thought which the Cepada's asked him to teach to their kids Sergio and Ali and me haha. It was about marriage and marrying in the covenant. He just helped us to understand the importance of it haha We all had a good laugh after. This week was good as we got to teach a little more and found some more people to do so with. We hope this week and the ones to come will just keep getting better. I am still loving it out here and every week I feel like I have taken 100 steps in the right direction! I am so excited for what this next week will hold as this past week was awesome! Def an awesome experience the temple was the highlight!
Well everyone I love you all! have an awesome week
Elder Sopal.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Transfer 7: Week 6

Hey all!

Well here we are at the last week of the transfer. I have enjoyed my time serving in the Sound so much that God has blessed me with being here for another 6 weeks.

So on the Monday we just hung around and chilled. So this week I am going to re count the high lights of the week. Not too much to report on. Tuesday brought a little more fun! It was pouring and we lost a piece of our car on the road so we went back to find it but could not! haha it had disappeared somewhere  and was no wear to be found. So we came back and knocked a few doors in the rain before heading back for lunch. We taught Cyndie again today and had an awesome lesson with her! It was so cool to help her recognize how the Spirit works with her and how she can receive and recognize her answers that God has given her. She was so grateful for us and how she realized her answers. We had two lessons like this and she now wants to really dive into the Book of Mormon and do her part to find out if it is true! We had lessons with Lishui too this week. We were able to teach with Bro. Kuezak. It was sooo nice to have a member who knows his stuff and could teach with us instead of just ask them questions. It made our job easier and helped us to team teach haha. We went to the Laviove's for dinner on Wednesday. We had some really good Chili. We even got some delicious ice cream too! So for the past few nights I have been having a midnight snack. haha Its bad but man it is soo good!

Anyways we did an awesome Spiritual thought involving a scarf and you have to tie it and you cannot let go of it! The principle is how prayer can really do anything and how through prayer anything is possible.It took them awhile to figure it out but they did. It is truly amazing how prayer it and how simple it really is yet how it really does work. I have a strong testimony of the power of prayer. I have been delivered from the states of loneliness, depression, confusion, temptation. I am so grateful for the time I have to pray each and every day and for any of you who struggle or are lost I would invite you and exhort you that ye would kneel down and pray to your Loving Heavenly Father for the help that you stay in need of. The help that He wants so badly to give you. We had gone back to the hospital several times to visit Bro Rich and he is still not doing so good. We hope he will recover and become the jolly old man he was! Elder Tinney went and finally got an x ray and some tests done. he does not have cancer. Yet he still is in a lot of pain haha so we are confused about what exactly is going on with him haha. We hope to get it figured out soon! We are going for a MRI soon!

Thursday was exciting as we got to met our new mission President. President Clayton and his lovely wife. It was awesome to get to know them some more and chat with them. President Clayton is really nice and pretty chill. I am excited to see what he will bring to the mission. We got to see a slideshow of some of the things that make them who they are. I will make sure next time. i get a picture with them!  Than we had a Zone meeting and ended up getting home around 9 haha. Super long day! Then Saturday we were at the Cepada's building the house. We finished doing the soffit and fashia and got her all done! Ya no more crawling on scaffolding lol. I am glad that now it is inside work to be done. Well this week was good! We had transfer calls last night and i found out I will be staying in Owen Sound for one more transfer with Elder Tinney. Guess I have some unfinished business. :) Well love all of you! Have an awesome week!