Monday, 25 August 2014

Transfer well ya know haha week 10/5

Sorry all that this did not send earlier. Things came up but here it is. Well here we are at another week's end! So on our Monday we did not see to much action but just enjoyed out day. Tuesday was a little bit better. We went out to see bro. Bullock and visited with him. He is still doing awesome and plus we finally got him his triple combination.  we introduced it to him and help him reading from the doctrine and covenants. It was fun showing him our favorites verses and going through it. Then we traveled out to Sable Beach for physio. We are finally seeing the doctor on Monday! I am so happy for elder Tinney and hope that we will be able to get him better.

We had dinner at the Ripley's. It might be the last time that we get too. The had their cousin and grandma over from Chatham. Elder Tinney enjoyed seeing them all again and brought back memories of Chatham. The Ripley's are an awesome family and their examples will serve as a reminder to me of the type of family I wish to have! I taught elder Tinney some new object lessons and he practice the atonement being applied with the cup and sucking up water one! It went really well and he did great job. I was proud :).

Then we took off to Barrie! We slept over at the cooks town place. Elder Tinney had also served here so we felt right at home. We slept well and had a good work out with elder Kiser and Munoz. Wednesday we got up early to go to New Market for the day where the district leader specialty training was at. It was such an awesome meeting! I learned so much and we discussed the importance of our role in missionary work. We learned about how to use this awesome book called 'adjusting to missionary life'. It is given to missionaries to cope with the stress of the demands of being a missionary. I found after looking through it I had done a lot of these things like writing in my journal which has kept me relatively stress and worry free. We talked about how we must love every missionary, be an example to them and follow the example of the savior, and strengthen them. We are essential in helping them become and stayed converted to the gospel. In simplicity we are there to help them in their salvation. After that it was Elder Ellis and my turn to give our instruction on helping invs to have. Kneeling prayer and to be specific in everyone. We did a way better job than I thought we did. The APs called this past Tuesday and complimented me for all the work that we put in and it really helped them in their area. I thought that was a pretty nice compliment. I have come to find such an appreciation for instructing and training missionaries! I love it. Being a teacher is fun for now.

It was nice to see president Clayton and sister Clayton. We had subway for lunch and the cookies were still as good as ever! If you ever want to bribe me get me subway cookies. After that we went into President Clayton's instruction he talked about how the attention span of the world has gone down and so he taught us about using the pamphlets more! For any of you who have not read the missionary pamphlets I would strongly encourage that you do so and study them! Plan FHE activities with them and use them. They are so simply that a child can understand them. I love this quote, " it is true intelligence for a man to take a subject that is mysterious and great in itself, and to unfold and simplify it so that a child can understand."  when we teach simply and this goes for all types of teaching whether be of the gospel or of life skills or academics we each simply and than we can help those who do not know know more. We ended off the meeting with a testimony meeting. This is where the Spirit really came into the meeting. I didn't know about this but I was asked to bear my testimony so I did. I was so overcome by the spirit I was so happy about this growing testimony that I heard myself speak. I have never felt the spirit work with me and help me to feel that strongly. Everything I testified about I felt the Spirit confirm it's truthfulness again to me. I am so grateful for experiences like these to thank my father in heaven for all that he has taught me. I love my mission and I love my Savior. I know that is it only through him we can return to our father. I know that is through the atonement of Christ which we can partake of by following His gospel. I have felt the power of the atonement constantly help me to become better and become the instrument the lord wants me to be. Without this ultimate sacrifice the world and all mankind would be lost.

 After the conference we drove back home. Longest trip ever! Thursday we went and did some tracking and contacting which was fun! Friday we had to spend all day at the dealership. When we were coming back from Barrie our car tire popped and so we hung out there till our car got fixed. Than we went to a members place for dinner. This member has been trying to make her studies more effective and spiritual. She has always struggled with being able to seek revelation from the scriptures and applying them. So we invited her to look at preach my gospel in chapter 5 at questions of the soul. We had her use one of these questions to start her studies and to read over the reference and then seek to answer the scripture and try to apply it to yourself. So we helped her to try an example one. We then left her with that and prayed that she would have a good experience.

On Saturday we went to the Cepada's and had to fix the trucks! The white one has blown the water pump and needed a new fan belt and plus the black one need repairs to the brakes. We shipped off the white one to get it fixed and focused on the black one. Haha They really can never have both trucks on the road at the same time as they always break when one of them is fixed. So President Cepada and I put the brakes back together and we both "think" we did it right. Hopefully we did and they turned out alright. So than they finally had a working truck. That day their family came over cause it was Sergio's bday. It was a really really fun evening. We had a ton of laughs and I won't take up too much space on here. It was nice to be able to mix with their family and chat with them. I love the Cepada's honestly one of the sweetest families ever. Sergio and Ali and I went driving around to in the new truck and we had a good time. Man great memories.

On Sunday at church we had an awesome experience where that member came up to us and thanked us so much for what we taught her and encouraged her to do. She had an amazing Spiritual experience that helped her understand how to study more effectively. It was one of those moments I just praised God and thanked him. It is so cool to see promises you make as a missionary come true in the life's of people you teach. This was my week! Another decent one for the books!
Love you all!
Elder Sopal signing off.

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