Sunday, 24 August 2014

Transfer 7: Week 6

Hey all!

Well here we are at the last week of the transfer. I have enjoyed my time serving in the Sound so much that God has blessed me with being here for another 6 weeks.

So on the Monday we just hung around and chilled. So this week I am going to re count the high lights of the week. Not too much to report on. Tuesday brought a little more fun! It was pouring and we lost a piece of our car on the road so we went back to find it but could not! haha it had disappeared somewhere  and was no wear to be found. So we came back and knocked a few doors in the rain before heading back for lunch. We taught Cyndie again today and had an awesome lesson with her! It was so cool to help her recognize how the Spirit works with her and how she can receive and recognize her answers that God has given her. She was so grateful for us and how she realized her answers. We had two lessons like this and she now wants to really dive into the Book of Mormon and do her part to find out if it is true! We had lessons with Lishui too this week. We were able to teach with Bro. Kuezak. It was sooo nice to have a member who knows his stuff and could teach with us instead of just ask them questions. It made our job easier and helped us to team teach haha. We went to the Laviove's for dinner on Wednesday. We had some really good Chili. We even got some delicious ice cream too! So for the past few nights I have been having a midnight snack. haha Its bad but man it is soo good!

Anyways we did an awesome Spiritual thought involving a scarf and you have to tie it and you cannot let go of it! The principle is how prayer can really do anything and how through prayer anything is possible.It took them awhile to figure it out but they did. It is truly amazing how prayer it and how simple it really is yet how it really does work. I have a strong testimony of the power of prayer. I have been delivered from the states of loneliness, depression, confusion, temptation. I am so grateful for the time I have to pray each and every day and for any of you who struggle or are lost I would invite you and exhort you that ye would kneel down and pray to your Loving Heavenly Father for the help that you stay in need of. The help that He wants so badly to give you. We had gone back to the hospital several times to visit Bro Rich and he is still not doing so good. We hope he will recover and become the jolly old man he was! Elder Tinney went and finally got an x ray and some tests done. he does not have cancer. Yet he still is in a lot of pain haha so we are confused about what exactly is going on with him haha. We hope to get it figured out soon! We are going for a MRI soon!

Thursday was exciting as we got to met our new mission President. President Clayton and his lovely wife. It was awesome to get to know them some more and chat with them. President Clayton is really nice and pretty chill. I am excited to see what he will bring to the mission. We got to see a slideshow of some of the things that make them who they are. I will make sure next time. i get a picture with them!  Than we had a Zone meeting and ended up getting home around 9 haha. Super long day! Then Saturday we were at the Cepada's building the house. We finished doing the soffit and fashia and got her all done! Ya no more crawling on scaffolding lol. I am glad that now it is inside work to be done. Well this week was good! We had transfer calls last night and i found out I will be staying in Owen Sound for one more transfer with Elder Tinney. Guess I have some unfinished business. :) Well love all of you! Have an awesome week!

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