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Transfer 11 Week 5: December 22

Repping the tag!
Merry Christmas everybody! Well this week was pretty good! So Monday as you all know we went to Downtown Toronto and walked around having fun looking in all the Chinese shops and other stores. So I have acquired a new fav drink! The wow approved bubble tea! I do not know what it is about that but I love it sooo much! I would encourage you all if you have not had any! Get some! Soooo good! Then as we walked down the streets we had target practice with the Tapioca and signs lol.

I love riding the street cars in the city!  I would love to spend time here and it would be fun to live in the city but then I remember it's not Alberta! I miss home but it is a lot of fun here! It has actually been a SWEET winter. It has not gotten miserably cold but has stayed warm enough I only have to wear a sweater. So I am loving life!

honest eds! The crazy bargin store!
Then Tuesday we got to go to Zone Conference in my last area, North York babe! Man I got to see all the past missionaries from Scarborough area and what not! It was nice to go and see Elder Nugent again. He is doing great and really working hard to keep the area going. I am so proud of him and all that he does. My son is an example to me and I admire his desire to serve the Lord as best he can.  At Zone Conference we had a really good meeting. We had practiced more teaching plainly and simple as that is how God works. So our teaching must coincide with that and be simple so the Spirit can testify of the beautiful truth. I have seen this way of teaching simply change the power of the lesson and the understanding by whom we are teaching. The Spirit is more present and you can feel the witness of the truth as your speak. We have even been trying to have people teach it back to us and they can do it! It is neat to hear non-members teaching us about what we already know and how we feel our testimonies increase. I have been able to see people after teaching this way take it more to heart and think about it more deeply as they taught it to us.
Well what can I say the walls are starting to be appealing haha

The last little bit of Zone Conference was the Christmas portion. We got to watch the other zones as ours was not there go up and sing their Christmas songs for the other zones. The north York zone did a great piece that Elder Gunnel put together! It was amazing! He put together "Hark the Herald and angels we have heard on high". I heard our zone might of butchered theirs. Elder Landes and I joked that it was because we were not there haha.

Then that evening we travelled back to a dinner apt at the Zehrabelnys( excuse my spelling). She literally cooked a full course meal! They had woken up at 10 am and started cooking then. I was so impressed and I was floored as I tasted probs some of the best food I have had in awhile! haha. Soooo good! Made my week. For the lesson we shared the Gospel of Jesus Christ and really focused on the Sacrament. It was fun to use the methods we learned in Zone Conf for the lesson. The Spirit definitely entered into the lesson and edified all of us.

Wednesday we met with Matthew, one of the new recent converts and he is so sweet to teach. He listens so intently and will really ponder everything we saw. We are trying to help him work towards receiving the Priesthood. he is starting to feel more confident. That night we went over to a family and well they are on the less active side it was crazy as they almost gave us alcohol! haha
Going for PHO with Elder Cowley!

So this is one of my new fav dishes! it is called PHO, it is Vietnamese.
Thursday was another good day as we have been playing basketball with some of the guys and have been really getting to know them! They are all really nice and they are finally starting to ask us questions about what we do and the church. I hope and pray that they will be able to have a greater desire to find out more. That would be sweet if we could baptize a Priest or teacher quorum haha. After basketball we had a lesson with one of the Sisters who has not been to church in a VERY long time. Her name is Shay and she is actually pretty cool. She has three kids and is a single parent. She was quite pleased that we found her after going to stop by a former who introduced us to her. We had talked with Shay and she asked if we could go through the discussions and she wanted to start learning more about the church again. It was a sweet lesson as she gave us cake and her son Caden was there. He is a awesome lil guy! He is 12 and so they will be coming to church this week! YAYYYYY! 

Then Friday we had district meeting! It was a sweet district meeting and I was so happy to be back at it again instructing as we had a 4 week break lol. We discussed principles for contacting and also just trying to learn to fear no man. This past week I have grown in my love for the Apostle Peter and who he had become after seeing the resurrected Lord. He was truly transformed. I have received of a testimony and so why should I be not different. We have been called to both be witnesses of Christ and we are disciples of the lord, Jesus Christ. Why should we fear for Christ is with us and will not forsake us.

The crew down in Toronto!
Then Friday evening we went to basketball again as we missed it last week and we had to cancel it. So we actually had a less active and non- member come out! They are awesome, their names are Donte, Karry, and they are both non-members and Carry is engaged to Tracey, a less active sister. They are a sweet family and I am excited to start working with them! Saturday was just a relaxing day and then Sunday was sweet as some of the members brought us some Christmas gifts. This last week was a great week in Weston! Well I love you all!!

Love Elder Sopal!

Elder Cowley and my last exchange! I love this man!

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beautiful sun sets in Toronto!

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