Saturday, 31 January 2015

Transfer 12 Week 4: Fancy Dinners and "Elder" Fraith

This is how we do it out in the mission field haha! had to dry my pants lol..

Landlord Demitri makes us some awesome snacks! i have been craving chocolate lately lol

Hey all!

Well this week was pretty good! Monday we spent most of the day actually playing basketball! Man it is so much fun just playing till your heart is content. I get so much stress and my worries out as I just play and let my mind go into the game. Tuesday was a sweet day! So on Monday I had called this guy whom I thought was named Rick haha but his name was actually Greg. I had met him on the bus and had started off our conversation about the weather haha and how he looked like he was freezing then he had to take off and what not but I had gotten his number. I had told him, well asked as we discussed Jesus Christ if he knew that Christ came to the America's and he said, "Whattttt how is that possible haha?". His face and reaction was priceless. So anyways we finally set up a appt and in the morning we went over to his place. However he did not answer as we did not know he lived in the basement. So we went back home only to get called by him saying he wanted us there right now haha. He was sad and thought we were not going to show up. So we went over and taught him of the Restored gospel. It was such an awesome lesson. The Spirit was strong as we bore simply testimony of restored truth and answered his questions as we went through the lesson. His questions were always leading us to the next principle or help him to accept a commitment. It was a really cool experience. After the lesson we went to leave but he was like nah your going to stay for lunch haha. So we got to eat lunch with him and get to know him better. He is an awesome brother from Nigeria and has been here since April. He is working till he can get enough money for his family to come over. I find this is the case with a lot of people here. One thing I am so grateful for this past week is to be born in this amazing country.

 Then in the evening we met with Cadaen and talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Sister Shay had invited one of our former invs over, Donna, whom is of the Bahia faith. She had a lot of questions and believed that the Quran, Torah, Bible, Book of Mormon, and the Guitta all taught the same thing with little difference. She had also denied that Christ was the actual son of God. I do not think there is a time when I have actually been a little bit taken back by someone denouncing Christ. But I have come to love Christ so much that my testimony caused something to burn within me. I had to explain and testify strongly of how Jesus is the Christ and he is the only begotten of the Father. I know that because I have grown in my personal relationship with him. It was a good experience as the Spirit helped to strengthen everybody's testimony of the truth. Everyone in that room bore witness that Jesus Christ was the ONLY one who could perform the Atonement. Cadaen was not shaken by any of the questions or Anti she mention! He did want to move his date to another one. It was sad that he did want to wait but I was proud of him. Later on that week. We got a text from Shay that told us that Cadaen had come up to her and was like Mom i got great news. I am ready to go on a mission! I wanna be Elder Fraith haha! He wanted to be baptized on the 8th and that was the date God helped him to pick. Now he owns that date even more! 

One more cool experience for you all! Bro. Jeffery whom we have been teaching for about 10 weeks and have been not reading or praying. He basically was not keeping any commitments. We went over expecting that he did not again and prepared to read with him when we got in we found out the he had read all the way up to 1 Nephi 10! I was astonished! That is so awesome. We were both so happy and he had some great questions like the route that Lehi and his family took from Jerusalem to the sea shore from whence they left. If you all have any info to put in to that questions feel free to email me! He asked about the fruits of Joseph Smith and also some other really good questions! he is an awesome old guy and we are going to help him to come unto Christ. 

Elder Parker and I on exchanges, i cook some good food for him! Good ol' tuna casserole!
One of our fancy sit down meals! We loved it!
So this week was our week of fancy dinners haha! It was really really good! We cooked fajitas, chicken mederio, hurry chicken, and a lot of other things! I feel a lot better then just eating lame sandwich haha! Plus I had exchanges with Elder Parker too! That was fun! Well everyone I love you all! I hope your all staying warm! Just so you know the address which you mail stuff to has been changed so as of Feb 21 please send things to this address:  1624  Wanless Drive, Brampton  ON L7A 0A7.


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