Saturday, 17 January 2015

Oct 20: Letter to Mom

my new suit

 Hey mom!!!
Thanks for the email. Idk why but it really got me emotional :). I miss you a lot! I am kinda excited but also not excited that in less than 11 months I will be back home haha. I cannot wait to see all of you again! It has been forever! 
Man I got a cool preparedness sheet from Sis. Cepada for like emergency kits and everything haha. I am excited to start doing my own survival prep and emergency stuff when I get home haha. Gonna build my secret bunker in the mountains too! 
Ya I think I am doing okay with everything, thanks for thinking about me :). There is a store going outta business so I think I might get another nice pants cause they are selling NICE pants that are like $100 for 20 haha. I need a hair cut soon :P. And well idk why but I wanna win something so we as a district have our district lunches at McDs now and are all playing monopoly game haha. I have won a $50 dollar thingy and also almost have all the major cash prizes I only need one more of each haha. 
The Toronto stake center is boss! just some random ones Ill send more pictures later.
I think I am doing okay spiritual haha. I still have a long ways to go till conversion but I feel like I have made a lot of good steps. I try to keep them up beat and positive even if we did have a hard week. There is always something to be learned even if the work is going slow! Oh ya glass is sooooo half full never half empty or even empty :P. Ya haha I have found there is always more you can stand to learn about someone! Well I never really involved you in my Spiritual growth too too much which was a poor decision I wish I could have been more open talking about Spiritual things with you. That will be different when I get home! 
Man good ol weddings. I miss going to those haha ppl tell me my new suit looks super stylish :P President Clayton said he liked it haha so I guess it is okay! But man I feel so good in it! I have started my year of sexxyy haha! It is where you eat better and less and work out every morning :P. Kissing my muffin tops good bye! 
No you did not tell me your back in school! Nice mom! That is soo cool your doing this course! Is it online? On our thanks giving day we went over to Bro. and Sis Brigdalal and they laughed at how young you were :P they were like man we could be your parents haha. Thanksgiving was fun but never the same without my actually family. 
The district! 
You know we never really did talk to much about my patriarchal blessing. Idk i feel kinda sometimes like God has way too much trust in me or just wants me to find out the rest of the questions I have by revelation and just doing it. My blessing said a few things but it did not answer a lot of the big questions and did not even talk about my mission. It has been interesting listening to the parts of theirs my companions that have told me a bit of theirs. I try to not let jealousy or feeling like God loves them more play in. Ya man scriptures are sooo important. I honestly cannot wait to start institute when I get home! I love the scripture in 3 Nephi 13. It is truly a great blessing that comes from the Gospel.

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