Saturday, 17 January 2015

Transfer 12: Week 2

Hey everybody!

Well this week was actually a little bit chilly. It was quite a slow week. We thought it was going to turn out a lot better then it has but that's okay you need some tough weeks to appreciate the good ones. Elder Hatch and I had a great experience and re commitment to do better and talk to as many ppl as we can each and everyday! So far we have been doing great today! We have already chatted to about 15 people and it is preparation day! It feels good being a full purpose missionary and always being a missionary no matter what you are doing.

- our new years eve dinner!
This week we had all of our appts bomb except a few. We got in some good lessons with some less active members. The highlights of last week was a lesson with Bro Yaw! He is an awesome elderly gentlemen from the Congo. We are helping him work towards going to the temple and taking out his endowment! He struggles with some health concerns and is trying to get his family over here to Canada. That would be hard being so far away from your family and being ill too. Family has really become so much to me and everything to me. I could not live without my family and cannot wait to have my own family down the road. In our lives that is what we are all working towards is having families that we can take into the eternities with us. I hope and pray that he will be able to get his family here.

We had a great discussion with Sister Risley and Cadaen. Bro Nimy came with us who is from Nigeria. He is a bfg (big friendly giant) haha he stands about 6'3ish. He is such a quiet and soft spoken brother but has so many good experiences. I love him and have really come to feel in a real sense I am here working among my spirit brothers and sisters. Bro Nimy told this wonderful family of how he put his faith in God and how his relationship with God has grown. He shared some of the miracles in his life too. It was so amazing how the Spirit filled the room as we taught in unity with the member. It really does pay off having a member at lessons. I have a strong testimony of helping people to be prepared to teach in unity together. It is so true that without unity the Spirit cannot be present or it will be hard for the Spirit to work. In life we must seek for this unity in our families, work relations, and other relations we have. Cadaen is so excited to get baptized! he is super excited for Feb 1! He has already invited some of his family and friends. His mom has also. They have been reading and praying together a lot more now and the Spirit is so much stronger in their home. Sister Risley has been reading like a fiend haha. She has read all three books of Nephi and has seen such a dramatic increase in her testimony. It is amazing that even after years of not being in the church or reading much scriptures how reading from the Book of Mormon every night can change you and bring the Spirit back into your life.

This past week we had Skills and Interviews. We had a really good meeting. I love the Spirit that comes from the meetings. Over the last little while I have really learned the principle of simplicity and how God works by it and Christ taught by it and his gospel is as such. So we must teach it like that too. I love how simple the gospel is that even an 8 year old can feel the joy that comes from following Jesus Christ and then someone who is aging up there has such a strong testimony of the Gospel and hearing what it has done for them is amazing. Consider the progression and the conversion that has taken place in your life and it will amaze you how far you have come. I know that I have come a long way. I am so excited for this coming week as we are privilege to hear from Elder Oaks as he will be visiting our mission this Saturday. I am so excited to hear his remarks and feel so privileged to have now met a few members of the quorum of the 12 Apostles. Well everybody have an awesome week! Love you all! 

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