Wednesday, 9 October 2013

When the work is slow... find a pet squirrel!

So here is my weekly report! We have been trying to find more people to teach but it is hard we have talked to over 600 people and tracked in the pouring rain for two days. It was great i found out my camel back wasn't on properly and so my pants ended up drenched haha it was awful!!!! However the contents of my bag remained dry. Elder Koceja and I have been getting alone great! We are walking and talking to everyone. We have tracked and knocked on 2 of the areas out of 6 so four more to go! We haven't had a huge crazy amount of success however we are still fulfilling our purpose as missionaries which is to " Invite all to come unto Christ". It can be hard dealing with rejection at first we have had people chase us on bikes and run after us. We have had several encounters with people yelling at us and all that good stuff! People are so friendly when you are on the Lord's errand! haha. Now it has become a sort of game and also fun to get rejected! even though it does hurt a bit!
We have been teaching two different investigators both are elder folk! One is named Joseph and he is blind and the other is Ken. Both are well versed in religion and have a amazing relationship with God. We are excited to teach both of them this week and help both work towards their baptismal dates. It is hard trying to help people see and understand the importance of our message. Some people just do not want to listen. However I have come to love all the people here in Windsor and they are all great people. 
My comp and the other Elders staying with us are having such a blast at night! We laugh the night away enjoying each others company and talking about random crazy things. 

Some funny stories from this week are for one when I went on Exchanges with Elder Cowley him and Elder Minors have pet Squirrels named Pete and Sarah who they feed peanut butter. Then they would try to catch them and shoot them with nerf darts! And they never stopped coming back. Then when the squirrels finally had enough of being teased Pete crawled up onto the screen and peed on Elder Cowley lol. It was so funny when we heard about it.

Our companionship is strong and we teach in unity since my comp is district leader he has to do exchanges with all the elders so i get to do that too and go teach with all the other elders. So it has been interesting being put with other elders and trying to learn how they teach the first time teaching haha. In our apartment we have no privacy haha they always unlock the door when I am showering lol. No we have not had much more success :/ the work is progressing i think but it is slow. I am starting to feel a little bit discouraged but it is okay. 

Well first let me tell you there is no routine lol. Our apartment complex smells a bit funny lol but it is alright! It is pretty comfy. I am settling in as much as I can. Yesterday we accidentally broke the sliding door as we locked out Elder Ward outside! Well our blankets are alright our apartment is hotter than sin! sometimes but I am sure as winter approaches it will get a bit colder my blanket is like the one with the polar bear you have. Yes i got the tims card! and it is useful! We are going shopping today and buying food! We usually eat eggs, sandwiches, kd, and cereal! If you want you could send money for walmart but doesn't matter. They are feeding us a little bit. once a weekish maybe.

At conference this Saturday and Sunday the ward here is sooooo small! The first session it was us and the 6 missionaries almost out numbered members there was 6 at the morning session, 16 in the afternoon, 24 Sunday morning, and 11 the Sunday afternoon. I loved The talks at conference it was purely inspiration and I have created so many goals for myself! Conference made me feel so much closer to you back home! Conference was so good! They laid down the law!   I missed eating your special dinner at conference I was so sad! All i have been eating here is timmies, sandwhiches, eggs, or cereal or kd haha. great diet eh ;). It was cool to think that I was doing the same thing as a lot of you! 

Well idk what else to tell or write haha ill try to take some notes on what to write for next letter time ill be writing next wednesday which is our new pday for one week because of thanksgiving.

The district!!!
Elder ganowsky, elder Sopal, Elder carter, Elder Cowley, Elder Minors, ElderWard, Elder Koceja, Elder Tinney, Elder Steele, Elder DeWaal

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