Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 16 Week 1

Well Hey ya,
So another transfer yet again. You know they just do not seem to slow down. If anybody knows how to stop time or freeze it please let me know. This last week was our transfer and so Monday we went to Ossington to sign the journals and play some sports. It was a good time and I was chatting with Elder Fischer and was like man they just need to send you over to hang out with me for your last week. Lo, and behold we got a call from the Assistants in the evening and found out that Elder Fischer would be staying with us! YAY!! I was so happy. The Spirit of Prophesy is true haha.

So Tuesday we got together and we just started working hard. We hit the ground running this transfer. We found 6 new people to teach and work with and have just been on fire. Elder Tuahivaatonohiti has language study so I will be taking advantage of that and working on my Spanish. Plus getting some good reading done! We had a good English class as we go to have class C with us too. I love teaching English. I have learned that it really can be hard for people but as they put in the effort it becomes a lot easier. It is fun to give them assignments to read over from the friend, ensign, or the New Era. We went over to visit Chen one of my fav people! She is a great lady from Trinidad. Her grand daughter, Sudhana was there and it was awesome as we got to chat more with her and re visit with her when she was taught by the missionaries. She accepted to begin to reading the Book of Mormon again. She is awesome and is a cool girl. I do not think that she will progress very fast but she knows what is important and has a desire to learn to see what it does have to offer which is great. Elder Fischer loved visiting with Chen and chatting with them as he LOVES people from Trinidad. By the end of our time together he had gotten us a dinner appt for Friday haha. I was excited. We also found a cool Portuguese girl whom we passed of to the Port Elders. Hopefully they are able to met and help her. She was sweet! It is so much fun having three people just contact everybody on the bus haha. Wednesday we met with Julius whom is a wonderful young guy from the Philippines. He has gotten away from the religion within his life but as we talked with him he made a decision to try to see how our message could help his relationship with God. In the evening we finally got to go out with President Depat to go and visit the Mejia family! I was so happy to finally go out with someone from Ward Council. We had a great lesson just sharing experiences of how the gospel can help us as individuals and as families. We also taught Dimitri this week too! He is sweet guy from Russia. I love his accent haha it is so sick. He has shown a lot more interest and desire now that we have talked with him more openly about our faith. He agreed to read the Book of Mormon and even to come to church! We were so excited. In the appt June started getting all excited and set up a return appt for the following evening haha. He will be one that needs some work but it is a pleasure to teach him and discuss the Gospel with him.

On Friday it was a great time eating some yummy Roti. Esther was also there and so we visited for a long while just talking about her concerns and you know its hard when someone does not want to progress or has felt the Spirit and yet holds off on those blessings. I know she had felt the Spirit and she had known it to and yet she still just could not accept it. I hope and pray one day though that she will remember that Spirit and continue with the gospel. I have come to love Chen's family so much they are so kind and great people. It is interesting on how the mission we meet so many people yet we do really develop amazing friendships for the short time we spend with these people. I do not feel that these bonds or friendships could be created if this was not the work of the Lord. Saturday we taught Jean the Baptist haha. I pray that Jean will receive an answer to his prayers that our message is true so we could say that we baptized Jean the baptist haha. It would be sweet! He is a nice guy and Elder T spoke french to himm! It is amazing how the Lord knows his work and the people that we work with and how he places certain people to be taught by certain people. On Sunday we had Sudhana and Dimitri at church! They enjoyed it despite the length. We were so close to standards this week! SOOOO close haha. 

I loved this week. I have felt the Spirit in a lot of our lessons and I can feel my testimony continuing to grow stronger as I study, teach, and testify more of the gospel. I find our lessons getting more spiritual and the person shows that they can feel something is there and is different. It is so neat to watch the Spirit work with somebody. Missionary work is the best when accompanied by the Spirit! Well all I hope you have a great week. I love you all!

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