Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 14 week 3

I love Toronto!
elder Johnson leaving me :(
Well everybody this was an interesting week! So to start off with Monday. We took Elder Bowman up to the mission home and got him on his way to the Airport to go and get things taken care of for his knee back home. So now there goes another one! I loved serving with Elder Bowman. He helped me get back on track and realized what more I could do! I just have to continue to press forward and preserver. I came to love him as my brother! I hope and pray that he will be able to get back out here soon! Now on Monday I got to met up with Elder Johnson whom is from Utah! The factory itself! He is a great Elder and has been out for 8 months or else 8 transfers haha I cannot member. He is from a small place and lived on a farm. He is a small town boy. Man we laughed a ton and had a lot of fun! He stayed with me till Thursday morning than we got picked up and taken to Brampton.There I got a new companion. Elder Fischer! He is waiting for a visa to go to The West Indies. He is a singer and is really into the Dramatic Arts. I have really enjoyed getting to know him the last few days. Elder Johnson helped me to get back to being optimistic and positive. He always had something funny to say or helped the situation. He helped me to continue to improve my talking with everyone and just really was a nice change.

we are doctors now!
Than Elder Fischer and I have been working like dogs! Thursday we did weekly planning, it was sweet to get back into it and help him get back into the swing of missionary work. We than went out to get some food but it was pouring and the bus took forever so we just got pizza and got to know one another more! That evening we went outside and got soaked! Oh the joy of missionary work! We got to teach Densel and helped him get started on his own family history! It literally got me so excited! I was freaking out haha. I love family history work! So Friday was our first full day. We went tracting and got into a building we shortly found out that it was all people from Sri Lanka and that they were all Hindu haha or not interested or they did not speak english. Than we went traveling downtown and got splashed by cars in the rain but had fun doing some more contacting and tracting. I found that in the rain people just do not wanna talk at all haha. That evening was a lot of fun. I am proud of myself as I have been able to really learn the principle of being on time and dependable.Than Sports night was awesome as Jeff and the crew came and joined us! It is so cool that after we started showing mormon messages at Sports night Jeff and some of the less active members in the Spanish ward have started coming back out to church! Saturday we got to help out with ESL and boy is it fun! I wish we had more students but we had a small class. I love teaching esl! It is so much fun to hear them get better in their understanding and pronunciation. So we took Elder Fischer to Albion's for the first time and he LOVED it! I have never met anyone yet whom has not liked Albion's lol. We have been getting a lot of potentials which has been nice but it is still taking awhile to find news! But we know it will come! Sunday was a great day! We got a lot of food from the members! The ward is so awesome! Unfortunately we did not see any of our invs come out to church. But hey there is always next week! We found one new this week! his name is Liston and is from Guyana! He accepted a date and will hopefully come to church next Sunday! Than we finished off the evening teaching at a wonderful members family home. The Wilson's. Both of them are originally from Alberta! I was so excited and they have family in Lethbridge too haha. Elder Fischer knew the family so we went to go and visit them. It was a good visit and he did a good job his second time teaching. We had a lot of laughs and felt the Spirit. I am so grateful for all that has happened even though it has been hard! I have come closer to the Savior because of it and become a better missionary too. I am so blessed. I love the song, Count your many blessings name them one by one! So I invite all of you to pray tonight and just thank the lord! Always try to have 80% for thanks and 20 for asking!

Love you all have a good week!

I ate this! It was soooo big!!!

beautiful Toronto from a plane! Elder Bowman took this pic don't worry haha

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