Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 15 Week 5

Hey ya'll,
Sorry about last week. We had a pretty cool opportunity to go and visit a Masonic Temple. It was actually a pretty cool experience. We learned a little bit more about what they do and who they are. I was quite impressed with how involved they are and how they have caught the idea of giving to others and imparting of their earthly substance. They are really good at charity and are really great people. Indeed they do have many similarities to our symbolism and teachings within. Sis. Tompkin set it up for us and we all had a ton of questions for the guy haha. I have come to the conclusion though that I do not want to be apart of that organization.  
We had a sweet experience this last week we had been calling up on some of the old potentials and formers from the past years and we found an awesome guy named Paul from Guyana whom we are starting to work with and teach. We had been having trouble finding people but God will continue to bless us as we talk with everyone and help those whom we are unable to find be found. I have a strong testimony that God has a hand in everything we do. The work of the Lord will continue to move forward by small and simple means will the Lord bring about his great work. We had Family home Evening on the Monday and well to say the least it is taking awhile to get going but I am so excited to attend FHE and do it more regularly back at home. They are sooo important in our spiritual progression. 
After Coordination on Wednesday we got to go out to lunch with Bro Lim. I got introduced to a dish called Congee. It was quite interesting haha. It is like soup rice and will taste like whatever is in it. It did not fill us up so we went and got milkshakes after they left haha. I love the members here they are honestly so kind and loving. We got to eat with a wonderful family on Saturday evening. The Gonzalez's is a awesome family. In their home they speak like over 5 languages haha. Dinner was delicious and dessert too. It was a neat lesson as the whole time we just talked about the Gospel and discussed Gospel topics. The Spirit was present through all of it and I did not want to go as the Spirit we all were feeling was so calming. They are a great family and have really come closer to the Lord not as just individuals but as a family. I think that the world has lost that a lot. I would encourage you all to stay in touch with your family, spend time with them. Let them know you love them and care about them and it will be amazing the type of relationship you will have. I love families haha. Anyways this week was good we talked to a lot of people and have met a ton of really sweet people. Not a lot of them have expressed interest but that is okay. We have some awesome potentials to work with. Well I do not have much time but life is good. Love you all and continue to thank God for everything. I know that I praise him err day! I love out here and being able to help families learn of the Gospel. I do apologize that my thoughts are all over haha. I have been sick for the last week so that is my excuse haha. Anyways have a good one! 

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