Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 15 Week 4

Well Hi ya!
Life is going great out here in the mission field. I have come to love this area. It is so amazing how God can help us with anything that is hard for us to do. I have been so blessed on the mission to see how God can help individuals who are submissive and humble and faithful to become stronger and better than they could ever be. God has helped me overcome my fears and my stresses. This last week was a lot of reflecting on how without a shadow of a doubt I know that God is there. He loves me and knows me personally. I know that God loves each and everyone of you. I know that as we pray to him you can see your life change. I would invite you all to work on seeing how you can involve God more in your life and use the tool of prayers and scriptures to help in improving and becoming a disciple of Christ. This week we actually found some sweet people from Venezula and they are attending our ESL program. Really nice people. We gave them a chapel tour and it was a really spiritual experience for all of us. As we entered into the chapel after sharing about how Families can be together forever the Spirit descended upon us all. I love how often we feel the Spirit on our missions. It is something that I feel sometimes I take for granted. I will try not too. This week was really quite hot and humid but nice weather no complaints. We got to teach Steve too! He is such an awesome old guy and is just trying to figure out his life. I really hope that he acts on our message and continues to grow and will get an answer to his prayers of the truthfulness of what we share. We also had a specialty training with president. It was a really good meeting and really inspired me so much. They should a couple whom had been less active and the wife was not a member. She said she would never join the church but they were seeking to have God lead to them another one. They had been through a ton of missionaries and had many of them out. Than this senior couple came over and shared with them the Plan of Salvation and how they had a message from God. This couple loved them  unconditionally and showed them so much love that they were loved into the gospel. It was so cool to hear how they progressed and how his wife was praying and starting to finally take the discussions and agreed to be baptized! The Spirit was so strong at this meeting. We learned how we can be more effective working with the ward council and also with the the ward. I hope that we can be able to fulfill the vision and the goals for the missions and the wards. I look forward to hearing from all of you next week! 

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