Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 15 Week 1: Transfer to Don Mills

Elder Muirhead & Elder Sopal
Hope every one had a wonderful Mothers Day! I know I did. In my new ward we sang to all the Mom's. Everybody I hope you did something special for your Mom or helped her out somehow! Our Mom's have done so much for us and we cannot let that go for granted. I know I will never espically when I get home. I owe a lot to my Mom. Our parents  have the most influence in our lifes and our up bring. I am so grateful that my mom raised me in the gospel and helped me to grow my own testimony. 
So my new area is Don Mills. It is the middle section of Toronto in-between Downtown and Scarborough. The population of here is mostly people from the middle east which makes our job preaching about Christ a lot harder. I have enjoyed really testifying of the Savior and His Atonement though. It has helped me to firm my testimony of the Atonement and it has helped us to touch many people whom otherwise would not listen. We have a few people that we are working with and they are all awesome. The ward is great and I will enjoy getting to know them more. This week we had a neat experience with a person from the Islamic faith. He was interested in what we had to share and we bore a strong witness of Christ as our Savior and the son of God and as we taught him about the Book of Mormon and refrained from bashing with him he was confounded and sought for questions to stump us. I know that it was because of the Spirit that we were able to touch that brothers heart and help him to accept our message a bit. he still rejected us but we know that we fulfilled our purpose. 
I am serving with elder Muirhead whom is one of my friends from back home! We went to High School together and had some similar friends. So it is a great joy to be able to reminisce and see the change in one another. Oh how we both miss Alberta! I love you all and hope to talk with you all again soon. Just so everybody knows in the mission there is a new rule we can only email for 2 hours and we cannot email back and forth but only respond the proceeding Monday. I apologize for inconvenience that this caused. I will talk freely to you all when I return till than I know that I must obey as we receive blessings when we do. I love you all have a good week.
Elder Sopal

Writing letters home

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