Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 14 Week 5

Hola Ustedes!

Well my Spanish this last week has gotten a lot better. I am well on my way to becoming fluent. I decided since my family back at home can speak it so should I. I am doing well with learning words, phrases, and conjugation-ing haha. My accent is what needs the most work! I have had a strengthened testimony of how God will help us as we set worthy goals for ourselves and as we pray for help he will help us. I know that the Gift of Tongues is real and that as we study and pray for help God will help us remember what we need too. This knowledge and process of studying does not only work for the gospel but also for secular pursuits as well. God gave us a commandment to gain knowledge while in this life. As we do so we are becoming more like God. I know that if you are struggling with anything turn to God and go to him and ask how you can achieve your desire. Than make plans and go out and DO THEM! We still must act. This last week as I set this goal we did not find any news for our area but found a lot of news and potentials for the Spanish, Portuguese, YSA, and Mandarin missionaries. It is so cool how when you pray to God for help to learn something he gives you chances to practice. 

So this week was nice. Monday night we had dinner at the Wilson's. Sis. Wilson made some delicious Indian cuisine! Mmm soo good just remembering back to it makes my mouth water haha. We talked to them after dinner about Faith, Love and Charity. They are three eternal attributes we need and are like a stool. If we do not have all of them we cannot bear the weight of our trials or the adversities of life. I love developing these attributes. They are soooo important and help us to be more like Jesus! Tuesday was a fun day. We decided to try a new finding technique and went to one of the Subway stations and had a guitar and played and sung hymns. We had a few people stop and listen to us. However, the planning behind it has been poor so we want to do it again when it is warmer at a better time and a place with more people. I love playing guitar and singing. I wish I had a better voice. Elder Fischer has a great voice! I love him for it! haha 

Wednesday we had the Barker's for dinner. They are a sweet family. he is a well off business man and has done well for himself. He gave us an awesome discourse on windows and how to become successful in the business world. He is a sweet guy and super stellar at following the direction of the Lord. He showed me that serving a faithful full time mission is soooo important. If we do than we may be well blessed after we return. If we let the work of the Lord change us than it will be so much better for us after. That evening we had FHE which went swell. Elder Fischer and I had to come up with some sort of game to play so we made charades. I love creating so many fun and good memories. That is what life is all about! Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show. Do not be confined to what you think you can not do but do what you think you cannot do and live. 

This week we did not get Albions till Saturday! I was soooo sad. I love Albions so much and it always taste sooooo good! It was weird I had mcds for the first time in a few transfer and I got super sick after eating it haha. I do not think I will be ever eating mcds again :p YAY no more bad food lol. 

Thursday Elder Fischer went with the Assistants to go and do his visa papers. So I hung out with the Zone leaders all day. It was a fun day as we contacted a lot and drove around quite a bit. I really enjoy talking with people and sharing the gospel. It was so cool with YSA people they actually stop so you can talk to them no matter what you have to share whereas the people we commonly work with are a little less nice to us haha. I love YSA work haha. Than Sunday was a good day. We wrapped up our week with a broadcast. Elder Anderson, Hales, and Elder Kacher and Sis Reeves spoke to us. It was a nice session and was interesting as there really was no theme to it. I enjoyed being able to see once again people from all my old areas. I miss them so much and love them all so much. I pray for them each and everyday! This week was good. I love you all and I love serving the Lord. 

Have an awesome week

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