Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 16 Week 3

it is amazing how young I look as a missionary compared to how old I am in the mission :P or wait when was this taken haha. Cute pic of me
hey Errbody!
Well another week has come and gone! So cool story to start off we meet this really nice and awesome girl whom took us out for Dinner at Mongolis grill. She is the one whom wants to interview us! She is really sweet and really kind. I really do appreciate people whom are so kind and generous towards us. It goes to show that there are still good people left in this world. I love Charity. If everybody in this world was more charitable to one another a lot of the issues we see around us today would become easier to deal with. It always come back to love. I think the young people in the early 1980s had it all right. Its all bout the love! 
esta familia es impresionante! The Paz family.
last week some of the Highlights were seeing one of the Families in the ward finally have one of their son's get baptized. The Spirit was so strong at the baptism and so special. It is so amazing to think that now another family can be sealed together and be able to receive the blessings of the Temple. If you ever want to help someone feel the Spirit invite them to come to a baptism. I promise you they will be able to feel the power that comes from that ordinances. I got to go on exchanges with E. Lasley this last week. We had a pretty good exchange and taught a few people. We found this one super nice girl from India. She just recently moved her and has been looking for a church to attend. Sadly she did not come to church but it was cool to see how a prayer to find someone new worked. You know I had an interesting thought. It is true that with Faith anything is possible and even to move mountains. I think that Christ was not necessarily referring to actual ones but the mountains within our lives whether they be challenges or trials we face. It is so true everything comes from Faith. We cannot progress or go anywhere if we are bereft  ourselves of faith. Wednesday was good. We have been working with this older guy named, Jack. He is this funny little old man. He has a lot of issues but we love him still and will continue to do all we can to help him. He has been trying to stop smoking and has failed all the times before. Now he has gone down to but a few a day and it is so exciting to see him progress. He is a lil bit crazy but hopefully all works out with him. We did not even have to much time for weekly planning haha cause we have been teaching a lot of people this week. it has been nice to be busy. We had a lot of appts bomb but it has been nice to have people to work with. We had skills and interviews this week. I was so excited for it. I love having interviews with the President Clayton and his wife. They are such an amazing couple and truly inspired. I know that he is truly her on the Lord's errand and there is going to be so amazing things start to happen in this mission. I am saddened that I may not be here to see a lot of it come to pass but I am so glad that I have gotten to contribute to that vision and further the work here in this part of the Vineyard. I do not have to much to write this week. I just really do appreciate oppertunities to help people out and give service. We have been really able to bond with one of our families we are working with and it has really grown their trust of us. We had a lesson with them last night and the Spirit was so strong. I hope and pray they will be able to find the gospel and find out what God really wants for them. 

E. Sopal

good ol albions. Still my fav restaurant nothing else will ever beat it!

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