Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 15 Week 6

Hey Errbody!
   Welll Elder Muirhead and I have had a good run I guess. We are now getting transferred. I will be staying here serving with an Elder from Hawaii, his name is super long haha, Tuahivaatetonohiti. He seems pretty cool and has been out for awhile. E. M is off to St. Thomas. I am so sad to part with him haha. We have so many random inside jokes and things that we do haha. I have come to love E. Muirhead as my brother. I really hope that we hang out after the mission and stay in touch. We have a lot of good memories together and have helped one another grow. I will miss him dearly. 

So I have an issue in PMG we only have about 14 spaces for companions haha. I have now exceed those space and other white spaces for names of comps whom I have served with haha. So I am at a lost haha. 

So here is a quick recap on last week! Monday we had a cool Zone against zone sports day. It was Ossington against North York haha. We won :P. We taught at FHE on Monday night and had 5 people out! We are growing haha. Met a cool guy named Larry he is a truck driver and reminded me a lot of one of my Dads. We taught about loving one another and it went swell. Than Tuesday came. We had English class and well our students are awesome! We have a wonderful Sis. from India whose name is Sunita, Krittaya from Indonesia, Samson from China, and a few other randoms haha. We have grown really good relationships and have started becoming like actually teachers grading homework and helping them as any good english teacher would haha. It is neat I am grateful I paid attention to what my teachers did to help their students and also watching the example of my Mom helps too. Wednesday E. Lasley and I went on exchanges finally. We had a great time. We visited with some Recent converts, returning Less active members, and also a few invs. It was fun to be able to teach them all and have cool experiences with them. In the evening we were just heading to one of our invs Joan and the heavens opened up and literally was like a tropical storm was happening. It was crazy! We ran outside the street car and got soaked to the bone haha. Literally only being outside for 30 seconds haha. Than in our lesson we bore a strong and bold testimony of how she could come to know what we share is true by reading the Book of Mormon and praying about it. No one can know if what we share is true if they do not act or even read the Book of Mormon. She talked about how she was too entrenched in her church and so we discussed whom we should follow. It is interesting to me on the mission a lot of people say I have my own church or I am Catholic or Pentecostal. But yet are we all not disciples of Jesus Christ. Should we all not try to follow his foot steps and make sure we are following the rights ones? She was prompted by the Spirit and called us later saying that she wanted to follow Christ and would consider baptism. It was pretty cool! So the South Elder's apartment was absoulelty gross. I do not know how missionaries can live in those gross conditions haha. I am glad I have kept my desire to be cleanly close haha and have not lost it. Thrusday we exchnaged back and I was sooo excited to come back to our apartment haha I literally felt sooooo happy. I love my own living area. That evening we had Sydney come with us and we had Family Home Evening with Kon Kong's family. They are the sweet returning members in the ward. Her kids are sooo cute. We talked about the Gospel and her kids knew all the answers. Literally there was nothing we could ask that they did not know haha. They tried to compete with one another to answer our questions or read our thoughts haha. It was a great evening and a lot of fun. I love FHE! On friday we had a cool experience too! We had dinner with June and one of her new student Dimitri had been eating with us for three weeks and we had not brought up too much about religion but this time after dinner he walked down with us and outside and asked us questions about what we do. It was so cool to hear how interested he was in our beliefs. We got him a russian bom and will see where it goes. Oh the great blessings we recieve. Than on Saturday we had a baptism! It was for the South area of a Dad baptizing his 13 year old son. It was a wonderful afternoon and the Spirit was strong there. I got to play the piano and I am getting better! I am so happy and just feel de stressed whenever I play. I hope one day I can be as good as Elder Whitney or somebody like that haha He is really good at it! This week was pretty good! I have been study the live of jesus Christ and to be simply I love him! He is such a interesting person to study and there is so much more to him than meets the eye! I know that He lives and loves everybody! Have a good week! Loves

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