Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 15 Week 3

Hey y'all!

So this last week was Elder Muirhead's bday! It was awesome! So I have enjoyed these last two weeks in Don Mills. Since it was his birthday and also the other Elders love going to buffets here we have made a commitment to eat the food we have and not to eat out again haha. I wonder how that will go! Great news! We have started finding love bots here! Elder Muirhead has become love bot crazed haha. I enjoy collecting them as we go and finding them. So some funny experiences from last week. On Tuesday we were dropping by a family and they were not home so we went to tract the apartment. We went to the first door and had a great conversation, however she was not really interested. Than we went to the next one and Elder Muirhead grabbed my arm as I went to knocked and pointed down. There on the floor was white powder that you use to kill bed bugs. EWWWWW we made a rule that if we see signs of bugs we do not go tracting there haha. I have come this far on my mission and do not want to deal with bugs lol. That evening at English class we only have a few students but it is growing. We were teaching about Colloquialisms. One of the Idioms was "Holy cow". The student in her accent than asked I have heard people say, "Holy S***" on tv does that mean the same thing. We laughed and taught her about swearing. She and the class committed not to swear which is awesome! She than that evening practice and made us laugh as she tried using holy cow haha. I love people who are learning english. 
Birthday meal with Elder Muirhead
We had our first District meeting this week where I did not have to instruct! I was really thrilled to be able to sit and listen and also be able to be more open to the Spirit as I did not have to instruct but could just listen. I was so excited and this really made my day! I learned a lot! Friday was sweet day as we got to give service to our ward mission leader. I have missed doing service and helping people out as people in the city do not want or need help haha. Even though we volunteer. We got to help him clean up his garden and enjoy the beautiful weather. 
   Church was really nice! I have come to already love some of the members and it is sweet to see some of the YSA at the building too. Every Sunday I see people from old areas and get to met more people. So Harmon one of my good friends back from Scarborough left on a mission this week! I am so proud of him and so glad to see him go. He is a recent convert of only 4 years or so and has been a shining example of the gospel. I pray that God will bless him. Sunday evening we took dinner late and ended up talking to a really sweet lady. So we continued on past our house and ended up at the church. They were playing, 'Meet the Mormons'. I LOVE that movie! We got to see the last 15 mins of it. I am always just so touched by the Spirit that that movie gives. It really does depict who we are to the world. Any body whom has yet to see it please watch it! It is a great movie and you might end up feeling really happy by the end actually I promise you will come away smiling! I got to see some of the Poulin's too who came to the movie from Niagara. That was neat to see so many people I have met over the course of my mission. 

oh my weird companion haha (Elder Muirhead)
Alright now onto invs. So we are working with this PMF, The Meija's. Bro. Meija is not a member of the church. They are an awesome young family. They are Filipino of course. Plus they also speak Arabic. Something cool about them is that they used to live in Saudi Arabia! She shared some crazy stories from there with us. We had a great lesson and watched the Restoration DVD. I have that movie memorized haha. I can quote it all off by heart now :P. I think I have seen it too many times. We are also working with this lovely Sister named Jenny. This week we were unfortunately unable to see her but she came to church and surprised us! We are hoping to help her accept a baptismal date this coming week! We also have this sweet brother named Steve. We saw him on Sunday eve and he is sweet! He used to be a roman catholic. He was actually reading the Book of Mormon when we came over and during the lesson he was feeling the Spirit and asking all these golden questions! He is sooooo solid! 
This week Elder Muirhead and I have been talking to so many people that people are starting to talk to us! haha I met a nice guy named Anthony who wants to know more about the book of Mormon and also this young girl on the subway caught us off guard and was like you teach about Christ right? I want you to share with me what you have to say. We were dazed and amazed haha. I love people and love being able to have people contact us haha it makes the job easier. 
Well I love you all and hope you have a great week! This week was swell for me and what not!

I now love sushi!!!!!

Gotta have my A and W

Just randoms of my companions. Elder Paul, fischer and myself haha

Just randoms of my companions. Elder Paul, fischer and myself haha

Just randoms of my last companions. Elder Paul, fischer and myself haha

Just randoms of my last companions. Elder Paul, fischer and myself haha

Just randoms of my companions. Elder Paul & fischer

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