Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Transfer 16 Week 2

hey all!
This week was really good. We might have a really interesting opportunity we may get to do a interview with a new tv show that is coming out! Showcasing all that Toronto has to offer and about the different people in Toronto! It will be cool we are jusst waiting on permission from the President. That evening we had Family Home Evening. It was really nice to teach at it and we taught about the Plan of Salvation. I LOVE the plan of Salvation. We met a lot of people who have had trials in their lives this week along with people passing away. It has made me so grateful for the knowledge I have that I can be with my family forever through the sealing power of the Priesthood within the Temple. Than on Tuesday we had Zone Conference. I woke up that morning with dread in my heart haha I did not want to get up because I that means that I would be one step closer to going home! I hate it and the thought of going home. Honestly I love Toronto and I love the mission. Elder T had to drag me outta the house haha. Zone conference was really such a spiritual experience for myself. I really felt the Spirit bring to y memory all the times and experiences I have had and the peoples lives I have seen change. I have loved serving the Lord these two years. I was sad when I had to give it yet I was still a ways from September haha. It was another last there will not be another zone conference to attend sadly. We had a delicious ham and scalloped patato meal. We sang our thank-you, Called to serve. It is so amazing the Spirit that descends upon a room full of missionaries as they sing called to serve! It is truly special. We did not end up getting back into our area for a really long time but that was okay :). We had a fun time contacting with the YSA sisters back down to ESL. We ended up teaching both classes again and man I still love ESL haha. Wednesday nothing really crazy happened but we got to see Chen again and visit with her and Sis and Bro. Gayle. Sister Gayle testified to her of the importance of relying on the Savior and it was a great lesson. She also once were driving hom efrom the appt said that next week she wants to come with us and ask Chen why she will not just get baptized already haha. I love her boldness it is so cute. thrusday it started to pour! From Thrusday till Sunday it poured. I have now gone through 5 umbrellas haha. Oh the joys of walking and trying to do missionary work in storms haha. I love it. Thrusday we had a great FHE with the Bunsee family. They are so sweet. We reviewed the Gospel of Jesus Christ and have determined we need to learn better how to teach children with very very short attention spans. Elder T and I have committed ourselves to get good at it! Maybe that will help for the future. Friday was good as we had our weekly dinner at Junes place. It was pretty good. I could not complain. She made us breakfast for dinner. Than after we taught her along with Demitri one of our friends we are working with. He seemed very dis-interested but today we found out June talked with him and said that we could lay off for awhile but he said that he wanted to keep learning and progressing! I am so happy! I am over joyed haha. We found quite a few people this week just from talking with everyone again. The member referrals are not yet coming but we will continue to do what we can and find on our own till we get the help of the Members. Now members invite those individuals to come with you to activites or church or FHE. Just anything! It is our job as members to invite :) I promise you blessings. We had a cool experience with faith and I really came to see that God in in our work. We had gone to a building and it was pouring outside. EI had tried the door but no luck it was locked. With a pause Elder T went to the door and pulled it open. It was amazing. We went in and found some cool people and testified a lot of the Plan of Salvation. It is so neat to see how God places us and will help us get to where we need to be. I love this gospel and I love how God is always watching out for us. I would encourage you all to look for how God is working in your life! I love you all :) bye! Peace and blessings

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