Monday, 26 May 2014

Transfer 6 Week 6

Our first baptism! Janus Jiang!
District lunch

Elder Johanson is the one i did exchanges with that day!
So these are of me and the dog mexi! Whom we hung out on exchanges! Elder Johanson is the one i did exchanges with that day!

Laying a meadow. 
Giving Service is hard work

Elder Joe has been learning how to play hymns from the Simplified book and 
accompanies for meetings now.

Sis. Wight from Lethbridge just happened to be visiting Elder Joe's ward
Well it is that time again everyone! transfer calls coming up this Sunday! It has been a super quick transfer once again! i swear time just keeps moving faster and faster! I am so excited to see what next transfer will bring! Hopefully nothing too crazy! I will be soooo sad if I do leave this area! I will say this that I love this area and it is a pretty darn good one! So last week we had another tennis match against Elder Johanson and Elder Lowry! We were looking like we were going to lose but we come off victorious! Elder Cowley and I have become pro over night! It will be sad when our tennis matches will be over as the Niagara knights! :( I do have to hand it to tennis players! it is most definitely a hard sport!

Tennis on PDay
Anyhow after This was all part of our fun on prep day as it was on Tuesday! The evening before we got to see some awesome fire works! It is the best after finishing planning to watch fire works and celebrate what you have accomplished today and think those fire works are for us! So after Tuesday came Wednesday of course. We drove up to Skills and Interviews! This was going to be our last interview with President Scott before he goes home. I really will miss him. It is so weird thinking he is leaving as I have only known him for so little time and usually your mission President stays the same! President Scott has helped me so much with everything and has provided me with some crucial feedback and help that I have been so grateful for to help me in my missionary work. So we got to go into interviews first! We talked about the road to disciple-ship and what I can do to be more of a disciple. It was nice to have the interview where it was as Elder Izzh and I had been given the opportunity to give an instruction on Importance of Member work. it was interesting to plan for and than the time leading up to it I will be honest, I was sooooo nervous! When elder Izzy came back from his interview we begun! It took some time but slowly became more natural! We did a great job and the Zone Leaders seem to be pleased and did not have to much bad things to say! haha So it was a success none the less. Coming back home we got to have Pho which is a Vietnamese dish and is actually so good and super filling! That day we came back and went to the Breeze's for dinner, and following them we wanted to place one book of Mormon in the area before leaving. We met this Catholic guy and was kind and talked to us for 25 minutes but just really wanted us to understand how wrong we were. We were able to leave him with it but he said it might end up in the garbage. Hopefully not. Anyhow we went to Young men's to talk with and help them out! it has been fun getting to know the Young men more and help them develop closer relationships with themselves and the missionaries! Thursday yet again weekly planning! We got to go into the soup kitchen today as we had our day off on Tuesday. I will say that I have come to love the older ladies we work with on Tuesdays! they are so much more inviting and warm and friendly haha.

 That day we met with Janus and had an awesome lesson about the Apostasy! He also tried out the baptismal suit and we even practiced in the font! haha He was sooo excited to get baptized.  Friday came and we finished our last little bit of planning and than we went out tracting and worked hard in the morning but was not able to find anybody to teach! Oh well. Than Sis De Meel wanted us to come over to continue working on her yard! We continued to build our meadow and it was sooo nice to lay on when we were done! We came back in the morning to finish up what we left over and than had an awesome left over lunch! That Saturday was sooo busy! We ran from appt to appt! We also got three new invs! Donmark, a Jamaican, his friend Shawn, and Chris. We taught them all at the same time and man was it interesting! We had to teach towards a Jehovah witness and Roman Catholic! It was a hard lesson but interesting non the less! So Velma and Gabrielle have been doing better with not smoking and have been keeping to the program! We are so happy they are working towards overcoming it! Than the big day came of Sunday! Janus was going to get baptized! We got everything ready and started filling up the font early! We steamed up the room so badly! haha the fan was not working at all. Anyhow janus showed up in his suit and tie! With a huge smile on his face. He was soooo excited to get baptized. he loved singing the songs with us and really enjoyed the meetings. After church we set up for his baptismal service and it went fantastic! it was a major success! i got the great privilege of doing the baptism. I will say that Chinese names are soooo hard to pronounce! But I got it right just in time! It was the first one of my mission and i will always remember it! It is the neatest experience being able to help someone from the very beginning enter into the waters of baptism! I felt the most joy I have that few moments in the water than I ever have. It has brought great joy to my soul to see people enter into the waters of baptism and have a fresh start to their lives.  Well this was the big finish to our week and this letter!
Elder Sopal signing off! Love ya all!

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