Monday, 26 May 2014

Transfer 6 Week 2


Well this week was pretty good! Monday after emailing we went and played tennis for a bit! That was quite fun! I was told I am quite a professional. Who woulda thought haha. That evening was good as we went over to the Poulin's for dinner. We had a awesome lesson after talking about the Spirit and how it is different and unmistakable for a personal desire. It was fun to have a deep Gospel talk with the whole family. It turned into a long discussion but was really a great experience for everyone. It definitely helped me strengthen my testimony! Tuesday Soup Kitchen of course. But first I must tell you this week was probably the most wettest week I have had since I have been out on my mission! It rained like the whole week! Plus my umbrella broke so it was pretty great! Anyways continuing on. We did a ton of tracting this whole week! Tuesday we taught Janus again! And we saw Velma and helped them learn more about how to use the web site. They love all the videos that are on there! As they are big movie buffs. We had an awesome dinner at the Sykes house. They are actually my Dad's baby sitters from Raymond! Too funny how small the world is! Wednesday we had district meeting and we helped someone move! It was the longest and most hardest move I have ever done! haha we loaded a 26 foot U haul full! It was all Elder Lowry and I and one other person who loaded that thing up! After moving we went to the Young mens and played some pool! Our thrusday for the most part was booked with unloading the U haul and all that good stuff. Surprisingly the week traveled by incredible fast! Friday we traveled up to Hamilton for Zone Training. It was a great meeting. Once again the Spirit was strong as always. We have some ambitious goals for this zone in this month and hope to accomplish them! One goal that we set that day was for the weekend, we wanted to find 26 new invs! So we set that in faith and we saw an amazing miracle. By the end of the weekend we saw 30 new invs enter into the Hamilton teaching pool! At the lesson it kind of hit me. I really have learned the need to teach to peoples needs and not just teach lessons. It is so awesome as we listen to people and what they have to saw they always highlight truths of the Gospel! I am so grateful for the Spirit which helps me know what to say and when to say it! I have truly learned well have started to understand and learn how the Spirit talks to me! I am so grateful for these experiences I am having out here as it prepares me for the rest of my mission!  A ton of things happened this weekend and some very crazy stuff that would take forever to write about haha. Ask me to tell you when I get home about this past week! I would have to say what stuck out was Sunday. We got to go to church and this Sunday was special as we fasted with one of our invs and it turned out to be a great experience for everybody! Janus is progressing welll and is hopefully going to get baptized next week! We are super excited and really hopeful that everything will workout! Well we saw all our other invs this past week and we are just slowly helping them along. Not to much to report on. But I will say this that after this week! I have a lot stronger testimony of fasting! When we give up food and some of our money for those meals it is truly something that the Lord does not leave unnoticed and allows for us to be more spiritual in tune. Oh I had another fun experience at church that I can share! After Sacrament meeting we went into the Gospel Principles class and found out the teacher was actually going to the doctrine class. So Elder Sopal, that being me, was like well I guess we are teaching it. Elder Lowry was not to keen on this so I got to lead and teach the class! I must say serving a mission really does  help and prepare you for teaching in class settings! Without what I know now and the teaching skills I have acquired because of the Spirit and the help of God I was able to do a "great job" in the words of our Ward mission leader for not having read over the lesson or anything haha.  Well I must say this week I feel like I have learned a ton about teaching! I feel more prepared to teach invs and other people after this week and what I have learned. Well I am just blabbing on again haha. I would encourage you all to learn and study Preach My Gospel! It is the key to teaching and missionary work along with the Spirit. Study Chapter 10 and follow those principles to the key! I know Preach my Gospel is inspired and I revere it as scripture. I know that what is in there is the fundamental way to help invite others to come unto Christ by helping them to receive the restored Gospel. I am forever grateful to my Father in Heaven for allowing me this chance to serve here in the Canada Toronto mission! It is the best mission in the whole world! haha Love you all! have an awesome week!

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