Saturday, 3 May 2014

Transfer 6 Week 1

Well there goes the first week of the transfer. It was a good week! We got some new members to our district! Elder Lowry and I stayed together. We got Elder Itthipornvanich, Elder Macdonald, and Elder Johanson. Monday night we had our weekly dinner at the Poulin's! It was BBQ night! We did an object lesson about keeping the whole Armour of God on and how important it is to always have every piece on! We peeled an orange and dropped it into water! We slowly peeled it off showing how important it is to wear all the Armour of God. It did not quite go as planned but still work out pretty good!

Tuesday came and we were back at the Soup Kitchen. The lovely ladies were so glad to see us! Some of them ever gave us hugs they were so happy to see us. Elder Lowry and I had a good laugh! They have become our temporary Grandma's. They always make sure we don't leave empty handed and give us some of the food!

We saw Velma and Gabrielle today! They are doing awesome we are just waiting and praying for them to get their divorce things in the mail. After that next step is to get hitched and then dunked! It was fun to teach about the law of tithing. For all you teachers of the gospel or even just life lessons here is how we teach it!  Always teach the Doctrine and Principles, the doctrine is the why and the principles is the what and how. If we do this with the commandments of the Lord our understanding will deepen of them. As we teach the doctrine instead of the rules will help people change their behaviors and help them to grow a great testimony of these teachings. I would encourage all to study the doctrines of the commandments and than learn of the principles. As you do this I promise you will be a more effective teacher of the Doctrine of Christ.
Elder Lowry, ???, Elder Joe
We got our mail this week thank you to the awesome people who i received mail from! It was appreciated! Wednesday was good! We finally got on top of the ward paper work. Our Ward Mission leader kicked it into gear and well now we are official caught up and the ward has direction to take on the work of Salvation! We also got breakfast out of this deal of helping him figure out what needs to be done! We met with Andrew today our returning less active. He is sweet. He has been really enjoy learning about the gospel again through the missionary lessons. He has been able to feel the Spirit at church and loves how it has helped him to be more positive over the last little while. We had dinner at the Gilmor's which was amazing as always. We love going over to their house! They have such a nice backyard and we are trying to track down these foxes and the new born foxes to see them. Supposedly they are super cute and Elder Lowry has yet to see what a fox looks like. 

Thursday was weekly planning yet again! We got to go with Elder Lowry's uncle for lunch again. He is an older fellow but super super nice! It is enjoyable to hear what he has to say as he has had a ton of different life experiences. Then we came back and finished and than we had Janus! Janus is doing awesome he has now learned everything and this coming week he is going to be fasting with us to spiritually prepare himself for his answer! He is sooo excited to do this! He has been reading and praying for so long so we really do pray and hope he will receive his answer as that is what we are waiting for as for that he does want to be baptized but wants God approval. SO we talked a lot about that and also went over tithing! He said how it just made so much sense to him that God would have the members pay 10% and than it goes back to the church to pay and it benefits the members. He say the real reason behind it and why we do it so he was like when can I start paying it! It was awesome to see how eager he was! We got to go to the Holgram's for dinner. It was fun to get to know them as they are more quiet older couple at church! it was so crazy during the Spiritual thought she was like my brother Chris is here and he is gone from this life. We saw an ornament move from side to side and a wind come up! it was so crazy!
Elder Lowry, ???, Elder Joe

Friday we had district meeting which was about extending bold commitments and I also played the opening and closing hymns! I can finally play most of the hymns in the hymns made easy book! I thank the Lord for the talent of learning things quickly and for my musical abilities! Then we did a ton of tracting and drop-bys! We went over to the Slavin's for dinner. Than it started raining that night! So we tracted in the rain. We had very little success but we talk to quite a few people. As we walked through the rain i realized my feet felt like they were walking in a puddle and turned out that there was a hole in them!  Oh well I guess that means I am getting older now in my missionary time haha. The evening we had a lesson with a wonderful PMF, The Brogans. We love Sis Brogan to death! She is just sooo kind and giving. She has come to understand charity and the pure love of Christ well. Bro. Brogan has made a lot of changes in his life to allow his wife to be baptized like getting married. So we have starting teaching him and are working towards helping him receive his answer! 

Saturday was pretty good too! we went over and had lunch with Velma and Gab. We went over the Baptismal Interview questions! She is so excited to getting closer to be able to be baptized! She is super prepared and can answer these questions! It is so awesome how the lessons we teach and the commitments we leave help them to have spiritual experiences they need to have to prepare them for the interview. We also saw Janus again and went over the same thing! It was nice to teach similar stuff that day. Than we went over to the Brogans. We taught the Restoration. 

Than it was Sunday. The ward was happy to see us still there and that they did not have to get to know new missionaries. We had one at church on Sunday but hopefully next one we will have more people come! 

Well this week was kind of slow but we had a lot of teaching to do! We hope to find some new people this next week and help our other people enter into the waters! We are so excited for this up coming week! Keep strong and remember to pray! I love you all! Thank you all for your support and love! Have an awesome week!

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