Monday, 26 May 2014

Transfer 6 Week 4

Hola todo el munda,

This week was great! Monday night we did not get to see the Poulin's but we did get to see another family, The Curry's. Elder lowry and Bro. Curry had a fun evening where he found out the secret identity of my companion and so we teased him about the next time we come over how he is going to have a throne and fine china set and all this to sit on for Elder Lowry. He also bought a coconut for Elder Lowry to open! We were all sooo excited but he could not do it as he apparently did not have the right utensils. I got some pics so I will send em out. After we went and did some good old tracting! Tuesday came and we were back at the Soup Kitchen, nothing to crazy happened there just the norm. After we met with Janus and were still trying to help him overcome his concerns about Joseph Smith so we have been going into depth on his life and all that he did! It was so amazing how strong the Spirit was as we testified and talked about the life of Joseph. I was pleasantly surprised how much the Spirit helped me to remember. Than we were off again to go do more tracting and contacting! The weather has been continuing to get nice here and so tons of people are out and about! Wednesday came and we had district meeting! I have been working on my piano skills and slowly improving more and more, making less mistakes when I play. I am still far from being able to play the hymns in the actual book but it is nice to be able to hear the voices and listen more carefully and ponder the words and how the music supports it. We had a board office district meeting which was cool! We are always mixing it up! After we went and taught Andrew our returning less active member. He is still loving learning. We are now to the issue of the commandments with him and are going to begin to try to help him overcome his issues with it. We hope he continues to have a desire to change his life to follow more on the straight and narrow path which he loves to be on! Once more we were back at it tracting again! it has been so awesome chatting with people and trying different ways to see what might interest them! We have been having success by offering service to others and so we hope that these will lead to us teaching them and so forth from there. We had the Atkin's for dinner it was nice to visit with them and hear more of their stories from Mongolia. Man all the members here really do love the missionaries and we love them for keeping us well feed haha. After the Atkins we went to the church to sit down with Janus and we brought Erica to come and help us out!We watched the restoration Dvd and also discussed some very specific chapters being Mosiah 27, Alma 5, and Galatians 5. I would recommend those chapters to anyone who is needing help with receiving a spiritual witness to their testimony or seeking more guidance in what they can do to increase the Spirit in their lives! It went really well and we were pleased to have Erica with us to bear a strong powerful testimony of the Book of Mormon and of Joseph Smith. I really wish we would of let her teach more of the discussion! haha After we had Ward Council! It went quite well and it is still becoming more productive! I really wish I could get more organized to do more to help this ward out. This is such an amazing ward. Thrusday came and we had weekly planning again and let me tell you it just keeps coming quicker! So we had the Taylors for dinner. Friday came and just did more tracting and contacting haha. We got to met with Shea again, Andrew's son! So we have started teaching him again and just helping him learn more about the church and God and our believes. It is nice to build from the ground up. I find that a lot easier than having to destroy the structure or alter the structure that might already be in place with people. Than that eve we met with Terri and Sis Brogan and went over the gospel of Christ and tried helping him understand the importance of following the Gospel and help him understand that the steps in the Gospel are and have been restored and we only do know them through and because of the restoration. it was a decent lesson but my head was rather sore so it was hard to maintain focus. Saturday was our big day! We met with Janus and brought Bro Oliver. he is an awesome older gentleman from England! So we met and got way off course with our lesson talking about recent movies and comparing them to the reality of the world as we see it. it was a great topic. But as we got refocused Janus just came out and said I Believe this is true. I just kept talking and he than said, I believe this is all true, that this is Christ's church and man I could not stop myself from smiling or know what to say. That was probably the worst lesson I have taught since I came out haha. But ya so we set up Janus baptism! And he ask to be baptized this coming Sunday! So here is hoping! We are so excited for him! Than Velma and Gabrielle we saw them too that evening at the Woodruff's. We took them through the Stop Smoking Workshop which is a special workshop created by a companionship and it has helped sooo many people! So we did it for them and it was an awesome discusssion and work shop! Their commitment to quit it so inspiring and has motivated me to want to help other people over come this troublesome addiction. Anyhow they are still following every step to the key! They have been non smokers for 5 days now and counting! We are so proud of them! Well this week has been great! I went on an exchange with Elder Johanson and we practiced Spanish together and read some chapters from the Book of Mormon so my Spanish is getting better! Well guys I love you all! talk to you later have an awesome week!

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