Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Transfer 14: Week 1 - Visit to the Temple

chilling at the temple!

tripan power!

The District

Elder Flake and I

the view from the 47th floor! Elder Paul
Well this week was great! We had some cool things happen and some not so cool things happen! So Elder Paul got transferred and returned to the South area. Elder Bowman and I get to stay together in the same area. So the companionship's within the ward changed a bit. We now have a wonderful sister whom is from Airdrie Alberta whom is sisters I believe with Travis Seaborn's wife! Small world! Her name is Sis. Vermunt, she used to serve in Albania but came here to finish up her mission time! She is a great Sister and will help the ward progress a lot! It is amazing how when new missionaries come in the dynamic of the ward changes and now we are all feeling more united within the ward to help them progress. Than Elder Ellis came to be with Elder Paul. So now we have 3 people within the ward from Alberta!!! YAY go Alberta! This week I thought a lot about this phrase that the people whom we serve deserve our best efforts, not left over time. Tuesday was transfer day. We went to go and get Albion's but it was sadly closed again!!! ERGGG. Wednesday came around and we had District Meeting it was not to bad but I was def not in the game as I have been feeling sick for the last little while. I keep losing my voice all throughout the week haha from sickness and talking with so many people. Than we had Family Home Evening which was really good! One of the YM in our ward got his mission call! His name is Toson. He is going to Pennsylvania. We had all guessed everywhere but state side. It brought memories back to when I had opened my call. That seems forever ago and also more of a dream haha. So we tried to make some Taco Salad and well it was probs the most disgraceful cooking experiment we have embarked on the mission. We ate it but were sad that it did not turn out well.

We taught Charles who is a super nice man. He almost got baptized into the church about 12 years ago but got "cold feet" so he went against it. He than got into a ton of science stuff and evolution and has become so desensitized from the workings of the Spirit. It was sad to see but we taught him and testified of the truth of what we were sharing and how the Spirit had worked with him because he could not completely give up his believe in God. Friday we were planning on making an awesome dinner but we had lost track of time in an apartment building and was having way to much fun proselyting! Saturday was fun. We found out that we would get to be apart of ESL this transfer. It is a sweet opportunity to find people to teach. We have some awesome people whom come to ESL. I already love them just from my interactions I have had. So we got invited to a dinner appt at the Bridgewater family. They are a young couple and her brother is Bro. Teffer back from Windsor. She cooked an awesome Tuna casserole for us and than she also when we got invited back cooked us some pulled pork and rice, mmmm! So good! Her dessert is delicious. Anyways they are an awesome couple! He is an RM from France and has been home for about 5 years. I have loved our relationship we have developed. The lesson part of our visit has been really influential to not only them but us too. I have received some sweet guidance and help just from their insights. 

Now to Sunday! This was a sweet Sunday! So we had just started church and were waiting for our invs to show up whom we had invited. It seemed like nobody was going to show up when Fumiko walked in! We were so stoked! We had a lot of people in Sacrament and it felt sooooo full! There was a conference that a bunch of students from BYU came too here in Toronto. There were two RM Japanese sisters whom came. Our invs Fumiko is Japanese! After Sacrament meeting we ran up and introduced them to one another! It so pays off greeting everybody at the door! So they had an awesome conversation and what not. They exchanged information and will keep in touch. We also got Japanese material finally and during Sunday school and 3rd hour Fumiko read all the pamphlets we gave her and also part of the Book of Mormon! It was soooo cool! She is so excited and her desire to learn more has increased a lot! So this is our week! It was great. I am so grateful that God does have a hand in our work and out of all the churches in the area and days Fumiko choose to come to church there were those people there it was awesome! 

Well everybody have an awesome week! Love ya!

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