Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Transfer 13 Week 3

Well heyyyy everybody! How goes everything? Hope everything is well! Well this week was pretty fun! On Monday we cruised around and came back to the church to do Zone Sports. We played Volleyball with a deflating ball and pumped it up half way through the game haha. It got a bit annoying but oh well. It was a nice release from the stresses of the week. This week has been pretty cold. Our hands have been slowly losing feeling in our finger tips. Sometimes I wonder what people must think of us as they see us outside walking around at 8:00 pm in -30 weather haha shivering. If you think about it we really are crazy! We leave everything behind for two years, we pay to come out here, and talk with random people, get yelled at, meet some awesome people, and all this other stuff haha.  It really hit Elder Bowman and I the other night how crazy we actually are haha. But we love what we do and see we will continue to do it anyways! So one lunch session we had a the church we were doing some algebra and let me tell you I am soo rusty haha I will start making requests for tutors now for when I get home :P. The highlights of this week were district meeting was sweet. The Hermana's were sick which was really too bad but we called them over the phone and they participated with us! It was a great time and I am excited to continue to improve the meetings and help the missionaries feel more motivated to the work!
 Friday I went on exchanges with Elder Flake! He is one of the Spanish missionaries from our district. He is from AZ too. It was a fun exchange as we worked hard and I actually gained a whole new respect for language missionaries. They have to rely on the Spirit sooo much more than us as English missionaries. They put a lot more study and just have such great desires to learn the language. Sometimes I wish I could of served as a language missionary but I enjoy English work too much! Elder Bowman told me a interesting concept. The gift of tongues is really the ability to listen to the Spirit and not necessarily being able to interpret another language. This week was alright! 

Love you all!

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