Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Transfer 13 Week 5

Well man the weeks keep going and going and going! So this week was quite interesting. Come Thursday we got another companion and took over an area in the ward. Elder Paul has come to join our companionship and we have now taken over their area. This was not foreseen nor really planned but it forced us to really rely on the Lord to pull through everything.  Okay so Monday was a pretty good day as we went and got booster juice and a hair cut. I was proud of us for not actually eating Albions at all last week. We are clear that it is not an addiction! We are going today haha. Its been way too long. Tuesday we sat in the doctors office waiting to get Elder Bowman checked out. He got set up with an ultrasound and we are pretty sure he tore something, we think it might be his meniscus. I finally convinced him to get crutches. At first he was awful on them and would trip and almost biff it. But I am pleased to report my companion is now a profession on crutches! When we have to do stairs he automatically hands them to me and than hops up or what not. It has been a great contacting tool for him and actually has helped him to just start talking to more people again. This has helped me a lot and now we are both talking to a TON of people every day. I honestly feel like we are becoming a lot better missionaries as we contact more people. We call it pity contacting haha. Tuesday we ran ESL class! I love helping out at ESL it is so much fun seeing that progression because you can visible see them progress with each class. Teaching is AWESOME! Wednesday we went out and worked. I pushed Elder Bowman a lot actually. He has been such a champ and I admire his determination to continue to serve the Lord despite the challenge he is facing. It motivates me and it is so sweet. I have come to love his dedication to the work. We had family home evening in the evening and learned about how we can better prepare for conference! I am so excited to hear from the Apostles and the Prophet. I love hearing their counsel and I want you to know that I testify to you all that it is from God. They have been called of God and want to help us return to him. They are serving out of their love of God and of all men. I know that the words they speak are the words of God. I would invite all whom has or have not watched conference to tune in and watch it. Bring a question, concerning anything and I  promise you God will answer it. If that does not happen email me and we can talk. I know that our Father in Heaven loves us sooo much!

Thursday was another great day! We had Zone Conference! We drove out to Mississauga and had it there.  In the morning we arrived early so as usual or as business man do in their suits we waltzed into the Tim's and got ourselves some breakfast! I will admit that I am going to miss dressing so classy! The conference was sooo spiritual! We learned about the Law of Justice and The law of Mercy pertaining to the Atonement. President invited us to repent and sin no more. It is always nice to have a friendly reminder and to evaluate yourself. I know that obedience as a missionary is sooo vital, if we are not obedient the Lord will not bless us and we will halt the work of the Lord through us. We reviewed the instruction we received about teaching the Godhead as we finish teaching the lesson to help the individual increase their understanding of it. I have seen the people whom we share this with and the correct understanding progress. People have a new understanding and relationship with their Father. I love how our Father in Heaven is not some unfathomable force or spirit or is some power but he is a literal being whom has a body of flesh and bones that is perfect just as his son also. He is like us and we are like him so that he can help us and bless us. if we did not comprehend one another prayer would be not essential nor profit us at all. At the conclusion of the conference, the departing missionaries bore their testimonies. It is weird seeing some of the missionaries whom I have known for so long are finally going home. This invited the spirit into the meeting so strongly and helped me to receive the answers I needed. We ended with the singing of "I know that my Redeemer lives". The Spirit descended upon the room and my heart felt like it was going to burst. I want to testify to you this day, and oh sweet the joy this sentence gives, I know that my Redeemer lives. He lives and because of that I and we all can conquer death and overcome the effects of sin. I love my Savior Jesus Christ. 

So from that conference till the end of the transfer Elder Paul one of the missionaries in our ward is serving with Elder Bowman and I now! We are soooo excited to be working with him and are taking over his area too. So we are working on running two areas. I also had two more companionship's entrusted into my care and so we will have a busy week full of exchanges and helping them to move the needle in their areas. So this coming week we have a lot of challenges and things to figure out so we can finish this transfer strong. I pray that God will help us to accomplish this great feat of managing everything. I am so grateful for challenges even though they may be hard, I know that through faith and trust in the Lord we can overcome it and come out successful.  Oh ya one funny comment so we had Stake conference this weekend and I got to see A TON of members from old areas and they all said one thing that was in common, "have you lost weight?" haha. Oh man I guess I am working to hard on my 6 months of sexy. Well everybody I love you and hope you have a great week! Loves!

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