Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Transfer 13 Week 2

Hola a todos , espero que todo está bien!

Well this week was pretty good! I am happy to report that we had almost the exact same numbers as last week haha but we this week have found two new invs! The first one is named Bro Makki. He is from Lebanon and speaks Arabic and Egyptian. We went tracting in some familiar territory, apartments! So he let us right in and he was like you are sent from God and messengers to spread the good word. We taught him in his door step and it was a great first lesson. He denied the invitation to get baptized but he will postpone his baptism till he learns about what our message has to offer and what the restored gospel of Jesus Christ has to offer. The other was a member referral. Sis. Charles invited her friend Sister Lucy to come and listen to us! They are Tongan and so they keep a close knit with each other! She is one of the non-members living in Ontario. Sis Charles keeps them on a radar. So we taught her over dinner but she is not ready nor willing to progress. So idk if I really count her as a new but we will continue to work and pray for her. It is better than nothin. But to go back to the Apartments. It felt so much more at home than tracting outside haha. We got more done in the 2 hours we spent there than the whole first week. 

So Densel from my last area moved into our area s now we have a recent convert to work with YAY! Family Home evening this week we learned about Honesty. Friday was fun as we had sports night and lots of people came to it. Saturday we went to go and met someone who could not find the ESL building so we went to pick them up but it turned out she was Spanish sadly :(. She would not be our invs. Oh well. Church was nice and ya.

This week was interesting as a lot happened but honestly I cannot remember very much. I promise next week will be better :). I love you all and hope you have a great week!

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