Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Month 6: Dinner Appointments & Night at the Falls

Well this week was great! We entered into it with such a Spiritual high from Elder Bednar and our huge mission conference. Monday eve was another great night at the Poulin's! So, Ian held us for ransom to take him to his house and in exchange for dinner. So we got there and all the girls abandoned us to go see Sis. Clarkstone and see her dress! So they came back and we had some delicious tacos! Plus we had homemade pizza. It got loud again that evening. We got into some discussion about who Ian's wife would be and planned out who he would marry and how he would find her. It was fun planning wife planner haha. We continued to talk about a ton of stuff and enjoy some good conversations. After we did our object lesson on repentance! It worked super well before we did it there and then when we went to  go and do it, it failed! It did not become completely dry :( I was so sad! It would have been the best! I will have to show you all some of the awesome object lessons I am learning out here.

Tuesday rolled around and another day at the Soup Kitchen! Man time just keeps flying by. I love serving and talking to all the people there. We met this lady outside who said we could not talk to her and we had to stay 100m away because she got into a court case with the church and some other stuff. We kind of laughed and keep going. So far this was a first for me but an interesting encounter.

Wednesday was one of the best district meetings ever! I will send pics but we bought swords and a dragon fruit! We got Elder Lowry a comfy chair and set it up around a round table! It was so awesome! Then we had district meeting and it was good as we talked about what we learned and remembered from Elder Bednar's address. It was awesome! I played the opening and closing song on the piano! I am slowly getting better and faster at playing it.

That evening we had dinner with the Williams! They are a super nice older couple. She made a delicious chicken dinner with mash potatoes, salad and everything! i swear if we keep eating like this we are so going to get fat! Than we had Ward Council after and we had to book it to the Church. Lately we have been struggling with arriving right on time so we usually have a plus or minus two ETA. Ward Council is always awesome because of Bro. Sager he makes everyone die with laughter. We always look forward to this evening as we get some good laughs. After we helped set up for the RS and YW broadcast on Saturday. Than we had some fun driving home and we raced someone! It was fun to do with Tiwi :) Surprisingly Tiwi did not get mad at us much! So we just followed them all the way home and we all had a great laugh about it. Thursday came and we woke up and realized yet again it was weekly planning. I feel like just yesterday was weekly planning. But i was so excited for that evening! Elder Cowley and I were to go on exchanges for friday! So we ended up spending Friday together and we all had a sleep over friday night haha. Thursday night we got  to see the Falls with the lights on them! It was sooooo cool! That night we stayed up talking a little too late but it was a good eve.

Friday came and now we got down to work! We ended up getting kicked out of some apartment buildings. Then some others we tracted them out and met some pretty cool people. It's crazy how many of them have such funky smells. There was this one we were trying to get into we had no one who would let us in than we tried the door and it opened! This church is true! We met with Andrew Fraser a less active member who is so sweet. We felt so bad we wrote down his wrong number and he had gotten ready to go to church last Sunday but we could not contact him. So this past Sunday we got him a ride and he LOVED church. He was so excited and really enjoyed us teaching him and talked so much about how we helped him to remember everything he had ever learned.

Elder Cowley had to buy a energy drink because we were so dead then we continued forth to our other appts. We met with Janus at the church with Olivia. She had never gone out with the missionaries before and was really nervous and did not know anything about it. but we talk to her about it all and how awesome and easy it is. So she became super excited and we sat down and began teaching janus, our chinese investigator. He is now one of our progressing investigators. He is still nervous about coming to church but we are excited to help him continue to progress! Well during the lesson it took a turn and we ended up following the Spirit so big on that lesson! Olivia did soooo awesome! She followed the Spirit and did everything to a tee! We decided we would take her out more for how awesome of a member teacher she is.

Right before the lesson her Dad who was in the office four meters away from us texted us asking us to come over for dinner so we did! We decided to have two dinners that day. So we ventured over to the Poulins and had some delicious chicken, with rice, and veggies. It was a nice little dinner around there kitchen island. We talked more about teaching and serving a mission. It was a sweet night. then we ventured over to Velma's and Gab's. She made us "Goulash" or however you spell it, i thought it was called hamburger helper haha. So we ate that and I keep scooping more onto Elder Cowley's plate! We got sooooo full! After that long evening we ended up getting back to our apartment and we were super late so we had a sleep over with Elder Judd and Cowley. Man sleep overs as missionaries are the best! We had a pull out bed and everything so they enjoyed their stay. Well our exchange was fun and we worked hard!
So now about our investigators: Janus is our chinese invs. He is really starting to come along! We have been meeting with him for awhile now and he is really showing so much desire to know if this is what God wants for him. It is so cool to hear how he came from not believing in God to now, where he knows God has a plan for him and he does not want to disobey God. We hope to help him prepare for the 20th for baptism. Meggaen who is an awesome girl! She is still reading up a storm and learning tons. She is like Janus in that she did not really believe in God so we have to try to help her really establish that relationship with God. But other than that Meggaen has enjoyed church and loves the feeling she gets when we met with her. So one of our next steps is just really help her to recognize God is telling her through her feelings and thoughts. This past week we did not have anyone at church sadly other than Andrew. But I am so excited for conference this next weekend! I would invite everyone to prepare for General conference and read Mosiah 2 and then find some things you can do to prepare spiritually for it! I promise you as you do this conference will become more Spiritual and help you to be more receptive to the Spirit. 

Well everyone! have an awesome week! Love you all! 

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