Monday, 24 March 2014

Month 6: Spring & Soup Kitchens

I messed up last week! Sorry haha. This is for week 1 of my 5th transfer! Well Hello to all again! Well my Prince of a companion is with me for another transfer! So I will get the lovely pleasure of serving another transfer with my son. I have come to love my son as one of mine own :) He is my pride and joy! I am surprised how well we get along! I am so grateful i have yet to have one of those companions who gets your flustered by the way he brushes his teeth. So this is one less transfer I could have that happen haha.
Well Niagara Falls is beautiful, what can I say. We have been having awesome Spring Weather with a mix of a crazy blizzard on Wednesday! But now its as beautiful as ever and i am enjoying just wearing my spring jacket. People always said the weather is super different here compared to back at home. But I have come to the conclusion that there is very little difference so take that humidity. So I guess I will do a run down by day and than talk about our investigators. So Tuesday we got to go to the soup Kitchen again! I do apologize for not taking any pictures there. I am most forgetful and lose my marbles a lot! So next time I will take pictures! If I remember. After that we went and did a lot of tracking and OYMing. Wednesday rolled around and we ended up having a crazy snow blizzard day. We being the brave souls ventured out and shoveled people walks and went tracking to get people to take some sympathy on us and let us in! It did pay off as this past week we got 5 new investigators! We went and hung out at Sis De Meels house who is a super sweet, "missionary mom" if you will. She is super nice and really giving. It is always so much fun going over there and chatting with her. We ended up heading back home to park the car and make some calls and sip some nice hot chocolate. Thursday came around and it was nice again. Good old Weekly planning day and we ended up shoveling 4 peoples drive ways! Our backs were killing us! So i have made it my goal to get fit! So now Elder Lowry and I go to the Chapel every morning and we play ball! I have started running lines again and am slowly getting back into shape. So that plus shoveling equals death haha. 
Friday came up quite fast which was our District Meeting. It was awesome our new District Leader is Elder Cowley back from Windsor! We were so happy to be re united! So now in my district we have Elder Cowley, Elder Judd from Strathmore Alberta!, Elder Reranus, and Elder Roberts back from Windsor days too! It has been awesome having this sweet district! Anyways it was a good district meeting! I got to play piano for the hymns and it actually was not to bad! So I am definitely getting better. For dinner Friday we got to go over to the Brogans and have a delicious meal. Sis. Brogan is super sweet and owns her own antique store which is pretty awesome. So her house has lots of cool old stuff in it. 
Saturday was upon us. This Saturday we got the great privilege of moving someone in Fort Erie. So in the morning we moved a member. It was a TON of heavy stuff. I had to carry this tv cabinet that weighed probably a ton, all by myself and keep it from falling down the stairs. I had never sweated so much in my life! But man I was so dead after that move. We destroyed our backs, Elder Lowry always let me take all of the weight. But he helped move stuff none the less. As we continued on our day of moving we actually ended up getting left behind. We went and had to put some stuff away and the member told us that he would meet us in the front so we did and than he was not there haha. So we got stranded. He had driven home and was told by the people that he had forgotten us. 20 minutes later he was finally back for us and we continued on the move. Then after the move and all that crazy catastrophe we finally headed back to Niagara. 
Before on our trip out to Fort Erie, we had a crazy experience. First off,  the road layout in Ontario is awful! We went driving down the QEW and we accidentally somehow turned onto the Duty-free way and then before we realized it, we were on our way to BUFFALO! We started to cross the bridge and freak out! I was so nervous haha. We finally got a chance to flip a U turn and go back through Canada Customs haha thank goodness we had little to no troubles. So that was pretty exciting. Than we went and had Dinner at the Taylors. We had a delicious Chicken Stir fry! The Sunday we had a pretty good day! We had 2 people at church and we also finished the week with 2 progressing. So we hit S.O.E.! 

So our investigators now, are Velma, Meggaen, Jasmine, Ed, Jim, Sebastian, Cale, Terri, Kayla, and Pat. We have a sweet teaching pool. We also have some awesome potentials Amber and Jessica who we are waiting to see. So this week we had a awesome experience with Velma and Gab. They had an awful day and really just was done with everything. So they came home and decided to read from the Book of Mormon. Their home and their minds were calmed and placed with the feelings of the Spirit, peace and joy. Is that not awesome? I know that the Book of Mormon, if you will let it, will bring you so much peace in your life as you truly read it and apply the teachings in your life. I have seen our investigators literally devour the Book of Mormon and just read pages on pages! They love it. I am so excited when we met with people and they have actually read! It makes the teaching a lot easier and helps show us their real desire to know. This has been Meggaen, Velma, and Jasmine who are all reading up a storm. The Book of Mormon is a book with a promise that all who read it can come to know it is true and will bless their lives for the eternities if they will but pray with faith in Christ, a sincere heart, and real intent. I have seen this promise applied time and time again and the challenge taken. God will always answer our prayers and has answered our investigator's prayers about the Book being true. I know that even for those who are members of the church. Continually apply this promise in your lives to strengthen your testimony of the book of Mormon or any teaching or principle. Than continue onto the pathway of conversion. After we have received a testimony we are now trying to become converted to the Gospel which is where we see a permanent and fundamental change. We see this in our behavior, our willingness to accept and conform to God's will, and to follow the teachings of Christ as closely as we can. 
Now that we have people to work with and people who are progressing we are helping them to receive answers and to set a firm date in mind to work towards for baptism. That is one of the hardest things for me now. Just trying to help people enter into the waters and follow through on it. I know that the Lord will help us do this but it will take patience and diligence on our part. I am so grateful for the progression I have seen in all of our investigators. So this past Sunday was awesome because we had Velma and Maggean at church. I love having investigators there because it gives us more to do and helps us to be more involved in everything! Anyways this has taken me way to long this week :P Love you all and have an awesome week! I will try to keep you all updated on everything! With our progressing Meggaen and Jasmine they have both received answers from God when they prayed :) It was so awesome to hear! So now we need to help them recognize them as such and help them progress. :) 

Well i am rambling a lot but have an awesome week! Talk to you all later! 

Elder Sopal signing off....

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