Sunday, 16 March 2014

I got a letter from another Missionary Mom

As Elder Joe's mom, I obviously think about him often and boys don't always share concerns and worries by letters.  I was overjoyed to get a letter from another mom who is is Elder Joe's ward who has been watching out for him.  here is what she wrote:

 I am a missionary mom here in St. Davids, one of many in in our ward.  Lots of moms have sent sons off on missions so they are very kind to our missionaries especially to outstanding ones like your son.  Your son is a fireball and quite a contrast to the last few we have had here.  He is doing an amazing job of training Elder Lowry who makes a great companion to your son.  We are hoping they did not get transferred, he sent your e-mail address so I am assuming he would have told me if they had been transferred but then they are men......  

Your son is so organized and determined in his missionary role and can't do enough for our ward.  They have a few people they are teaching and very excited about their progression.  I buy milk and bread and sometimes fruit and vegetables for our guys every week to help with their budget and pass along coupons for the fast food places, not good I know, however , they are well fed in our ward AND they get donations of food from R.S. sisters.  They have been here for meals lots of times since arriving here and love to visit with us.  My husband being a non-member is golden to them to talk to (he attends church weekly and supports me 100% plus) so they have a great excuse to drop by.  They had dinner here a couple of nights ago and we all had dinner together at my friends last night, one of the best cooks in our ward I must say and her husband is Stake President so also a solid place to visit.  They gave (led by your son) an excellent message after dinner last night that had my husband mesmerized and participating.  

I had asked your son, if he had run into any "young" new missionaries and he told me he was one of them, guess that answered my question, I would not have guessed.  Elder Lowry is a more mature "older" missionary so they are a dynamic duo.  They get to visit with Elder Bednar next weekend at a special conference we are having here leading up to Conference in April so that will be quite a thrill, our conference will have the first Bishopric attending so that will be amazing for us. 

 So I will keep you posted about your sons experience here from a missionary mom's perspective and so grateful he is serving here in our area.  He is a great young man and will be greatly rewarded for serving the Lord with such passion and fortitude.  Cheers,  Norma de Meel

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