Thursday, 17 April 2014

Transfer 5 Week 4

Well this week was another awesome week! We were able to raise our vision again. We achieved Standards of Excellence again! This week was super spiritually tiring. So starting with Monday we had did not have our weekly dinner with the Poulin's sadly. So we were quite sad. But than we went over to the wonderful Atkins. Bro Atkin's is a awesome! He is much younger and crazy than he looks. So its always a hoot when we go over to see them. Dinner was delicious and than it was off back home to do some good old 12 week. Tuesday was our soup Kitchen day. But it was also April fools! So we decided to play a joke on Elder Lowry and than we went and played a joke on Elder Cowley and Judd. We bought some silly string and we went and tag their car! It was so funny. They were so confused at first who did it and when we got out of our meal appt they sent us a text saying, "well played boys." haha Elder Lowry and I had a great laugh about it. I will send some pics sometime soon of this event. Dinner at the Mills was super good! I had my first chicken fingers on my mission. I was quite enthused. After we almost burned her daughters hand off with our object lesson of faith. I love doing my object lessons! After we went over to visit Velma and Gab. We found a quad in our appt and we brought it to them! They were so happy. It was like kids on Christmas. Velma has been doing awesome she has been off the smoke for awhile now and she sees the blessings of it! So Elder Judd got the most pranks played on him we froze his sheets and put princess sheets on his bed haha. it was quite a funny day and joke. Wednesday came and we had a decent morning. We had dinner at the Oliver's. Than we ran over to the church and taught Janus. Than we participated in young mens. It was fun as we played table tennis and basketball. It was a ton of fun. We have so much fun playing with the young men and Olivia came and joined us too. It was a good time. Thrusday was not to bad. Friday we had Zone Training in Hamilton. The fog was super thick but it was a really good time there! Saturday was conference and I will comment on conference next week! But we are going hiking cya all! have a awesome week! love you all!

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