Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Week 8: Bicycles & Winter Boots

Elder Koceja with the broken bike.

So our bikes broke down official on Thursday!  So Elder Koceja rode the broken black bike to Sis Sharp's place and he ended up having to talk it back again and almost ended up dying as he biked lol. The next day with our bikes we played Mr. Fix it so I finally have brakes on my bike for now lol. I have almost ran over people and gotten run over by cars because I have no brakes lol. So on Friday Elder Koceja kind of put together a bike to ride on friday to our appt. it took quite awhile to get there his bike was aweful! His back wheel looked like would break off the gears and then he was trying to peddle up a mountain on a flat stretch lol. He was about to die and his patience was running a wee bit short. So he started having to walk to as I rode beside his bike then he said I am done and took his bike to a garbage and dumped it lol Ill send the picture of it to you! It was one of those small garbages and we salvage the seat with the light on it haha. It was the only good part of the bike. It was funny because we had three appts where we carried the bike seat with us and it made people asked a lot of questions haha. We had pizza at a members house on Friday! It was so good! We haven't really had much food usually missionaries do not the week of transfer lol they are all a bit selfish in that aspect. So I am excited for today because we will get to buy really good food!

I have been having some problems sleeping! I wake up A lot! A funny story about sleep actually happened yesterday! So we all knew about the day light changing or savings times and stuff lol. So we changed our clocks head one hour ahead and then we went to bed! So we got up in the morning thinking it was 6 am! We got ready and got downstairs at 730 waiting for our ride it became 8 and we were like shoot our ride is late! Silly missionaries! We went back inside and phoned them! Our clocks somehow got 2 hours ahead! It was awful! We called the zone leaders and woke them up haha and they were none to pleased with us phoning at 5 haha. Oh well. so we only got like 4 hours of sleep! 

I went on another exchange this week with Elder Tinney into our area! It was fun tracting all day! We had an appt with this one potential and he bought us milkshakes! He is pretty awesome his name is Andrew! We met and talked to a lot of people again! It is great! The past P-day we got to go to Devonshire mall and we felt so apostate going into A.E. and it was great but weird lol I have not been in the mall for a long time lol. We bought some new ties and all that good stuff. At sport chek a member works there so we went to go find boots for Elder Cowley and I and we bought boots that she got us for half price off and it was so sweet! So I only had to pay 70ish for them! They are nice boots! I am prepared for the winter! 
Elder Joe in his new winter hat.

Halloween was pretty good! It rained all day again! Then we went out and bought pizza! It was great! We had a party with Elder Minor's and Cowley in our apartment! It was so much fun and then we partied Elder Koceja and I till 10:30 doing weekly planning haha. We even got some Halloween candy :P

My comp is super silly sometimes and so I do not get privacy in the shower and one day in the shower he put all the chairs into our apartment! Into my closet! It was funny but he made me late for personal study! erg haha. We love playing jokes with each other! 

Well yesterday was Stake Conference! It was so cool we went up to London! With some Less-active members and they were so much fun to ride up with! We listened to some Johnny Cash Gospel music lol. And much much more. It was none the less an interesting ride! There was so many people at Stake conference! Like 300-400 people! Most LDS people I have seen in a long time! It was such a good meeting and I sought a lot of revelation! I found out so many cool things! It was nice compared to the Saturday broadcast where we watch the first five minutes and then we never got to hear any parts of the other talks for more then 3 mins :( it was sad! But It was a good spiritual experience! In the morning Elder Cowley and Minors brought over a Ham! I was the only one who knew how to cook ham so i prepared it and stuck it into the slow cooker!   Anyways when we got back home I prepared the dinner and it was so delicious! They were all impressed that I could make such a good dinner! They were all jealous of Elder Koceja! But later that night Elder Koecja started to feel sick and literally started to die. So i left him laying on the couch and his stomach was killing him while I made calls and filled out teaching forms and then he was out cold I came back to find him dead on the floor lol. Fast asleep. After that he was feeling awful the whole night and it was sad but kind of funny! But now he is feeling all better! So we are happy about that :) and he left me a nice surprise on our mirror again this morning! We are saved! Transfer calls were last night it took so long waiting for the calls but they never came! So I am still here in Windsor. Elder Koceja is my comp and the only Elder to leave is Elder Minors and Leamington Elders are getting white washed out. 

They survived transfer day.  Another month together. 

Poor Elder Koceja.  He was not feeling well and crashed on the couch. 

Well some notes on our investigators. Not a lot happened this week again. Becky is doing great and she is preparing for baptism and is so excited! Then There is Mark, Sherye, and Nathanyl! They are super nice people! Then Scott, Julie and, Jade a family. Then we have a new investigator Mikey who is super quiet and really conservative. It is interesting teaching him because he does not say anything! But he is preparing for baptism! Then there is veronica who has been evading us for awhile and same with Chris. Then we have Grazyana and this past week we had to let go of Rob because he was not progressing and what we call an eternal investigator :/ it was hard to do so. But oh Well

This was my week! Happy Halloween!!!! 

Love you all! :) 

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