Thursday, 28 November 2013

Week 11: Balut & Scaling Balconies

Well this week was pree good! I went with Elder T. who I came out with on Tuesday tracting in London! I got to drive again! I am loving this driving! We drive such nice cars here! They handle pretty nicely too but they are gutless! It was fun being in another area and companion! Elder T. is really doing well with the language and is so funny to serve with! He still loves talking about dogs and about how he loves to eat them haha. Wednesday after district meeting I went on Exchange with Elder Roberts. He is super awesome! He is from Utah and is pretty cool! He has about six months left on this mission!  It was fun going to teach their investigator Rick who is preparing for baptism too! He just needs to get married but he knows everything is true! It was a awesome exchange but he talked a lot about how his companion is leaving in two months I think of this is his second last transfer . So he is super trunky! We talked about his plans after the mission, what he did before, possible girls he would like to take to the temple, his family, and all this jazz that got me thinking about home . :P It is hard being in a district full of missionaries who have under 6 months left and are super trunky haha. 
I got to do my first service project with Elder Roberts for Bro. Granger. We cut up his fallen tree! I got to use a cool power tool called a tree splitter and unfortunately did not take any pictures! I promise I will take more pictures for fun things like that! But ya. Then for service I wore shorts outside and it was probs minus 5 haha and he was like are you crazy! It was super nice haha. We also went to a gas station to buy gas for the chain saw and car and the lady was like its a little cold for shorts no haha and I was like well I am from Alberta and she said it made sense.
Oh ya before I forget! On Tuesday when we took the West Elders car, we also stole their house keys which we did not know hahah so they were locked out of their apartment. They had to get a ride to our apartment scale the balcony and then climb into our apartment and slept there that night haha! Pays off to leave your balcony door open.
Friday was pretty good we went and rode our bikes around to go visit people who bombed our appointments! We saw Becky today at work and she waved to us! She is super friendly! After that fun little adventure we went over to give a Sis. A blessing for her wisdom teeth getting taken out. For the rest of the night we came back and E. Koceja slept because for the past few days he has been feeling pretty sick. This morning was especially tough for him. I ended up studying for three hours by myself! It was awesome. I am learning so much for myself by asking myself what people do I want  to find who have this question. It has helped me study for my investigators and really be able to answer their concerns. This evening we had Sports night with the YSA and some people who came to it! It was fun we played dodgeball and all! Then shortly after we went into the kitchen and found out we were all going to eat balut which is a duck egg! It was so nasty I almost pucked haha! It actually looked like a duck! It had a beak, wings, feathers starting to grow. It was the grossest thing I have ever eaten in my life. The juice was so disgusting! It was the nastiest thing I have ever drank and eaten! Everybody was almost pucking haha all the missionaries did it. Elder Bullock even ate 2! The next day he chucked buckets the very next day. The taste stayed in my mouth all night long and I even had dreams about it hahah :P I'll include pictures of the event haha. 
eating balut- apparently it's a delicacy

Then Saturday and Sunday rolled around. I went on another Exchange with Elder Cowley into Windsor west! This area includes the University. All our appointments bombed! But we saw all the investigators out and about haha bombing our appointments so we went up to them and was like hey where were you! We were supposed to have a lesson today! They were so confused and bewildered haha it was awesome! 
I ate my first Shawarmma today! It was soooooo good! It is kind of like a pita but better. After this we walked around in the flurries of the nice sunny day hahah and then went back to our apartment to eat the delicious food that the Lui's made for us! It was pasta with shrimp with red velvet cake. During our dinner we listened to Elder Bullocks talks about Eternal Marriages and Celestial Marriages and finding a wife! Man once again my point is proven everyone in my district is so trunky and ready to go home but they all still work hard. That evening we met with one of their investigators Vomba from India, she is Hindu! She is super nice and a high school student! She is loving to learn about the gospel and is working towards a baptism! She is really growing in her faith of Jesus Christ and is doing awesome with all her questions. Well that was our Saturday! 
Well on Sunday we were waiting at the doors of the church for anyone to come to church! The whole entire zone was depending on us for investigators at church because they cancelled church and we were the only ones going to church. Lo and behold Becky showed up! It was awesome! We have our first progressing investigator! Becky liked church but she was a little timid of it as it is a little bit of a shock! But people were super nice to her and welcomed her! She said she wanted to come next week and bring Emma too! We are so excited she is progressing so well and really growing a testimony of the truthfulness of the gospel! Then also on Sunday we had a potential investigator become an investigator! He is awesome he is from Uganda and is 24ish his name is Charles! He loves Jesus Christ and is Roman Catholic but he says it is good but not all true! He says he is looking for a church that preaches apostasy and that there was a falling away! We are so excited to teach him and help him understand the message of the restoration of the Gospel! He is reading the Book of Mormon and says that what we have told him about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon all sounds true and makes sense! So we are excited to go back and teach him! 
This Sunday we had a Sis missionary leave from our ward and give her farewell talk! It was awesome the food was great at it and the talks were awesome! It was fun taking pictures and just chilling with the members! I remember when I was like that a week before I left! Man I am so glad to be out here on my mission! I am loving it! It is so awesome and the memories are priceless! 

Sorry for not writing to much this week next week Ill include more and spiritual thought among other things! Love you all and have a great week! 

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