Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Week 10: Quotes and CARS!!!

Elder Koceja (front), Elder Joe (kneeling behind), other two elders unknown. 

Well let me tell you about my week! So here is some quotes for everyone to ponder this week, 
" The treasures of eternity are found in the depths of Christ personality, the more they are received, the more they are in his pattern, given."
"You cannot repress goodness in human nature!"
"Goodness is the only investment that never fails."
"Was any intelligence communicated? And was there anything indecorous?" How to know if you have a good lesson! 

So this week we saw some pretty cool things! We again have been doing a lot of member work and helping the LA come back to re-activity. We had a sister who has been going through some really hard trials give us a call and said that she really wanted to start coming back to Church and wanted us to help here to strengthen here faith and uplift her spirits. So we went over and had a great lesson about the Atonement and how to overcome trials and how to use prayer to overcome the adversary! It was awesome! She is going to start coming back and is giving up smoking, drinking, coffee! It is amazing to see the changes of a person that the Atonement can render! 
This week with our investigators we have about 10-12 in our teaching pool and invited all of them out to church we had a big fat ZERO unfortunately :( ugh it stinks since we got here nobody is coming to Church! We have invited everyone to baptism and have been trying to help them to work towards baptism but it is so difficult! Our three solid investigators are Ryan, Becky, and Steph. All have a date they are working towards. We also found a bunch of potential investigators and are excited to follow up with that! It was super sad but we will deal. We will keep trying to get people out! But Ryan is super open and an honest seeker of the truth! He is excited to learn more! Becky is preparing for baptism on December 8! We are so excited that she will be our first person to get baptized :) The Jamaicans are still doing great! But they did not come to  church which was sad. We also picked up some one who we had to let go his name is Jay Jay, he is french and is super super nice! He is looking for something more in life and has visions! It is so cool teaching him! We are excited to met with him again and get him baptized as he is super prepared! 

Well this week we had exchanges with the Zoneleaders! I was with Elder Rowley with the CAR! It was sweet! We dropped by some many people! We started out by looking for a formers house that did not even exist! We looked for 30 mins haha there was every number except that one haha. We talked to 52 people and i have now talked to 1654 people I think is the last accounted for number. That is so many people! It was awesome not having to ride bikes for a day hahah and my legs felt really rested after that haha! It was super nice! He is an awesome missionary. He is from Idaho and has been out for over a year and a half coming down to a few months left. We had great studies where I learned a lot. Did you know in the 10 commandments to keep the Sabbath Day Holy is 94 words compared to other commandments. We also did a exchange with Elder Ward too! He is from Washington! He is super awesome and knowledge. He knows so much about serving a mission and the gospel! I loved learning from him. We talked this super nice African american lady who was pentecostal! She was so nice! 

Well the weather has been mighty interesting this week! We have now ridden or walked in the rain for 20 days! It was pretty awesome! Last night there was a huge storm!!!!! So we were having supper and just minding our own when all of a sudden boom!!! The biggest rain fall and thunder hit outside! It was like we were in a tropical storm! The wind blew over some trees and lamp posts and the stop lights were twisted. We even had a huge pool in our parking lot haha! We had a appt last night and it was downtown! We had to ride in the rain! It was pouring so hard and we got sufficiently soaked! The streets were flooded and all my clothes were soaked! It was awful but so much fun. Elder Koceja rode through the puddles and put his legs up haha we were drenched! The thunder was so loud too! It was aweful but a good memorable experience! We did not find the house unfortunately and yea haha. We called her quits. and went back for the night haha. 
Well that was our week it was fun and productive and we almost hit standards of excellence too! it was nice for a change! We also had a lesson this week with Becky and got Bro. Teffer out! It was such a cool spiritual experience! When we got to the first vision I had to say it! I said it perfectly and it is so sweet how that testimony and vision can bring in the spirit and allow all to feel the spiritual witness of the Holy Ghost to confirm it. It was one of the better lessons we have taught :) But that was our week! We also had some very very kind members drop off a bunch of food for us it was sooooo nice :) We loved it! God bless them! Our cupboards are pretty full now! We only have to buy milk and some snacks haha its awesome! I love you all and my spiritual thought for this week is Spiritual CPR is the way we can grow and increase our testimony! It stands for church, prayer, reading of the words of God! It has blessed my life and the life of our investigators.  

Windsor Ward (can you spot Elder Joe?)

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