Saturday, 16 November 2013

Week 9 Initiation: The Freeze Out!

Elder Joe by the Detroit River
Last week was once again a slow week in all of Windsor :/ we are all experiencing some problems with finding new investigators. This week we started doing a lot of member work trying to be careful not to drink the "devils kool aid" as our mission president put it. We visited a awesome Less-active man that name is Bro. Nolan he is so cool! He is what we call a mountain man. He has his house full of paintings and tools and saws and guns all in his front living room haha. He is burely and big. He has the biggest beard I have seen haha. He kind of looks like a Santa Clause! I think every ward has one of those members that looks like that haha. They are always so nice and Christ-like! 
This past week we have found some new investigators to teach actually which was pretty cool! We came across a house full of 13 Jamaicans living together. They are seasonal workers and are here for awhile! They are so awesome! The lessons with them have been going great! They love the Book of Mormon and always give us Carrot Ginger Jucie haha! they are some of the nicest people I have met! We are going to try to baptize the house haha :P It should be fun next lesson we are going to pretty much teach a class the lessons haha. They are all like "yea man, God is good man!" I love how they talk haha. 
Becky is our only notable investigator who is showing progress! She is awesome! We are helping here come closer to God as she is praying daily! She was nervous about opening up the Book of Mormon but she is now reading from it! She loves the old english style of it! It is so awesome! She is now reading a lot and enjoying it! She feels the Spirit every lesson and this Sunday she is coming to Church! The progress has been amazing that she has made and her daughter sees the change in her. 

On the missionary front we now have a functioning ward missionary leader who is so awesome! He is a PMG mission leader and is helping to increase the work here in Windsor! So we are so excited! 
Alright well here are the stories from the week :). 
Well this week we biked in a lot of rain and cold weather! The cold is finally here and might be here to stay haha. Yesterday we went out to Remembrance day with the Stake President Sandor! He is super cool and super accomplished. We attended the ceremony here and saw the cannons fire and the planes fly over head! It was so cool to go and see all the people there! It was a neat experience and good way to just put our name out in the community that we support those people who serve and have served. We went for lunch at a chinese place after and it was delicious. I am loving the food here in Windsor! I am becoming a pro at using chop sticks haha. After that we went out and went dropping by some of our members till later afternoon and as we were heading back out it started to snow like crazy here! The hard stuff that is like frozen rain haha! Try riding a bike into that! It was a blast and a half! We were soaked to our bone, our hands were cold, our feet were cold, our bodies cold. Later that evening we went back out and as we were riding our gears on our bikes started to freeze! Even our brakes started to freeze which made a good time for trying not to get hit by cars and jazz haha. So ya that was quite eventful! It is aweful to ride bikes when it is so cold but hey we are doing the work of salvation :P It comes at a cost I guess haha. So that was a fun experience.

Apparently Elder Koceja does not care for the Canadiens hockey team??
Well After daily planning Elder Koceja and I decided to have what we call a freeze out. It is something that i guess crazy missionaries do for fun haha. So we left the back porch door open all night and slept like that haha. It was so freezing cold but so much fun! I actually slept so good! We had also a movie night till bed time we watch The John Tanner Story! It is so good I would recommend it to anyone to watch! We made big bowls of popcorn and sat back and relaxed! It was awesome haha. Then we endured the long cold night and I woke up at 430 and was like man I am freezing chucked on a sweater and closed the door haha Elder Koceja said I did not endure haha and compared it to the judgement seat of God haha and that I could not say I endured my whole life.
It was a good week and a good night :) Well that is our week and it was quite slow but still good :) My testimony is growing every day and every day I am learning to teach people more by the Spirit its awesome! I love being out here on my mission :) Thank you all for the support! 

Elder Sopal Signing off.
The Detroit River

The Detroit River

Elder Joe & Elder Minors

Elder Joe & his companion, Elder Koceja

Elder Joe along the Detroit River.  What a nice winter coat!

So proud that my boy is cooking healthy meals for himself...  minus the Gingerale. 

Goofy companion

Elder Minors on the bridge
Goofing around at the park.

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