Saturday, 14 September 2013

The First Email Home!!!

I miss you all so much! You have no idea!  I will be writing a letter home with more details but I will tell you some of what has happened the first two days.  
When we got here we did an orientation with the MTC presidency.  They had all the missionaries from the differnt places stand up - the foreign ones first, then in the States.  THe amazing one was when they said "Utah, please stand" everyone in the room pretty much stood  haha.  
The food here is so horrible, I have gotten sick twice now haha.  It is so good and so hard to say no.  There is a myth about the orange juice that it causes the sickness.
Our beloved zone leader, Elder Smith (veteran missionary of 2 weeks at the MTC) is leaving this coming week.  He is such a chill and sweet zone leader.  Our district is comprised of 8 people:  my companionship, Elder Smith from Idaho and Elder Chee from AZ.  We all got called to be the next zone leaders!!! Which is awesome and I am senior companion for part of the 2 weeks here.  Our schedule is filled and it is always busy.  I will get a chance to send you pictures sometime this week!  Our companionship is so strong together! I already love them so much!  We are so good together.  The others in our district are Sis.Stuart, Sis.Permanter, Sis.Craig.  The other guys are Elder T from Tonga!!!  He is so funny!  Humble and amazingly strong testimony and knowledge of the Bible.  He always seems to get lost and wander off as he is a social butterfly. Then there is Elder Gunnel from Twin Falls Idaho. He is such a knowledgeable scriptorian and such a strong testimony. Our group of people we are with are so sweet and amazing and we truly complete eachother and have been learning alot. 
Our room is good.  We have three guys in it and have an extra space.  I haven't been able to sleep so I study the doctrine and what we learned from that day.  It is such an amazing time having personal study like I do now.  My testimony has increased in the two days being here and up to today.  My testimony grew tenfold as I found out about the true power of prayer and the true power of the Spirit.  
We learned the beginning of teaching people and gaining an introduction to our investigators by talking to real people in class settings and asking them questions to learn about them and teach them.  In classes we also do role plays or teach one another or church member "actors" are taught by us as if in the mission field.   Our comps have studied hard and long and by the Spirit we have been helped to what to teach and say. I know that prayer works and invite you all to pray with all your energy for the things that you wish to have.  It will truly be given unto you.  In Matthew either chapter 5 or 7 it talks about "asking with a sincere heart and real intent and it will be given unto you."
Our branch presidency is pretty cool and really wants us to teach from the Preach My Gospel book and nothing else - they were kinda strict about it.  

On the 3rd day we had classroom instruction which our companionship was late for and we were taught about how Lehi taught about "act, not be acted upon."  During that class we learned about how to extend the invitation to be baptized and learn more about the doctrine of Christ, which has never changed since the time of Christ's earthly ministry.  
We then had "Revelation Station" which taught us about reading from the Book of Mormon with our investigators. It was such a cool experience! 
During our time at the MTC we are supposed to have a personal objective to make our stay here more purposeful.  Mine was to be able to teach with the Holy Spirit.  

At Zone Teaching, we learned about meaningful role play. As missionaries we practice teaching investigators by being them.  We are to teach an investigator, "Linda" who loves the Bible and it has been a year since she met with the missionaries!  I am so excited to teach her.  Our plan for teaching was truly inspired by the Holy Ghost.  
Our teachers for "Missionary Portal" and "People and Your Purpose" didn't show up so I wanted to teach the class and lead discussions but I could not.

Elder T today found a hair cutting kit in a Narnia hole (*I have no idea what this is).  He cut Elder Chee's hair, which we made him do!  We all were watching and asked him if he knew how to.  He said "I listen to the Spirit and let the Holy Ghost guide"  We laughed so hard.  And he was like "guys, I am serious" as he continued cutting and shaving Elder Chee's sides bald!  We also found old food and other secrets in our Narnia holes.  Well I have to go!!

It was so great to hear from him today.  He even sent a quick little email to his sister, Anya.  I am excited to get pictures, especially of Elder Chee's haircut LOL.    
If you want to send him snail mail to Provo, you will need to be quick!  Otherwise you can send it to Toronto (check the info on this blog for his address)  Elder Joe also has an email address:  

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