Sunday, 1 September 2013

Talking To Others About the Gospel

So I don't know how he does it because I find it very difficult to open my mouth about religion - I guess it's because I work in public education but Joe is able to talk to people about these things everywhere we go.  The opportunities just seem to fall into his lap. 

Story #1  
We are on our way to Vancouver Island to see Joe's grandparents on Ken's side.  I am sitting enjoying the ferry ride watching my children's hair flow in the breeze and just taking in the view.  I look over and Anya is chit-chatting with a girl about Joe's age.  Later she tells me they are just telling eachother they like eachothers' outfits.  Well, in no time at all, Joe sidles up to his sister and starts talking with the (rather cute) young lady.  Anya loses interest but Joe stays hanging over the rail and talks with the young lady the ENTIRE ferry ride.  When he returns to us, I tease him about picking up another girl and he tells me that they talked about their beliefs the entire time and he challenged her to read the book.  Wow!

Story #2
Each week for the past few months, Joe has been attending a missionary preparation course for those getting ready to go on full time missions.  Thursday was their last class.  Bro. Bennett starts by telling the students that he has taught them many things over the last few months and now it was time to put them to practice.  He challenges them all to go out around the city and talk to people about the gospel and give them a Book of Mormon.  Joe teamed up with Emily and they set off to WalMart.  They had the chance to visit with quite a few people and provide a little service by helping people with their groceries.  The car was almost out of gas and they really wanted to place a book before they went back to class.  So they stopped at the service station and started chatting with the teller.  Joe thought he had a great "captive audience" and so started talking with her.  He asked, "so do you like to read?"  Soon they were talking about different books.  He said, "if I gave you a book that would help guide you and really bless your life and give you happiness, would you read it?"  She said yes she probably would but then people started coming into the gas station.  Emily finishes up the conversation conveniently buying a pack of gum to lengthen the time they had to talk to her.  They extended the invitation but unfortunately the young lady declined as she was busy attending to the other customers in the store.  The reason Joe shared this unsuccessful story is because he felt successful in inviting people to come to Christ even though he was unable to place a book.  It was more about planting a seed than placing the book. 

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