Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Gosh golly gee

It's finally the night before I report. It's been an awesome surreal trip down to Utah. I finally got my Swiss Army knife of missionary bags its definitely going to make me a better missionary. Lol. No where in utah can you get this perfect missionary bag but i got it!!   been calling mr.macs (a missionary store) for weeks but they have been sold out. I thought I would try one more time as we were traveling to Utah. I called the one store I didn't try yet in American fork and I was in luck.  They just had one returned because it was missing a small clip. I didn't care!  It's the perfect bag.
I have packed and re packed my bags with my mom.  I won't be able to take some of the stuff I wanted but I have everything I need. I don't have my winter coat- but mom will ship it later. We are at a friend Tim Lawson's house and they made a delightful steak dinner made by his son! Then had ice cream cake celebrating Tim's youngest sons birthday. Suitcases are packed, bag check and loving the missionary life in order. MTC here I come!

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