Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Transfer 7 week 3

Baptism of Aaron Niccols! An awesome and amazing Guy!
Well this week was not too bad! This week we had a busy one. Tuesday we spent much of our time doing drop bys in the rain as it literally poured down upon us. We played some detective work finding lost members and people whose addresses were wrong. it was actually quite enjoyable. It was a hard day though as a lot of our appts cancelled and I was just feeling a little home sick I guess. Weird how it started almost a year out haha. We had no dinner so we went to taco bell! Good cheap food. haha not actually good for you but it brings temporary joy. We found out that there was a tornado in Angus a little ways away from here and destroyed a bunch of different things. We were lucky we only had crazy thunder showers!

Wednesday rolled around we went to Montana's with Sis Cepada and Ali. It is always fun as they all get the same thing every time and theni decide to mix it up. I was going to try to liken this to a principle in the Gospel but my mind is not working as effectively as I would like it too haha. Any how we had our appt with James tonight one of our solid potentials and low and behold he evaded us. You know on your mission you really learn to take rejection good. We have so many people that tell us to get lost or else are like "sure come back we would love to talk later" haha. But we just went tracting and some drop bys.

Our Thursday  was a lot better! We started our morning off by teaching a less active sister named Cyndie. She is super awesome! She has some memory troubles because of an operation but we are helping her to remember her testimony and all the things that she has learned in the last little while. She knows that this church is true but she is not sure why. So we are re teaching her everything and helping her to learn it all over again. It was fun as elder Tinney talked the whole time and literally gave a whole synopsis of the Book of Mormon and the Bible for 20 minutes. We ended up staying a little bit longer than we wanted but it was good. After that we went to go and teach Lilly. She has an interesting living situation which should be interesting when this comes up but she lives with 7 guys! We are unsure of how to get around this but we will find out haha. She is super awesome and listens soooo well. It is nice when you can teach and testify and they ask questions that they are prompted too and the Spirit just gives you the answer! Oh man it is honestly the best! haha. After seeing Lilly it was yet again time for weekly planning! YAY :P. I really do not know when i will ever get bored of weekly planning haha.

Any ways than we went to go get Bro Bullock to come to our appt with Lishui. He has such a special spirit about him and he made our lesson a million times better as he lightened the mood and connected really well to Lishui. We finished up the Plan of Salvation and it really hit her! She agreed to pray and ask God if this was his plan for her and she was amazed how it answered so many of her questions that she has been struggling with recently. Other than those noteable events our Thursday all in all was not to bad.

Yup I love my sun! Got a little too much of it well building a fence.
Friday we went to Bro. Rawlings to help him and his neighbors do there fence. We worked outside all day and it was so hot! I loved every second of it. I felt right back at home just working no breaks and it being nice and sunny. i ended up with a great tan and plus an awesome feeling of doing service for people! i ended up seeing a little too much sun and got a little bit burned. Oh well. Only happens once haha. We had a BBQ and just worked all day. i got to use the nail gun on the fence posts and man did i enjoy doing that. I am starting to get pretty good with them too. That evening we went over to the Priebe's for dinner. They were a super nice family and we had a great spiritual thought of how to put Belief into action and turn it into Faith and have a result or the action allow us to become more converted unto the Lord. It was a really good one. The next day was working at the Cepada's again. This time we finished the insulation and put in the Radiant heating system. We were discussing how much piping we needed and i used some of my awesome Math skills and created and equation that calculated how much we needed compared to the number of loops we had to make! I was glad that I paid attention in High School. That afternoon we did not do to much and just did some contacting and drop bys. We also went and visited with Bro. Bullock.

Sunday was an awesome day! We got up and found out Brad, one of our newer invs, came to church! He was pretty excited to be there. he really enjoyed it. Then we also had Aaron there and it was his big day for Baptism! Aaron came and he brought some friends with him too! We had the most YSA in any ward that i have been in there. It was so awesome! So after church we had the baptism and he was soooo happy to finally in his words, "One of us, one of us" this was his funny little chant when we hugged him haha. He is so prepared and will do wonders for the kingdom of God.

At church I got to teach Gospel Principles and we had an awesome lesson about the Spirit and discussed, How to recognize it and how we can learn about it. The last little bit of the lesson it was like a wall of the Spirit. We had four non members and other members it was a full class and man was it ever awesome! The Spirit was so strong as we had a mini testimony meeting and allowed these people to understand what the Spirit is like. One of them commented after church how she felt so peaceful and just felt really happy while at church. it made my day! In Sacrament meeting we got to give talks! I had to shorten mine to 7 mins as elder Tinney gave an awesome talk on the Seven deadly Heresies and how it relates to commitments! I got to speak about first obtaining the desire to share the gospel and than Inviting people to make different commitments and sharing the gospel with them by 10 simple ideas! It was really effective! The ward was super motivated and loved our talks and showed a little more drive for going out and being member missionaries. 

Well maybe next week i will let you all have these steps and you can become amazing member missionaries! But for now I invite all of you to first increase your desire to share the Gospel by building your own testimony and coming to understand the Atonement of Jesus Christ, in the words of Lehi, how great of an importance is it to make these things known to the inhabitants of the Earth. I know as you do this you will desire this great gift we have to be shared with others! I promise you, that you will be better prepared to share the gospel with your friends as you do this. 

Well everyone that is enough out of me for today! I love you all and have an awesome day! 

Beach Day Babe!

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