Monday, 27 October 2014

Transfer 9 Week 6

Well this week was the best week ever!!! It was Conference week. As a missionary you love and live for conference! So these past two weeks have been crazy and I must apologize for a not so good update. This past preparation day we had a zone Sports day against a different zone. We even got Zone T shirts haha. It was a lot of fun to play against their zone and to just have fun playing games. The Toronto Stake Center is probably the COOLESt church building in the world! It is three stories! I will have to make sure I get a photo of it! It was super hot inside but we all did not care and played some sweet games of chair soccer, basketball, and dodge ball. Than we also had burgers too. Good day. Than we had to hustle back to get to the Stiels. Tuesday we went and made cards for conference to hand out for the weekend! it was a little expensive but oh well! We handed out about 200ish cards. It was so much fun to share about how we believe we have a prophet on the Earth and how we get to hear from the Apostles and that very Prophet this weekend! So we found three new invs this past week. They are Mario, Albert, and Alexis. Mario is Spanish from Nicaragua. He contacted us on a bus and was like I wanna do bible studies with you! So we said sure why not! So we went over and he literally just talked the WHOLE time haha we said the prayer and than he said one but other than that he just verbal vomited haha. We had prepared such an awesome lesson on the Sermon on the Mount and man was it ever fun studying it. I love the Gospel and just how awesome it is! I would encourage all to read and compare/ study the Sermon found in Matthew 5-7 and than 3 Nephi 12-14. I learned so much about how this sermon is literally the whole blue print of our disciple ship and a path way to our conversion! I will wait a week to write more concerning this and allow you all a chance to look at it for yourselves and than I will share insights from it next week. Albert is a Chinese man we called from a old potential list and he set an appt with us and we showed up right on time as he was walking away and was like I have been waiting for someone from the church to come and talk to me haha. We just laughed it off. We than got in and started to get to know him and he begun to lecture us on how we should move into the church and life would be easier like that. He also took a phone call and was discussing with someone how he had people who wanted to build a apartment and they all wanted to move to Canada. Than he proceed to say that our church needs to focus more on welfare and build an apartment for people like him and others. He also asked myself to write a letter to the Ontario government about their dental care and how expensive it is and how we should apply our healthcare plan in Alberta... I kinda chuckled at this but I assured him I would try. Than he also asked Elder Garner to write a letter to Obama saying that he needs to adopt the healthcare system Canada has. So that the people who have lower incomes can afford it and how they just have to combine the exiting healthcare plan with our semi public one. It was probably the most interesting lesson we have EVER had! We invited him to come out to conference and to see what the Prophet and Apostles said about our welfare programs. He did not show up :(. Than Alexis we met on the street! She is 19 years old and is in child care. She was really nice and really down to earth. We will be hopefully seeing her this coming week.
So the highlight of this week was conference though! All the sessions were amazing and so spiritual. I honestly got sooo much out of the sessions! I have set some personal goals to improve on my own spirituality and was also able to receive much revelation to see how I could potential help other people learn of our message more and to find out if it is true. As I listened to all the sessions and think back to it. I want to testify to you that these men and women whom we heard from this past weekend. We all called of God, inspired by his Spirit, and spoke with power and authority from on high. I know that Thomas S. Monson is the Prophet of the Lord in this dispensation and that he loves us and really does care about us and loves us so dearly. I am so grateful for the Spirit that was present throughout the sessions. It brought the needed guidance to all whom were in attendance. It was nice to see for all the sessions the chapel was not bare and had more members than missionaries haha. We got to met some of the members we do not usually get to talk to and chat with them. Than the Sunday we spent from 9 am to 8:40 pm at the church haha. We got to get lunch from some members the Latchmen's. I love brother Latchmen, he is always such a joker. He also keeps calling me cute and what not lol he likes playing around with us. After the Afternoon session on Saturday all the Priesthood went over to T- bones and had some delicious steak dinners! It was a good night of bonding and the invs there loved it! It was just such a good time. Than on Sunday evening we had a missionary farewell for a Jason Burns in our ward. He is leaving to Monterrey Mexico. He is so excited and there were a lot of people. it was a really good night. The food was great, we got to sing some songs and saw some acts for his farewell party. Plus we got to take home a huge pile of food. It was so much fun to see all this YSA people and younger members as for most of my mission I only saw a few. It was a good night of fun, good company and laughs. Next week I will include some of my thoughts on conference. So this past week as you all know was transfer calls. I was a mess again and turns out that I will be training again! And my grand son will be training too making me a great grand father haha. I love it! I am so excited to train her in Scarborough! Here's to another 6 weeks!
Love you all and hope you have a good week

Love, Elder Sopal 

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