Monday, 27 October 2014

Transfer 10 Week 1: Training a New Companion

Well I am officially a grand father so in this picture is Elder Nugent, myself, Elder lowry my other son, Elder Turner whom is Elder Lowry's son, than Elder Wehi is my grandson! haha my posterity is growing!

Well hey ya!
So this last transfer you all know that I was called to be a trainer! Which I was honestly so excited about! I was literally dancing when Elder Saefee told me! I was so stoked to be able to have another son and experience the faith of a brand new missionary. It is so true we always learn more from the people whom we teach or are trying to help. That is one of my favorite parts of training. I love seeing a missionary grow and become start to become the servant that he can be. I have only spent one week with my new son and he is awesome. His name is Elder Nugent. So a funny story when he was researching our mission my blog came up and he was like oh man this guy might be my trainer and lo and behold look at where we are today haha. God is amazing! Anyhow he is from Mapleton, Utah excuse my spelling. He loves filming and is very idk spunky I guess. He likes swimming and worked as a carpet cleaner. He is black and awesome! His Grandpa is actually one of the first Jamaicans to be baptized into the church! I thought that was pretty sweet! He is super tall!! Honestly I feel soooo short standing next to him haha. I love him already! He is pretty awesome and has taught me a lot.
This is harmon our best friend!

Our first day in the field we went out and started working. I showed him around the area and we had a good time. He had tons of questions that new missionaries and people from the states. So I have been super busy and have really been stretching myself. I honestly feel like there is not enough hours in the day to work and accomplish everything I need or want to do haha. I wish I could clone myself sometimes! Our first full day together was awesome we had some solid comp study.
Yup we go suit shopping together and look pretty stylish!

So this last week we have been helping a sister in the ward paint her room! We have been coming together and just helping her get done what she wanted to for the past while. It has been fun painting and having different people come with us. She always is so nice and the Spirit she has is just so amazing. She is an awesome sister and is just such a kind hearted sister! I love her! She always makes us this frozen slushy drinks after we are done and since Elder Nugent is not used to this cold of weather here he is always freezing haha. We have been in the 12 week book a lot more and I have really been enjoying teaching from the 12 week book. I have taken him to some of the sketchy apartment buildings and to the one where the guy was shot haha. It is always good stories for new missionaries to write home to their parents about.

We found a awesome mexican guyy named Cico who invited us to lunch it was a party!
So our first full day we found an awesome new invs, named D. She has a sweet accent that is Russian and Turkish mix. She has a catholic husband and is atheist herself. She had studied religions before but never even heard of ours. So we introduced her to the Book of Mormon and discussed how she can find answers to the questions of her soul. Elder Nugent did an awesome job contacting her and talking with her! It was fun to take him through the weekly activities of a missionary. The ward is happy they got to keep their missionaries and that there was not too much changes.

Biggest buritto ever! this thing kills! haha
Friday we had zone training. I got to play guitar at it! It was a lot of fun doing the musical number on guitar! It had been awhile since I have performed haha. We talked a lot about the importance of family prayer and also goal setting. It is so vital to set goals in life. It honestly will help you to attain and reach the full potential your Father in Heaven knows you can become! We have been meeting with a less active named A. We met with him about 4 times now. This last time we made huge progress! He actually asked us about repentance and also how he can set goals by involving God in his goal setting and as he goes back to work. It was a really cool experience. Then Saturday was the #adayinthelifeofamissionary and well it was a really good time! We had honestly a really good week! Sorry I am all over the place and not specific! I will do better next week! I love you all and hope you  have a great week!
Made nasi again!!! so good!

Love Elder Sopal

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